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  1. I am not against people wearing masks IF THEY WANT TO. I do believe it isn't just all positives from wearing them though and the PPE experts should be listened to. Its hard for me to believe that kids breathing their own air all day long with a mask that has collected garbage all day is good. I just think it should be up to the individual to make their own decision. There are states that do not require them and are somehow surviving. Just suggesting people consider the down side and research what is best for kids.
  2. I have been seeing pictures of a few college teams on social media where they have kids drilling with gaiters around their necks. I would think the sweat from the person wearing it ( and realistically their partner ) would have that wet in no time. Then to think they would pull it up to breathe through it again makes me sort of sick. I will admit that I think relying on masks in a perfect environment is bad idea for healthy people. But wet masks that collect bacteria are going to be a disaster. Even the post where someone said they will wear them during warm up and then techn
  3. Oh, I must have misread - I thought it was at Carroll High School. Is the location still to be determined then?
  4. God bless Indiana for allowing this to happen - especially in a high school. I am glad to see it was possible and am sure it wasn't easy. The Grappler Fall Classic was moved to South Carolina. It was created to give Michigan kids a chance to see the top kids from out of state without traveling but Fort Wayne is a lot closer. With football in MI being moved to the spring, I expect to see a large number of MI kids opting to travel to Fort Wayne instead of SC.
  5. I know its not what you asked, but I think it is interesting that Jimtown has two 4 time AA's at UIndy in Nick Crume and Shane Perkey. The Gimsons were also AA's at Indiana Tech last year. That's a lot of AA's and I would bet there have been others also.
  6. All I am saying is that it seems fair for a state or the NCAA to have to disclose to a program that you are considering cutting the program before doing it behind closed doors so that it cannot possibly be saved. I think your image/logo is for ASU - who cut wrestling but then did fund raise and bring it back. It seems if that is possible that it would be possible to save a program before it is actually cut. I think the motivation to save a program would open pockets that may not give nearly as much. I have heard many stories of NCAA coaches being completely blind sided by the
  7. I wish the state's governing body or the NCAA would at least say that before a sport can be dropped for financial reasons, the team has to be given an opportunity to raise the needed funds before just being given a death penalty. Many times it seems that AD's operate in secret to cut programs that could have been funded if the coaches had been given an opportunity. I could see the same happening in high school. It is complete BS but not sure how it is stopped.
  8. It is possible to opt out of adopting new weights. Michigan never adopted the last set of weight changes which is fine when competing in state, but does cause "problems" when you want to compete with teams from other states who have different weights. Its not a huge problem but you do usually end up taking a starter out of your line up and adding a JV kid into your line up for duals or tournaments. For MI, it meant taking out a kid in the middle of the weights and adding a bigger kid who didn't have as much experience. Ideally the midwest or bordering states would also agree so this can be
  9. I know middle school is wrapping up in Indiana, but thought I would mention that I have a lot of interest from kids from Edwardsburg, MI in the 90lb to 105lb range who plan to come to Jimtown and Mishawaka this spring. We have larger/older kids also but there are plenty of those in the room already. If you are looking for different partners for that size, we should have them.
  10. I wasn't thinking of limiting it to just slams. Sometimes emotions run high and I have considered things that are probably borderline cheating and had to think it has ran through other's minds also. Like for example something like telling a kid to try to time a whistle on a shot to get an unfair advantage. I don't even know the rules for that anymore and I think they are much better because I don't see kids doing it, but I was desperate enough to do that a time or two as a competitor. As much as I want to set a good example and not make it about winning, I can see how it happens.
  11. Some of you may have seen the video of "The Slam" from the DCC vs Davison team state championships in MI from Saturday. It was the one where Davison's #1 nationally ranked Alex Facundo lost on a slam call that looked like a normal hard double leg. The DCC kid ( who is a really tough kid and Fargo AA ) looked fine, got up and went to the line to start wrestling before his coach called him over to be looked at by his trainer. DCC's version of the story is that their trainer was in the bathroom so the MHSAA sent a doctor out to evaluate the kid and the doctor said he was not fit to finish and
  12. I am fairly new to MI - 2015 may have been before DCC's recent dominance. Since I have been paying atttention, DCC has been pretty incredible. Although I don't follow team rankings closely, I believe they were ranked top 5 or better this year at one time. I really don't even know where to find the team rankings so forgive me if I am wrong but I think there were 3 Michigan teams in the top 15. Dundee is a Div 3 team with a couple Fargo AA's that I think was one of those in the top 15. We have weird travel restrictions too. There is talk of us getting kicked out of an IN tourn
  13. I went the other way. I moved from IN to MI. Here's how I view it. If you look at the whole state, Michigan has more depth. In other words, if you had no classes in MI and took the top 10 guys from IN and the top 10 guys from MI, Michigan's #10 is going to be better than Indiana's #10 most of the time. There are twice as many schools in MI compared to IN. Its a population thing. Until recently, I would have said the #1 guy in MI vs the #1 guy in IN dual for each weight would also favor MI if it were a dual of 14 weights. I think IN has closed the gap there now b
  14. Nick Lee is on a recent ( last week ) "Bashamania" podcast if you are interested in hearing an interview. I always think its fun to hear more about great wrestlers.
  15. I just don't buy this anymore. If you want to wrestle D3 in college, I don't think they care that much if you are a state champ. Even if you are, there isn't money for it. If you want a scholarship, I don't think you are getting one without doing well at tournaments like at least a Central Regional or one of the many national level tournaments that now exist. You should teach them to shoot higher than a single class state tournament also in that case.
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