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  1. This has Justice Thorton listed for Columbus North... he wrestled for Greensburg all of middle school. Is it confirmed he's going to Columbus North or did he just wrestled for their club.
  2. Thomas defreese I believed wrestled 138 and was a semi-state qualifier... listed at OLB impressive for a 138 wrestler.
  3. It's going to be hard to balance out sectionals but could it be possible to balance semi-states? This is how the semi-states look roughing based on class I just pulled these off of the document with the classes split up ECC SS 75 total teams 1a- 26 2a- 23 3a -16 4a - 10 FW SS 76 total teams 1a 31 2a 25 3a 16 4a 4 NC ss 79 total teams 1a 31 2a 24 3a 9 4a 15 Ev SS 83 total teams 1a 25 2a 28 3a 22 4a 8 So from this data It looks like ECC is the cl
  4. That was the first year I watched state the place went nuts... then the next day angel was on his back for a second and the place went nuts again
  5. Nick Walpole never wrestled 152 he wrestled 135/140 and won his state championship at 140
  6. I had to have forms filled out twice, I think normal for my team is 2-4. I believe the emphasis on mats getting clean and over all hygiene has been a big part on it. I also believe a part of it for us and other teams was not changing wrestling partners as much. In the past would try to change partners as much as possible with some practice having wrestlers have up to 6 partners. This year wrestlers mainly just stuck to the same partner with switching only happening due to injuries.
  7. interesting is 4 from NC, 3 from ECC, 3 from Jasper. So question is what percent of small school qualifiers come from FW semi-state and what percent of the semi-state is made of of small schools? I do have follow-up questions. Are there stats for each semi-state comparing enrollment and qualifiers for each semi-state? Just curious if each semi-state follows the same trend.
  8. Why are we using enrollment to determine how many qualifiers placers and champs each size school should have... all teams can only enter 14 per team... yes some schools have forfeits but by using school size alone to determine how many each size school should have is agree that big schools have a big advantage. The percentage should be based on sectional entries to determine if small schools are on par with big their percentage. Enrollment shouldn't have any baring if things are on even ground. but obviously they do. All stats should be based on kids actually wrestling not kids that are in sch
  9. So you're saying, lets going through almost the entirety of the top 20 teams in the state is just as bad as going through MD? According to the final over all team rankings if you include MD in the small schools only 2 small schools are in the top 20 the other being Garret at 20. For these small schools not just about having a chance to win state it's about having their team advance as far as they can. A team that is second in the state sounds a lot better than a team thats 20th.
  10. What difference would it be than st Paris Graham being in division 2 in ohio... the runner up to the MD wrestlers are wrestlers that are probably finishing higher then they would in single classed wrestling. There may be some weights where the runner up may not make state in single class due to draw and regional alignment.
  11. I just mean as a school losing a program as they barely got started... but that does add the question would it easier for new programs to start if there was classed wrestling. I know of 5 schools in our area that don't have wrestling, 3 with football and 3 that have tried to start programs but couldn't get things going.
  12. I would say Oldenburg academy is a bad example as well. They haven't had a team for 3 years and was only a team for 1 year when they restarted their program. They originally started in 2010-2011 and ran for 3 years even having a regional champ in their 2nd year but cut the program in 2013-2014 then restarted in 2017-2018 but then cut it again. Interesting thing is their football program started in 2013 they same year they chose to cut wrestling the first time. There football team is very small and has about 15-18 kids every year.
  13. 103 back in 09 was pretty stacked as well with future champs finalist and placers.
  14. Batesville 106 ff 113 Wrestling, club soccer but not for the high school 120 wrestling, track, returning to football 126 wrestling, track (senior) 132 Wrestling, former baseball (senior) 138 wrestling, football 145 wrestling, football, quad racing 152 wrestling football track 160 ff 170 Wrestling, football 182 wrestling, former football and track (senior) 195 wrestling football track 220 wrestling football 285 ff 1 jv 132 Wrestling track was manager for football plans on playing next year
  15. I would guess either BJ gartenman or Zack sitterding, both of which lost in the ticket round. That's just looking at the record book not sure who they lost to. I believe you're referring to art Jurgen? Once again I'm just looking at the record book, I wasn't born until 86.
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