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  1. Aidan Torres took 2nd place at 9th & 10th grade 132 lbs. Does anybody know of any other Indiana results?
  2. Davison’s from Chesterton: keith (88) 128-17 jack (15) 76-39 andrew (17) 124-4 lucas (18) 149-12 with dad 477-72 brothers only 349-55
  3. Let’s see your team’s numbers! Here are Chesterton’s 2020 season stats: Most Wins = Brock Ellis 49 Most Pins (not counting tech falls) = Brock Ellis 29 Most Takedowns = Aidan Torres 148.
  4. Hunter May is the real deal. Aidan has wrestled him twice in Folkstyle. Both matches went into overtime. They are 1-1 against each other. He is a great kid from a great family. It’s going to be fun watching him the next 4 years.
  5. It would be cool to hear the thoughts from some college coaches.
  6. That was a good match with some high level technique from both wrestlers. Thanks for suggesting that video.
  7. Yeah, Hollendoner was fun to watch.
  8. Boe vs Hall was very entertaining. Hall’s misdirection low single to start the match was sweet!
  9. Rust had a good game plan for Ellis and executed it well. Rust definitely out performed most people’s expectations.
  10. Yeah, it got a little scary for Bates at the end of the 3rd. He did a nice job of keep his cool to get out of trouble.
  11. That was a great match. Parkinson was the unfortunate victim of circumstances. That Friday night matchup could have easily been the championship match. Thanks for suggesting that video.
  12. I’ve watched all of the 126 matches. I had a horse in that race. I agree 126 was awesome! Any specific matches at 138 that you can suggest?
  13. Looking for suggestions on some of the best state finals matches to watch on trackwrestling.
  14. It’s too bad that these great individuals and their historic contributions to Indiana wrestling are not recognized during the state finals.
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