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  1. The 15/13 or 16/14 is a good proposal to help participation numbers but I would argue that if you could combine participation with more success, you would start to move the needle on both participation and forfeits. The best way to do this is to implement the 15/13 or 16/14 proposal along with class wrestling. For those of you who want to argue, "class wrestling," please save your fingers the trouble. I am injecting the class piece for the sake of participation and success. I was very much against class wrestling when I wrestled at Crown Point but I did a 180 when I took over a 1A program in 2
  2. In most small schools, you are utilizing every kid on the team, especially in your 8 man example. You could argue some kids could wrestle their natural weight class and not have to bump but I personally don't believe that will make or break a kid's decision to stick with wrestling. I could be wrong... I never said anything about good programs getting better. My point was the 15/13 will be utilized most by the larger programs as they have the numbers readily available to fill those two spots. I don't argue your point about keeping kids out in smaller programs, I just don't think
  3. I would support the 15/13 proposal so there's no need to beat that drum any further. I see the benefits it would bring and I'm all for it. It's definitely a step in the right direction. The point that I was making that I think you missed was that this proposal would overwhelmingly impact larger programs. Yes, some smaller programs would benefit but that still doesn't reduce the number of forfeits you pinpointed as a major issue in our sport which are overwhelmingly coming from middle to smaller programs.
  4. I'm not opposed to the 15/13 proposal as it gets more kids in the lineup but I don't know how much this will move the needle as many smaller programs will continue to have numerous forfeits. Again, I'm all for anything that increases opportunity for kids, just not sold that this will significantly move the needle. I would give my opinion on what I believe would increase participation but I don't want to start a holy war between wrestling traditionalists and progressives.
  5. MattM is correct, Bolivar dropped to 132 for the state series. Looks like he went 1-2 this weekend and didn’t even sniff the podium. He got beat 8 times this season, as well. I know Illinois is stronger than Indiana but this loss is hard to explain.
  6. Astonishingly, the kid that beat Mendez this year didn’t even place @ 132 in the 3A division.
  7. I believe FW only had 5 wrestlers in the semi’s.
  8. What about Hunter Hughes of Jeffersonville? He was always ranked really high but never made it to Market Square.
  9. I was referring to MD's success, not their style of wrestling.
  10. If you look at EMD's success at the high school level dating back to the 90's until now, it still does not translate well at the college level. They've had numerous state champs and placers that did not make any noise at the next level. Lee and Coughlin are the exception, not the rule. Perry and Cathedral are in the same boat. I'm not knocking these programs, just highlighting the difficulty of having success at the next level, especially D1.
  11. New Castle 6 East Chicago 5 Evansville 3 Fort Wayne 0
  12. By, “system,” do you mean RWA or are you asking if they actually attended CP grade schools? I would venture to guess very few of them are actually from CP but I could be wrong.
  13. How in the world does someone interpret the first criteria as, "head to head against all opponents in the bracket?" It states that, "If they have beaten EACH OTHER an equal number of times, then the winner of the last match gets the seed." Clearly it is talking about the two wrestlers vying for the respective seed and not the entire field of participants. If ever it was appropriate to protest, "Mongolia style," this would have been it!
  14. AlaskanMountie

    Southmont vs. Pike

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