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  1. quinnsDAD

    Congratulations to my Orioles!!

    There a reason. I don't post often anymore I can't spell and I try to edit I do sh... Like this sorry folks😜
  2. Loved watching these boys grow into men, congrats on a record setting
  3. quinnsDAD


    Coaches called for neutral from what I seen, he choose bottom. Slivka and Rodgers both said it Heart definitely won both those matches, not an Irish fan by any stretch but congrats, you guys get things done in your little garage out back!!
  4. Loved watching these boys grow into men, congrats on a recording setting season individually and as a team!! And whoever’s call it was to make sure Coach Blevins and Meunièr were on floor for team awards, good call!!👏
  5. quinnsDAD

    Carson Brewer

    Congrats Carson!! Been a fun ride watching you from a little kid to the FULL man you’ve become, good luck at the next level. Stay hungry and momma will keep making you those PB&J’s!!
  6. quinnsDAD


    Some Harrison folks told me 6’7 and only like 225
  7. Sure you noticed by now I didn't forget Avons first 4x qualifier 3x placer, Asa with a win Friday will be our first 4x placer. Got some tough draws Friday night good luck to all. Good to see you eville boys haven't changed,always going after it.
  8. Garcia 3x Larson 3x Rioux 2x NConley 2x Helm Elmore Hanson Skaggs Clark that's off top of my head for Avon. Think we had one maybe two in 2013 Synder Jones.
  9. quinnsDAD

    Jared Williams

    Congrats on a great career!! I remember those first years at Avon, glad to have my oldest wrestle for you and for you to leave Avon in good hands (Israel Blevins) for my youngest!! Enjoy those little ones cause they don't stay that way!! Good Luck
  10. Congrats coach, good luck and enjoy!!
  11. quinnsDAD

    2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    Cruz 1 Gross7 Meredith3. Retherford10. Nolf 5. IMar 6. Zahid 4. Nickel 9. Moore8. Coon 2 Penn St 145
  12. quinnsDAD

    Big Ten Tournament Contest

    Think you got me for the wrong guy at 184 my format didn’t help or the fact that I didn’t put weights? sorry but my Bo was at 84 been a long day but think you have me for OSU instead. Thanks have to do this again in two weeks!!
  13. quinnsDAD

    Big Ten Tournament Contest

    NATO-1 Micic-8 Lee-4 Zain-10 Kemerer-3 IMar-7 Hall-6 Bo-9 Moore-5 Synder-2 OSU 141 Headed up tomorrow, gonna be some good ones this weekend!!
  14. quinnsDAD

    Big 10’s

    Try MSU website.
  15. quinnsDAD

    Most losses

    Nick Lee only wrestled sectionals to runner-up finish his last year. If I remember right.

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