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  1. Came across this on Facebook wish ISU still had a team along with other disbanded programs. Just thought I would share this.
  2. I agree with you I was just saying indiana high school sports shouldn't follow what ncaa is doing.
  3. I hope high school doesn't follow NCAA. They're different at risk. NCAA you're dealing with traveling out of state and region in a a lot of cases. High school they can be restricted to instate travel only which is most cases in Indiana anyways. High School should be based on state by state not the entire nation. College makes sense to be based off of the nation since the travel and teams a made up of many different home towns. This is just my opinion.
  4. As for how it will affect small schools if they didn't move track I know at my school it would affect track more than wrestling. Most if not all of my wrestlers that do track would pick wrestling over track. I've always been for having a break between football and wrestling. I think having a month or more in-between football and wrestling will cause more football players to go out for wrestling. We get decent numbers at the middle school doing that but at the high school some teams finish football then have first meet in a week and some decide not to come out . Some concerns created could be
  5. Actually I meant to say probably don't encourage but if you read it how i wrote it feel free to take it as sarcasm. I just don't imagine there's enough football players that attend this event to have a negative effect on having it start on a Saturday.
  6. How many schools do jv games on Saturday our area does theirs mostly on Mondays. Also what percentage of participants are football players? I'm sure most football coaches probably encourage this event.
  7. I know some schools pay for all sports officials with football revenue. So it could affect other sports if football is canceled.
  8. For high school a lot may be up to ads and superintendents on what each school may be able to do even if the state is cleared to go.
  9. Well yeah but if the team of a seeded wrestler has a replacement they would fill in as the 6th seed. My question would be would that go to the teams 2nd wrestler or their replacement if they had a 3rd wrestler.
  10. I like the whole idea of 14 with 16 or 13 with 15. My only concern which may not be as big of an issue is the whole sectional bracketing process. I have two questions would teams have to state their 2 extra right off the back if so what would happen...which i assume is rare in an event that a weight class would have more than 16 wrestlers? Next question what about the process on replacements after seeding meeting? For example a team has 2 entered in 132 one or both are seeded. The higher seed can't compete which would move the seeds up as normal but would that teams number 2 count as a replace
  11. For Some reason 2009 145 Mcginley Vs Young also stands out to me... I know it ended in pin but that 3rd period was entertaining. I also remember 140 2004 Elkins and Pingleton 10-9 in the finals many take downs in that one.
  12. I still don't understand the logic in separating these two. What ever disadvantage a team has the individuals are going through the same disadvantage. When a wrestler only has 3-5 wrestlers to wrestle in a generous weight range they are at a disadvantage to a kid that has 10-15 in a better weight range. Iron Sharpens Iron, but it's hard to hard to have this when a wrestler has to go up 10-15 pounds to get a good wrestling partner. You can't tell me a 113 pounder on a school that has to wrestle a 132 pounder is on even ground as 113 pounder and 132 pounder that get to wrestle wrestlers in their
  13. Question, so earlier we have the stats with the amount of qualifiers in each class compared to enrollment. My question is with these states that have classed wrestling does their numbers add up? I assume for example in Ohio the qualifiers are split 3 ways between small, medium, and big. I also assume the combined enrollment of the small school does not equal 33.3% My point is Ohio is a very competive state and it doesn't seem to hold them back they are classed. I know their D1 Programs(big School) are the top programs but their D2 programs have success at a national level as well. Maybe not a
  14. I'm glad to know every state that is classed is doing it wrong and we're one of the few states that does things the right way... just like we're the only state that don't have wrestle backs... oops
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