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  1. I didn’t snap it before Mendez got away.
  2. Anyone close to Ky? Reitz, Mount Vernon, Booneville, Castle, Evansville- North, Central, Bosse, Memorial?
  3. Bryce Sheffer Memorial Duals are in need of another team on Jan 18, in Union County, Ky. Contact Coach Ervin to get in. rervin0203@gmail.com
  4. Dang it. You are right. Great match with Brock. Did Brock finish 4th at state? I just watched those 2 matches on track. Regardless, he is exciting to watch.
  5. Knew about MD. Wondered who he lost to at those duals. Remembered he lost 1 there.
  6. Being a KY guy, at 163 they could be a matchup of #1 in Kentucky vs #1 in Indiana.
  7. I saw it on facebook. It was an awesome dual.
  8. I wonder if Indianamat can stream the finals.
  9. They always end up with some athletic kids in the upper weights that end up in the finals. I'm excited to see it all unfold. Nice to throw Roncalli in there too. I don't remember them being there in the last few years.
  10. last year was: 1) Mater Dei 2) Union Ky 3) Father Ryan, TN 4)St. X, Ky 5) Downers Grove south, IL
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