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  1. https://www.iswa.com/event/show/452442923 they present them here
  2. I think a case can be made that EC semi state will have the strongest group of freshmen in the state. 9 of the top 20 ranked kids. Assuming they all compete, I’m sure some will make it to State? Here is the list in no particular order. Sergio Lemley Sam Goin Cody Goodwin Orlando Cruz Aaron Steenbeke Aidan Torres Cole Solomey Christian Carroll Seth Williams Logan Frazier
  3. Lemley pinned both Goin and Frazier at Chesterton’s freestyle duals this past weekend. Lemley is a hammer!
  4. Hunter May brings a national championship title home. Congratulations to the May family!
  5. Not from the same school. They will be attending the same high school. There is a slight distinction in those two statements. Lol.
  6. This is a good point. However, if you look at the list of the top 12, there is possibly one that would fit this criteria.
  7. There are plenty of lessons to be learned during the regular season and post season leading up to the state finals. These kids and coaches put in way too much time and effort to leave leave the results of a state championship match up to a subjective call at real time speed. I appreciate the effort the officials put in and I understand that they are doing the best they can do under the circumstances.
  8. There is clearly a comepetive advantage to “grey shirting”. I’m not sure when it started, but it seems like it’s a trend that isn’t going away, especially with elite level wrestlers. I wonder how prevalent it is with other sports?
  9. I don’t believe the match was ruined. The main objective in wrestling is to get a pin. The way the crowd erupted was proof of their excitement. Asa aggesivly took advantage of the position he was presented with and locked up a nasty cradle. From my perspective, that boy was stuck. The rest is history.
  10. 8 of the 12 listed above have taken an extra year. Congratulations to #1 Sergio and #2 Cheaney who are proving that you don’t need the extra year in order to excell! They will both be “True Freshmen” next year.
  11. ISWA has it for freestyle and Greco championship matches.
  12. I don’t see it as a win-win when you can buy a competitive advantage for $20.
  13. It does seem like there is a competitive advantage in paying $20 for the privilege of weighing in a day early. Seems like a bit of a money grab for the organizer’s organization. Next they will be selling “Takedown or Stalling Cards” If people are willing to pay $20 to weigh in early, they would surly pay at least $50 for a free takedown or reverse a stall call. lol.
  14. What cost do the tournament organizers incur that warrants the $20 fee?
  15. The 110 lbs bracket is going to be epic! This could be the toughest bracket in years.
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