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  1. Numchuck Skills

    NC Semi-State top 3 early Preview

    Roudebush pinned Bynum at 195 this weekend.
  2. Numchuck Skills

    I didnt see that one coming...

    Mom mentioned Kunkleman over Parris at 220....I just can't see it happening.
  3. Numchuck Skills

    Toughest semi-state???

    The real question is....which semi state is most awesomerest to wrestle at? Mom votes New Castle. Bless her bless her heart.
  4. Numchuck Skills

    The real question is.....

    She makes the most bombest greaterest bacon wrapped philly cheesesteak meatloaf!! Mom's mad now....thanks BClark!!
  5. Numchuck Skills

    The real question is.....

    It'll probably start off dark and then get bright and sunny, and then by 12:38 it will begin to snow and blow. I always take a suitcase with extra clothing items in it. Mom taught me well.
  6. Numchuck Skills

    Best and Worst Sectionals

    I may know a wee bit about locking up. Mom taught me when I was a little squirt
  7. Numchuck Skills

    Best and Worst Sectionals

    So we know who not to worry about.
  8. Numchuck Skills

    Illegal equipment

    Mom never lies to me.
  9. Numchuck Skills

    Illegal equipment

    I can wear my compression "sleeves" for my blood clots to get better circulation but these sleeves being worn I can fart in and blow them out. -"Calf compression sleeves used in sports are generally made of materials such as spandex, a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional durability and elasticity, and is commonly used during exercise to prevent chafing and rashes." Mom is going to need a better article please.
  10. Numchuck Skills

    Illegal equipment

    Better get the tape out and tape the folds.
  11. Numchuck Skills

    Illegal equipment

    It's stylish, these sleeves they are talking about have ZERO support for injuries. Mom told me that.
  12. Numchuck Skills

    IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    Fearless fly gets my nod... Mom told me to say that.
  13. Numchuck Skills

    Favorite Excuses

    he said he slipped...
  14. Numchuck Skills

    Favorite Excuses

    Had a kid miss sectionals because he was taking a dump and hit his head on the toilet. Concussion. No sectionals.
  15. Numchuck Skills

    Favorite Excuses

    Another one, I had drill for National Guard.....that one. Get out of here.

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