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  1. We ( Edwardsburg, MI ) have been bringing a small group of kids to Mishawaka and Jimtown regularly. Both rooms are awesome. Both have coaches who will jump in and help kids and are willing to go live. I sort of wish Michigan had an RTC system in place like Indiana, but to be honest I would still want to go to IN for these rooms. You can see the difference it is making with our kids. I highly recommend both rooms.
  2. Is it up to the state to decide if they want to go to that system? If it is up to the state, I assume the IHSAA ultimately decides? I know Michigan opted to stay with the old weight classes when the last weight class changes happened. I personally like the Michigan weights better because it has more weights in the middle of the line-up where there are more kids. The only part that stinks is when we go to other states, we then lose a starter in the middle and have to fill a weight with a backup at the top. Hopefully it is up to each state to decide and the right people are making the decisions.
  3. I think its the "whatever they can" part that I tend to disagree on. Moving to put your kid in a better academic school - totally understand. Moving to put your kid in a better wrestling school - in some terrible situations, maybe. Holding your kid back in 8th grade for the sole reason of having an age advantage over 99% of the other kids, that's where I start to wonder what the heck is going on. You can do too much for your kids also - like parents who do their kid's homework, give them every possible advantage at the cost of letting their kid figure it out. I would just encourage parents to think about the long term lesson in doing something like that.
  4. Michigan does it for the state tournament. I like that if you can't fill one weight but have 2 stud seniors stuck together you can get them both in the tournament. There were 2 state finals matches between teammates this year I believe. Some kid who may have not had a chance to compete came home a state-runner up. Can't argue the kids deserved it if that's where they placed.
  5. That is significant for sure. My point is that an undersized 106's disadvantage is the same as a good 171 pound freshman. Both will take their lumps because both have a disadvantage which all freshmen do. Why does it seem there are more 106 in the list of top incoming? At 106, you will probably never see a senior. So if you wait a year and make 106, you have basically ensured you will not struggle. You start your career like a senior at the upper weights because you would rarely see anyone older than you. You really should dominate at that point. So I think there is a perceived incentive for those kids to repeat a grade because they see a chance at a title immediately. What I am saying is that it is still worth it to let the kids struggle despite the lure of a 106 title as a freshman. Other kids struggle and still succeed as they mature. I just don't think the carrot justifies holding kids back because they will at least be facing kids their age to start.
  6. I am not telling them what to do, but I don't see how being an undersized 106 is really any different than the freshmen kids who weigh 145 lbs or more who are going to face juniors and seniors all year long if they can make varsity. They will both take losses because they are freshmen in that case. You are at least guaranteed to face someone your age or maybe rarely a sophomore at that weight.
  7. I understand that point, but when 8 out of 12 on this list do it I doubt they were truly using that as a reason. How many people do you know do this who don't have an incentive for sports? I considered my kids age when they started kindergarten. By the time they are in middle school they have probably adapted. I just think you don't see 65% of the average middle school kids being held back under normal circumstances.
  8. I guess I am old school, but that is disturbing to me. Here are a few reasons why it should be discouraged in my opinion. First, wrestling probably shouldn't be such a priority for parents or kids at that age to want to give up a year of future earnings and leave their classmates so they have a better shot at winning matches. Secondly, I think a year of taking your losses is a great lesson in life and the sport that will only help you later on and missing that lesson is definitely not going to help when you finally become a freshman in college if you continue in the sport. I personally would much rather have a kid who struggles and then succeeds than a kid who took an advantage to make it easier to succeed when it comes to preparing for the beatings you will get in college. I am not trying to attack those who did it. Maybe a few even have a valid reason for it besides wrestling. I just personally don't like it and think it isn't going to help them in the long run.
  9. Any idea how many of those took an extra year of middle school?
  10. That's fine. I knew people wouldn't like it. Maybe I should have said there is a way to celebrate that is fun and makes me root for guys and there is a way to celebrate that makes me really dislike guys. He may be a great kid, but the way he does it just rubs me wrong. I am not anti-celebrations, I like probably 90% of them. Just the ones I have noticed would make me put him in the Desanto category instead of the Mark Hall category. I don't know the kid and I am not saying he is a bad kid, it just seems like he wants to be the heel and while that is fun sometimes too he will probably not get a lot of fans by doing it.
  11. I have tried to like Red despite my initial impression of his dad celebrating after he beat Lee, but I just can't get behind him. I saw an instagrap clip of him doing some weird dance or something after he beat Iowa last week and then walking back to the center of the mat leaning backward. I love to see some guys celebrate like Mark Hall and others who seem to find a way to make it fun. Penn State seems to have mastered it. I can't say exactly why Red's rubbed me the wrong way, but it only reinforced my impression of him. Was glad to hear he then went to MN and took a 9-2 loss to McKee.
  12. I think Watts gets him this time. It was a good match that I thought could have gone the other way at Al Smith and the loss will do nothing but help him improve.
  13. I think there is common etiquette that should be followed. Trying to save 100 seats so every extended family member and friend you have ever known can sit together is BS. I once had a father trying to save 20 rows get super mad that I dared sit in his imaginary kingdom that was over 50% empty. I still consider that guy one of the biggest dopes I have ever ran across.
  14. One of the strangest things I have found in differences between Indiana and Michigan is that Michigan weigh-ins are day before until the state series starts. Coaches and ADs are supposed to verify the weights instead of the refs. There is no doubt that promotes weight cutting because kids have 24 hours between weigh-in and competition. There are definitely some teams who push the boundaries with what they do for the entire team for the practice before when they weigh-in with temperatures in their rooms and clothing. Some are very good coaches but are stuck in the 80s with what they think weight management should be. At least IN still has refs weigh the kids in the day of the competition. Not sure how Michigan decided to go they way they did.
  15. I know this will be unpopular, but from afar after watching the Nick Lee vs Chad Red finals match and then hearing things about missing weight for the Flow event, I thought he would likely have problems in college. I hoped I was wrong after he AA'd last year but I am not shocked at how this season is going. Maybe sometimes four time state champs would be better off not being four time state champs. In comparison ( and how can you not), Nick Lee seems to be making big gains right now. Obviously being at Penn State can't hurt, but he looked like and appeared to act like a driven kid coming out of high school with a goal to win NCAA championships. Just saying, neither's path is surprising me. I don't know either kid personally or pretend to think I was 100% sure this was how it would go. Just seemed to be some things that alluded to the current trajectories. Still hoping Mr Red can turn it around this season and gets back on the stand in March.
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