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  1. Not anything egregious but Todrank sure looked like a jackass pulling that crap down 10+ points. I don't think I've ever seen a JH, HS, or college wrestler act like a nob when they're down by that much. Personally, I thought it was funny and I admire the stones it takes to showboat like that when you're getting your ass handed to you.
  2. Can someone explain why these two teams did not wrestle against each other in a dual this season?
  3. Have the brackets posted on Track yet? I’m not seeing them...
  4. I don't doubt it but Silvertone's write-up indicated Bettich lost to Seltzer at the Al Smith.
  5. None taken. Great write-up! Keep them coming.
  6. 120 -- Bettich and Tolin lost to Littel (CG), not Seltzer.
  7. AlaskanMountie

    Southmont vs. Pike

  8. Southmont
  9. Southmont
  10. Unfortunately this is how he and his ilk conduct themselves when discussing a controversial issue. Beacon of tolerance and diversity...unless it's diversity of opinion. In that case, they have no tolerance. His rebuttal will be he doesn't tolerate, "racist behavior," never mind there is not one piece of evidence that would suggest this incident has anything to do with racism other than the wrestler involved is black. Any fair-minded person would see that the coach, wrestler, and official all play a part in this unfortunate incident but somehow the coach and kid get a pass and the official is the racist boogey-man. At the end of the day, the kid did not report legally equipped to wrestle and the official enforced the rule. The kid could have forfeited the match and then made sure he had a legal head cover for the next meet. He chose to cut his hair mat-side which is on him and his coach. Yes, this should have been resolved at weigh-ins and the official is at fault for that mistake. Again, all three parties are at fault for this debacle.
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