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  1. doctorWrestling

    AWL Pro League 11/30 - Will people pay to watch?

    This is how I feel also. Before I even realized AWL was on Friday night, I had already planned on having friends over to watch CKLV finals on Flo on Saturday afternoon which is already paid for with the subscription. I want to support AWL and hope it grows to get off trackwrestling in the future, but at the same time I have a lot of great wrestling available with the subscription on Flo already and its $15 for 1 event on trackwrestling. I know Flo has sort of tried a pro wrestling league and it didn't work out for them. It seems like there has to be someone willing to put it on TV and sell commercials to pay the athletes or this isn't to be sustainable but I am still really pulling for it to work somehow.
  2. doctorWrestling

    AWL Pro League 11/30 - Will people pay to watch?

    I think it if were free on TV, a lot of people would watch or save it to watch later. I hope enough people will pay to watch a few events and then it finds its way to TV or even just on demand. I think there is an audience who want to see it, just not sure if pay per view will be viable for the long run.
  3. The American Wrestling League will have their first event tomorrow evening on trackwrestling. It is $15 to watch the event if you don't have a gold membership I believe ( correct me if I am wrong please ). As much as I would love to see a pro league of some sort in the US, I am concerned people won't pay to watch it and it will die like the others. I will do it just to try to support the cause but I really wish it were on flowrestling with the subscription instead. I think I heard 4-6 events a year which will add up at $15 each. I am not sure what the gold membership costs on trackwrestling so maybe that would make it worth purchasing the gold level. With all the stupid "sports" that make it on TV now ( I can watch spikeball on demand ), I would have hoped that a TV contract could have been made to pay the athletes.
  4. doctorWrestling

    Lifting in season

    If you are really willing to put a little time into it, the Attack Style Wrestling podcast with Daryl Webber did a really good job of talking about strength training for wrestling. He did a 3 part podcast series on it that was really good. I found the second podcast in the series, but do a little searching and you can find the others. I remember Weber ( NCAA champ at Iowa ) saying during the season he did very heavy lifts in sets of 1 to 3 to keep his explosiveness. His guest is or was the strength coach for Rutgers - Even Esh. https://www.mattalkonline.com/podcast/attack-style-wrestling/asw31-part-2-strength-training-for-wrestling-with-zach-even-esh/
  5. doctorWrestling

    Lifting in season

    I just thought I would mention that you should extremely careful with cutting weight and using creatine. I have heard it referenced every time when people discuss the 3 deaths that occurred in college in 1997 with wrestlers dehydrating while using creatine. I cannot say it was the reason for the deaths, but I believe all 3 wrestlers were using it. I personally would not let my son take it ever but that's just my opinion. I am sure there are articles that say it is safe if you want to find them. I just believe a healthy diet, maybe a multi-vitamin, and protein if you insist are probably more than enough. I a lso should add that I am not a medical doctor, I just have just awarded myself a doctorate in wrestling for the years I have spent studying it. https://www.nytimes.com/1997/12/19/sports/wrestling-collegiate-wrestling-deaths-raise-fears-about-training.html
  6. doctorWrestling

    Weight cut

    I think it is getting a lot better. If there are only a few doing it, that is better than it was back in the dark ages. I would agree that coaches should be held accountable if it is extreme, but not sure a new parent understands that 3-5 lbs is not horrible so you may have to trust your coach. Hopefully you have a good coach. In a perfect world, kids would not make themselves miserable and coach's wouldn't ask them to / tell them not to. I wouldn't have a problem with a parent saying they are concerned even if it wasn't their kid they were concerned about. Cutting weight is the worst part of our great sport and the number one excuse parents don't want their kids to try wrestling. Encouraging kids, like XCard said above, to feel good at all practices and show up at competitions able to perform at their best possible level is the real solution. I hope that some day mat side weigh-ins or not having set weight classes and grouping by nearest weight ( there is a name for this, but it escapes me) are implemented at a youth level when the focus should be on learning and getting better instead of wins and losses.
  7. doctorWrestling

    Notre Dame

    It would do wonders for the area to have a D1 program available. Especially if the staff and wrestlers were available for camps or instruction at ISWA RTC's. Michigan for example offers training through their Olympic level RTC for youth who qualify. I actually don't know where the nearest D2 or D3 program is to South Bend - probably Manchester which isn't exactly close. I know it will probably never happen, but there is a real need in the area for that level of instruction and opportunity. With more programs adopting women's wrestling when starting their programs it seems money and effort are all that are missing and they have the money. I wouldn't care if they got every kid from NJ if it benefited the kids in the area.
  8. doctorWrestling

    Notre Dame

    You think they will ever be financially stable enough to field a wrestling team?
  9. doctorWrestling


    I was saddened to see that Micic had to drop out of the world championships due to injury. Hopefully it doesn't keep him from any college matches.
  10. doctorWrestling


    Are you literally looking for someone from Indiana who qualifies to wrestle for a country that would be at Euros and could place top 3?
  11. doctorWrestling

    Rudis shoes

    Can we get a review? Do they run narrow or wide? Hopefully not the next cage fighter shoes.
  12. doctorWrestling

    An Idea to Think About.

    There are a lot of great points on here, but the one thing wrestling still has going for it is that kids do value a high school state championship and your best kids in the state are participating in the high school programs. Maybe soccer is a better comparison than gymnastics and what you should fear. From what I hear and see, HS soccer kids value and believe their club teams are much more important than their high school teams and they don't play for their school. That takes the best kids out of the high school programs and the level of competition at the high school is not close to what they get in the club. While the best kids in HS wrestling know they will need to compete at a national level for a scholarship opportunity, so far there are not in season opportunities for kids to go wrestle all over the state against better kids during the HS season. Are some super top level kids skipping their senior year to go the OTC or go their college's RTC, yeah. So far it is a very small number which is a good thing. I think what would make me even sadder about schools dropping teams would be the loss of a chance to help kids. The older I get, I worry much less about winning a team state and much more about just getting participation up so you can get more kids involved and give them good role models, reasons to study, reasons to want to go to college, experiences with their teammates they won't get in other sports, camps, etc. Basically life lessons and a chance to help them. A small kid just is not going to get that in football at a lot of schools for example. Every other sport has become so political, where I live at least, that it seems that wrestling offers these kids a chance to earn a spot and participate where they can't fit in otherwise. I hope that other coaches would stick with smaller programs for this reason even though it is discouraging to lose good kids to other programs sometimes. While it is very difficult to find a D1 starter to come back and coach your local HS, I am encouraged by the young D3 and D2 coaches that seem to be much more available than they were 30 years ago. Manchester has turned out a lot of good coaches for example. Wabash has turned into a power house. While these guys may not have placed at the US Open, they are more than capable to coach a kid to a HS state championship and ( while young anyway ) offer some great partners for your kids. I don't even dream of finding a D1 coach in a rural area but there are D3 guys out there if you are lucky enough to get one.
  13. doctorWrestling

    An Idea to Think About.

    - I really hope you are not a parent, surely you can't be. Actually, hopefully not a coach either.
  14. doctorWrestling

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Former Ohio State wrester Michael Rodriguez was on last week's "The Inside Trip" podcast and discussed his time there. He was one of the wrestlers who was interviewed for the NY Times article. I am not 100% done listening to it, but nearly done. It is definitely worth listening to if you are interested in this discussion. While it is hard to believe what was going on there, it is very easy to believe once you hear him explain the situation that existed at that time and how 18 year old kids just don't know it isn't normal. I think its safe to say he didn't like that it was turned into a way to attack Jordan even though he said he strongly disagrees with Jordan's politics. I am sure everyone can hear what they want to hear, but that's what I took from it. Hopefully kids are more aware of predators at universities now a days.

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