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  1. CP vs Chesterton at 6:30 12/9/20 https://youtu.be/EuVvMu0eHU
  2. Gavin Brown is nationally ranked in the top 5. He's for real.
  3. You might add another column and put their national rankings in.
  4. The Roncalli kid at 195 was 4-12 to start the tourney and ended up 6th. Gilbert of Sullivan looked like a killer until he ran into Cole Ross. Will man took on a monster in Wooten. He kept his head, kept it close and impressively took the win. Mater Dei is soooo stacked. Good luck to the rest of Indiana against them. They took on the best that Tenn, Ky, and a couple from Indiana and Illinois had and spit us all out.
  5. They start at 9. By the bout numbers, semis and consi semis will run together. Fitts’ matches were wild to watch.
  6. Mater Dei has a total of 12 losses through their whole starting roster. Unreal.
  7. At 195- Elijah Calloway is ranked 13, and Paxton Ervin is unranked, also at 195- Eason of Franklin Community was last years champ. Beane of Trinity has been wrestling 132. He might make the drop this week.
  8. Thanks. We have a couple looking forward to it at Mater Dei Holiday Classic. Good to know.
  9. I’ve tried searching and all I can find is an old rule. Is it true that the +2 comes in effect after Christmas now?
  10. At 195- Elijah Calloway of Union is ranked around 14th. at Hwt- Matthias Ervin will be out
  11. The twins are seniors (Micah and Matthias), Paxton is a sophomore. Paxton will be the last one for a while.
  12. Matthias will be out. Possibly Paxton Ervin at 195.
  13. Alstott and Conway looked great!
  14. Looks like 132. Some of those will be going up and down to make 126 and 138 that much stronger too.
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