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  1. I hate that we have to evacuate after the Saturday morning session and reenter for the evening session. Why not have the IU vs Purdue dual during that down time? Everyone could watch some BIG10 wrestling before the evening Finals.
  2. How is everyone discussing match-ups when the brackets are not public? Would love to see them too!
  3. When will the sectional brackets be posted on track? Thanks
  4. Why was there such a long time between rounds 4, 5 and 6? My only complaint was too much down time for the later rounds waiting on officials.
  5. Knightstown is actually one of the original schools to form the TEC. Things you remember when you're old like me
  6. The Indiana wrestling community lost one of their own early this morning. An apartment fire near Purdue University claimed the life of Cody Day, a former Connersville High School wrestler. The wrestling community grieves as a family when tragedy strikes. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Connersville community. Please keep another former wrestler Chase Woodall in prayer as well as he suffered severe burns in the same fire.
  7. Thielke tossed Sabatello (twice) was the best throw of the tournament!!!
  8. I'm heading up this year. I had to miss last year do to having a total knee replacement 6 days before Should be some great matches for sure. I think 141 will be a war along with 285
  9. I think Blue River had one back in late 90' Pope was the last name can't remember the first name.
  10. Nothing but class, The sport needs more like you. Adversity will mold Vinny and do nothing but make him a better young man than he already is. Rutgers is getting a Quality young man. Thank You, Dana Harris (Cody Steele's great uncle)
  11. Imo Wilson threw a punch (right hook) should've been disqualified. No way that it should be tolerated. I for the record am not Perry fan.
  12. “Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations.”Ralph Marsten
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