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  1. 160 in 2005 285 now.... I did compete at 197 in college though and had one match at 285. I didn't cut as much in college.
  2. I think there's confusion. Having class wrestling isn't about just having more champions placers and other things. It's to create more successful programs. If a teams goes from 0-1 state qualifier every 5-10 years to 1-3 every year more kids will buy in especially at the youth and middle school level. My question is how many people advocating for single class have actually tried to build a program? I don't mean being apart of a program that has always has some success I mean a program that goes years with out state qualifiers or even newer programs? Sometimes it takes more than hard work to be successful.
  3. All classed sports allow competition between teams from different classes during the regular season so why would wrestling have to be different. I'm not 100 percent sure with other states but I'm sure they don't restrict who faces who during regular season.
  4. I also used to be a supporter of single class. With me the concern was all about the short term impact. Things like the transition and "lessening" the value of qualifying state or winning a state champ. Things that are all fan prospectives. I wasn't looking at long term affect until recently after almost 10 years of coaching. I think that is what happens with most single class supporters. Yes the change from single to 2 or 3 may seem to cheapen things at first but once class gets going we'll see numbers grow and more excitement some of the smaller schools. Sports like football, basketball, and baseball are going to get their numbers. We at a sport need to do what we can to get numbers. Not to mention more state champs will lead to more recruitments. Yes I understand there's other factors in recruitment accomplishments matter as well.
  5. If weight certification wasn't a thing I would get wanting to do this. I understand weight certification isn't 100% accurate but having the whole "weight plan" on top of having to constantly make weight would create more issues than already exist. We already have to make sure kids aren't loosing too much weight now we would have to make sure they don't gain too much weight. I understand the idea of eliminating weight cutting but like everything there will be ways to work the systems in time. I feel the best way to "fix" weight cutting is have the wrestler pass a dehydration test at the desire weight class simular to the way college did it when I was in college. If you pass it one week at 152 and miss it the next week and go back down to 152 then you have to pass again. May add time but at least the time would be added to weigh-ins and not the wrestling time.
  6. I don't know much about Southport or Fishers current teams I don't see them until semi-state. What i do know is that it's hard to base who's better going only off margin of victory of common opponents. When it comes to a dual everything is match up base. for example there's been times as a coach my team has lost to one team my 12 points and the other by 30 points let the team winning by 12 one head to head. This happened be cause we matched up better with the team we lost by 12. There's too many variables to base it off of common wins. Now if Southport beat a team that beat fishers they would have a good argument
  7. Looking at the list since we last competed at Connersville two years ago it looks like there has been 12 new teams. I'm not sure what's the difference between last year to this year but I came up with 12 since 2017. About have looks like returning teams from the past though.
  8. Jennings County
  9. Yes this is very frustrating. Last year we had a wrestler that was 6.9% and .1 over a weight class and couldn't go down. But we had an other that was 7.1% and was able to drop over a pound with a parent signature.
  10. Is there still a needed team for this event?
  11. We experienced this one year when the football team won sectionals. we ended up with 1 senior and only 2 football players on the team. Which for us made our numbers go below 10. We knew we weren't going to have big numbers but we had at least 5 that seamed committed to be one the team with some even participating it summer workouts decided right as football ended they needed more time off and didn't come out for wrestling. Now almost our entire team is football players and the sudden decision to not come out would dwindle our numbers. Luckily some of our most committed wrestlers are our football players. But it's tough not knowing what your numbers are going to be until the season has already started and you're about to compete.
  12. When I started coaching we had 20-30 kids on the team yearly. Recently we've seen 10-20. A couple of years ago I talked to some SR that wrestled in middle school and freshman year and asked them why they didn't stick with it. They all played football and they all pretty much said because there was no break between football and wrestling. Our football would start with 2 days in July and in most seasons would run into November when wrestling was already started and have to start competing with-in a week of first practice. Since we have started the process of moving the first meet back to after Thanksgiving but haven't quite seen the number increase. Other reasons given has ranged from hunting season, wanting to work more, and not wanting to give up Christmas breaks. With some of these kids it's just excuses they use for wrestling just being too tough for them but for some it seams the timing of the season isn't the best.
  13. Thanks anyone have before 94? I need to get up to 70-71
  14. I've been updating my teams history book since I've been head coach. One thing I plan on adding by request is regional qualifiers. I have it up dated from 2002-2019. I know where the year books are on the ihsaa site. What I need is a time line of what qualifed for regionals from sectionals. I know in 2002-2003 the moved it from 2 to 4. Was it always two before then? Or was it ever a different number.
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