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  1. I believe as stated by Faulkens in one of his last e-mails attendance will very by site. Some sections may have 1-2 per wrestler while others have none, it's really going to depend on the school/ county. Regionals and Semistate will be able to be limited to just particapants. Regionals will only have 112 wrestlers so if the venue is big enough and in the right county I don't see why there won't be some for that. Also Sectionals may also depend on the size of the teams. For example there's a good chance some sectionals may not have a full team or only 1 or 2 while others may be 8-11. Where some
  2. Yea when I was asking my questions I didn't know he was entered at 152 for conference so that might though 132 out.
  3. So I had questions in an other thread about this and this is the 3rd different way I've seen this interpreted. 1. same theory as you but by the week (1.5% from week to week instead of weigh-in) 2. resets after each weigh-in 3. the way you described (1.5% from each weigh-in) So what is the right way... and I've seen examples that have more than a 1.5% drop count.
  4. I guess him wrestling 132 at team state throws me off. Plus with mckivitz going 138 at team state I assumed thats where he was going but like I said I'm not in their room or know their weight situation. I just see 132 being 20 pounds from 152 being a huge jump.
  5. Didn't Koontz just wrestle 132 for team State. That's a big jump up in weight. Either he made a huge cut to 132 or he'll be a smaller 152. This isn't a question how good he is... I know he's good I just don't know how easy or hard it would be for him to maintain being above 140 if he was able to make 134. To me it would seem easier to just go 145 but I'm not in the room so I don't know his weight situation. Of course I'm not 100% sure if thats who the person was talking about but time will tell.
  6. I understand that part but it doesn't always translate that way on the program. It seems like it resets after each weigh-in im just trying to confirm. Like in your example a way in directly after 170.4 would go off of that weight not the other 2 weights you have listed. But I've seen a kid go from 149.6 to 144.8 in 4 days and it still count. But another kid go 143.0 to 139.8 in 8 days and it not count.
  7. So for example a kid weighs 175 one weigh-in then 170 4 days later that probably won't count but his next weigh-in will be based off of his 170 weigh-in not the 175?
  8. I'm sure this has been asked and even answer but I didn't search good enough to find it but how does the program actually work? I understand they're only supposed to lose 1.5% a week but does it reset after each weigh-in or does it go off of what it says for minimum weight for the week?
  9. Batesville
  10. Lawrenceburg
  11. bbulldog152

    Batesville vs moeller

    Archbishop Moeller(OH)
  12. Franklin County
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