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  1. bbulldog152

    Qualifying weighins for kids under 7%

    I have a kid that was 120.2 and now normally weighs 119 and gets sick trying to put on the weight just to wrestle 6 pounds up. I really don't understand the point of letting someone who is above 7% drop to 5% even if it means dropping 5% but a kid lower can't loose any thing. It like they believe that weight loss automatically stops at 7%.
  2. bbulldog152

    NC Semi-State top 3 early Preview

    I believe they're talking about the garret condo from Milan who was at 106 last year
  3. bbulldog152

    Weight Classes, just for discussion

    Our team would increase the number of forfeits in most years considering you're adding a bigger weight. Also the theres a lot of 106s are struggling to make 100 and I don't see that considering most 113 pounders are already cutting to get there that they would continue to cut to make 110. I think 14 weight classes is perfect. I also don't see the point of having 3 weight classes above 200 considering there's only 1 in college. This is all just opinion.
  4. bbulldog152

    Paoli Invitational needs 1 team Jan 5th

    Whats the format of this meet?
  5. bbulldog152

    Varsity Super 6 - Avon HS - 12/22

    What other teams are at this meet?
  6. bbulldog152

    Curtis Miller

    Curtis Miller
  7. Who are the teams in your 6way?
  8. bbulldog152

    Guerin Catholic Open Dates

    Is your invite full now or are you still looking for a team?
  9. bbulldog152

    Best Career

    I've been told that he doesn't plan on playing football. Now I'm sure that could always change. Regardless he weighed 218-219 most matches, I've been told his natural weight during football was 230 but all weight loss to 220 was pretty natural. In High school Parris has never cut weight. He may have in middle school but that I can't confirm. A lot will depend what the coaches want. My understanding is he was recruited to wrestle 285 for Michigan so I assume thats the plan. I'm sure he can easily come to campus around 240+ he's a hard worker so I'm sure he'll go what ever weight is best for him.
  10. bbulldog152

    Most losses

    I'm pretty sure this was 2002 so sectionals would have been only 2 matches... I believe they went to team regionals if they made the finals that would be 2 more, 3 for regionals, and 3 for semi state. That would be 10-0 going into Friday night.
  11. bbulldog152

    The next Kris Rumph???

    I got to see him at the east Central meet this year talented wrestler. Couldn't tell he was a second year wrestler.
  12. bbulldog152

    The next Kris Rumph???

    When I was in high school back in 2004 we had a first year 103 freshman win regionals and made it to a ticket round. He transferred to I believe Greenwood where he quit half way through his sophomore year and never wrestled again. But he only lost 1 match at 103 and about 6 at 112 as a first year wrestler.
  13. bbulldog152

    The next Kris Rumph???

    Yes as a freshman I believe he went to two different schools before going to warren where he won 2 state championships.
  14. bbulldog152

    Sprinting to get seats

    The sad part is there are fans that wait in lines for hours just like others and get to the seats to find 2-3 people in front of them saving seats for 15+ people who's probably aren't even in Indy yet. There for people that got in line before 4 have to sit in none preferred seats while preferred seats go empty until the parade of champions sometimes later. This is the problem most people are speaking over. I agree with you the ones that get there early should get the best seats but thats not happening when people save seats for those that don't plan on getting there early. Now I've seen some workers try to put a stop to it until someone points out that it's going on in other sections so the worker gives in. I love going to state, this will be my 16th straight year going, but this always seems to bring down the experience.
  15. bbulldog152

    Freshman/Sophomore State

    May I ask why there's only 2 qualifiers and not a 3rd on in the central part of the area. My team is located about 4 hours from both locations therefore I have trouble getting kids to commit to this. Is the a specific reason or were these the only 2 locations that we're interested?

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