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  1. Why 2 and not 3 like they use for team state? I personally feel the format they have for team evens things out pretty good.
  2. bbulldog152

    Thank you Indiana

    Good luck at cumberlands it is a great college. I have many fond memories. Glad to see more Indiana boys wrestling there. Great campus.
  3. bbulldog152

    Frosh-Soph State question

    When do wrestlers that qualified at Indy Nationals get entered
  4. bbulldog152

    Something needs to change

    At our school doing that format wouldn't help gain basketball or swimmers but what it would do is get more football players wrestling due to actually getting a break after football season. Most of our football players don't want to go straight from football to wresting with in some cases only a week of practice before competing. We attempted to move our schedule to where our first meet is after Thanksgiving but adding a two duals makes that near impossible. Plus football/ wrestlers most of the time have to miss out on fall break and Christmas break due to cometition. I know it would be impossible to create a fourth season but I feel it would help with numbers. Baseball and football coaches may not feel the same.
  5. bbulldog152

    Saving Seats

    Depends on what section and how many you're saving but it seems like most areas don't care.
  6. bbulldog152

    semi state draws

    I wasn't sure how many but I knew it was enough to make a difference in the team race. So if any teams has issues with drawings being shady it would be them. That is definitely luck of the draw
  7. bbulldog152

    semi state draws

    Not to mention there will still be complaints about brackets.
  8. bbulldog152

    semi state draws

    Also note that these formulas are made up before regionals are finalized so the ihsaa has know control where any of the wrestlers are going to end up. Some times upsets happen that could lead to a probable regional champion finishing 2nd or 3rd creating a "bad" draw for a regional champion. Not to mention if the ihsaa was going to purposely rig the brackets to help specific teams I don't think they would use their power to help a school like South Dearborn while there's numerous match ups between Warren Central and cathedral on the way to making state therefore costing two contenders team points. Like others have said any "good" draw is luck.
  9. bbulldog152

    Indiana Deaf vs. Batesville

    Indiana Deaf
  10. bbulldog152

    Batesville vs. Greensburg

  11. bbulldog152

    Batesville vs. Greensburg

  12. bbulldog152

    Knightstown vs. Batesville

  13. bbulldog152

    Madison-Grant vs. Batesville

  14. bbulldog152

    Franklin County vs. Batesville

    Franklin County
  15. bbulldog152

    Batesville vs. Columbus North


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