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  1. Didn’t or couldn’t .. maybe I’m wrong but wasn’t his age the reason he wasn’t allowed to compete. Thinking he turned 19 during wrestling season, which would of kept from competing, or at least the post season. Crazy how parents made choices or for whatever reason kids ages vary. I turned 18 first week of college, other kids turning 19 during school year lol.
  2. Last wrestled 119 in ‘91, I’m below 220 and working to get down to 185-190. Back injuries an a surgery have limited my workouts off an on the last decade. Four years ago I was about the same weight and had a good year with back problems ( no issues ) and got daily workouts in and got myself down to 174. A month after tho had some issues and gained it mostly all back.
  3. Yup, I’ve seen a few dads walking in with bigger families turn to wife an ask for her purse to dig deeper. It is what it is, I’d follow along if it was possible. I’m now in Pa, doing my best to keep notice of In wrestling as best I can.
  4. Finals are tomorrow, I’d guess Monday morning results can be seen. Unless your there to watch, or know someone who is. They have no concern for family that would be working and couldn’t attend to get any info thru them. They want admission sales and their secrets kept lol.
  5. Corsaro lost to Farrel once, Roncalli wasn’t always there, and I know one of em got pinned by Dekalb kid in finals. Rypel I believe lost his freshman year. Ellis is the only one I believe is possible, obviously he didn’t lose in HS, so if Cathedral competed each of his years and he made weight, he would be it. Teams come an go more often at Spartan Classic than realized.
  6. Off the top of my head, no one .. maybe Lance Ellis. Not sure Cathedral was there each of his years. Maybe contact Connersville athletic department, they may or may not have a history of it.
  7. It’s been cancelled, they tried to get faster internet to please everyone and things went south quick. Will try again next year.
  8. Everyone gets a participation ribbon. Thanks for playing..
  9. Yeah, supposedly we’re gonna be getting near 12” inches of snow. Lots of activities are being cancelled well ahead of time around Pittsburg, I’d imagine the same for State College.
  10. Just type out the champ bracket by names real fast, maybe only 30 minutes if your quick.
  11. No, still can at conference. Your too concerned about him making 160 aren’t you, preventing someone from Winchester getting a conference title maybe. Also, I believe UC still has the Wayne county event after the first of the year for him to make 160.
  12. They choose not to care, in the past I’ve called an emailed the AD. Response was always, “ this is how we’ve always done it”. Had no concern over family an friends not being able to travel an follow along. Cause at least one day is on a work day. They are stuck in the past, much like the rest of the town. Concerned only with it happening and getting whatever attendance they can get, still believing that they’d lose people if things were available on track or flo. It’s been a useless argument for quite a while. Have shown no reason to believe things would ever change, so good luck with thinking forward, it’s still 1983 to them.
  13. Yah lol, baby step.. it’s just one lol.
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