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  2. Shameful to see so many empty seats on Friday night. This is what happens when we let bureaucracy run the show. I’m guessing Y2 and his minions could have figured out social distant seating and got 5,000 more fans in there tonight. Hell, IndianaMat figured out every school’s state qualifier, placer, and coach’s blood type...God knows they could have figured this out. P.S. I’m grateful we have a state finals to attend but hells bells, where’s the common sense shaved ice when you need it???
  3. What’s the max number of tickets you can purchase without a code?
  4. Rene Hernandez Robert Maldonado Dan Jankowski Craig Macke Jonathan Brownlee Alex Dolly
  5. What was considered, “illegal,” when Hayhurst hit is chin whip?
  6. I don’t know how much the fine was but I do know the school meant to put a forfeit in that weight class.
  7. This past week, a school in our sectional entered a, “forfeit,” in one of the weight classes at the seed meeting. Mid week they were allowed to replace that forfeit with a wrestler after paying a fine to the IHSAA. Curious to see if this common among other sectionals? I had no idea that was an option until it happened last week.
  8. Does anyone know the, “inside baseball,” on how CP team pic was used???
  9. The 15/13 or 16/14 is a good proposal to help participation numbers but I would argue that if you could combine participation with more success, you would start to move the needle on both participation and forfeits. The best way to do this is to implement the 15/13 or 16/14 proposal along with class wrestling. For those of you who want to argue, "class wrestling," please save your fingers the trouble. I am injecting the class piece for the sake of participation and success. I was very much against class wrestling when I wrestled at Crown Point but I did a 180 when I took over a 1A program in 2011. If you want to submit that class wrestling would not increase participation and success, I'm all ears.
  10. In most small schools, you are utilizing every kid on the team, especially in your 8 man example. You could argue some kids could wrestle their natural weight class and not have to bump but I personally don't believe that will make or break a kid's decision to stick with wrestling. I could be wrong... I never said anything about good programs getting better. My point was the 15/13 will be utilized most by the larger programs as they have the numbers readily available to fill those two spots. I don't argue your point about keeping kids out in smaller programs, I just don't think it will move the needle in regard to forfeits. I would submit that most small schools are utilizing every kid on the roster to fill as many spots as possible. Sure, there may be some kids who are, "stuck," at a weight and can't go up to fill a forfeit and the 15/13 would solve that but I don't think that is the norm or the reason behind the influx of forfeits in small programs. Again, I'm in favor of the 15/13 idea and I think it's a step in the right direction. Just not sold on it significantly decreasing the number of forfeits.
  11. I would support the 15/13 proposal so there's no need to beat that drum any further. I see the benefits it would bring and I'm all for it. It's definitely a step in the right direction. The point that I was making that I think you missed was that this proposal would overwhelmingly impact larger programs. Yes, some smaller programs would benefit but that still doesn't reduce the number of forfeits you pinpointed as a major issue in our sport which are overwhelmingly coming from middle to smaller programs.
  12. I'm not opposed to the 15/13 proposal as it gets more kids in the lineup but I don't know how much this will move the needle as many smaller programs will continue to have numerous forfeits. Again, I'm all for anything that increases opportunity for kids, just not sold that this will significantly move the needle. I would give my opinion on what I believe would increase participation but I don't want to start a holy war between wrestling traditionalists and progressives.
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