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  1. Is there still a needed team for this event?
  2. We experienced this one year when the football team won sectionals. we ended up with 1 senior and only 2 football players on the team. Which for us made our numbers go below 10. We knew we weren't going to have big numbers but we had at least 5 that seamed committed to be one the team with some even participating it summer workouts decided right as football ended they needed more time off and didn't come out for wrestling. Now almost our entire team is football players and the sudden decision to not come out would dwindle our numbers. Luckily some of our most committed wrestlers are our football players. But it's tough not knowing what your numbers are going to be until the season has already started and you're about to compete.
  3. When I started coaching we had 20-30 kids on the team yearly. Recently we've seen 10-20. A couple of years ago I talked to some SR that wrestled in middle school and freshman year and asked them why they didn't stick with it. They all played football and they all pretty much said because there was no break between football and wrestling. Our football would start with 2 days in July and in most seasons would run into November when wrestling was already started and have to start competing with-in a week of first practice. Since we have started the process of moving the first meet back to after Thanksgiving but haven't quite seen the number increase. Other reasons given has ranged from hunting season, wanting to work more, and not wanting to give up Christmas breaks. With some of these kids it's just excuses they use for wrestling just being too tough for them but for some it seams the timing of the season isn't the best.
  4. Thanks anyone have before 94? I need to get up to 70-71
  5. I've been updating my teams history book since I've been head coach. One thing I plan on adding by request is regional qualifiers. I have it up dated from 2002-2019. I know where the year books are on the ihsaa site. What I need is a time line of what qualifed for regionals from sectionals. I know in 2002-2003 the moved it from 2 to 4. Was it always two before then? Or was it ever a different number.
  6. Classing wrestling won't cause more small schools kids to focus just on wrestling. Classing will make it easier to for small school kids to do multiple sports. they're success is being measured against kids from their school size so some of their disadvantages go away. I doubt classing basketball cause more basketball players to focus just on basketball. I know at our school more basketball players started playing other sports once it was classed.Yes I understand there could have been other factors. More football players may join wrestling if they feel they can actually succeed. I'm sure there may be some cases of this causing more 1 sport athletes but I don't think it will be enough to cause a concern.
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