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  1. A few questions I've been thinking about regarding next season goes as follows: What freshmen are going to make a name for themselves next season? Who are the top contenders at 106? What will the 220 pound weight class look like with the departure of the Big Four (Robinson, Miller, Tolley, and Faulkenberg)? Who are the top five teams individually and dual meet wise? Is the current state format a good direction or should we return to the dual meet format to decide who truly is the "best team" and "state champions"? Will Cathedral defend their title? Dylan Lydy wins at 160 or 170? Just some questions.
  2. Perry Meridian by far. We return an experienced lineup plus well-versed newcomers.
  3. This kid is a stud. He just won a national championship last week in the NHSCA tournament, and now he's in the finals of the USA Wrestling Folkstyle Nationals. It sucks that he lost a state championship on a caution. I know he's from a rival school, but you have to give the kid credit. He competes in tournaments week in and week out. It shows he's not burned out from the sport. We need guys like him.
  4. What are some of your candidates for the best matches taken place this past season? My top pick would have to be LeCount and Forte's intense match-up at Bellmont. That match produced a lot of emotion from the wrestlers, teams, and fans. From the blow of the first whistle to the slap of the mat, it was perfect and worth the price of admission. The only other match I can think of that came nearly as close, was Brandon James and Deondre Wilson's epic showdown at the Semi-State finals. Four seconds in the ultimate tiebreaker, and Little D wins it! That caused fireworks! Their match at the regional championships the week before was just as good.
  5. If you had to make an all-star squad, who'd be on the roster? 106 - Breyden Bailey, Indpls. Cathedral (47-1) IHSAA 3rd 113 - Cornelious Elliot, Perry Meridian (41-4) IHSAA 3rd 120 - Chad Red, New Palestine (44-0) IHSAA Champion 126 - Nick Lee, Evansville Mater Dei (33-1) IHSAA 3rd 132 - Deondre Wilson, Warren Central (39-0) IHSAA Champion 138 - Drew Hughes, Lowell (37-2) IHSAA 5th 145 - Cody LeCount, Perry Meridian (44-0) IHSAA Champion 152 - Brendon Kelley, Evansville Central (50-0) IHSAA Champion 160 - Vinny Corsaro, Indpls. Cathedral (48-1) IHSAA Runner-Up 170 - Chase Osborn, Penn (40-2) IHSAA Runner-Up 182 - Blake Rypel, Indpls. Cathedral (47-2) IHSAA Runner-Up 195 - Tieshawn Johnson, Elkhart Memorial (41-1) IHSAA 5th 220 - Gelen Robinson, Lake Central (52-0) IHSAA Champion 285 - Norman Oglesby, Ben Davis (43-2) IHSAA Runner-Up I chose these guys because they dominate majority of their matches, and because had things gone a little differently, these would be state champions for the ones who weren't, because they're all capable on any good day.
  6. I saw on another thread that possible 4-time, undefeated high school champion, Chad Red would only earn All-America honors once in his collegiate career. If Red works hard enough, he could be another NCAA Champion for the state of Indiana. A lot of wrestlers have the potential to be All-Americans or National Champions, depending on their decision. In my head, I'd say that if a wrestler's college choice is one where he knows he'll get valuable reps, the coaching matches his style, the environment is intense, and he knows he can work hard there, he'd be able to achieve high honors in wrestling. It's almost unreal to hear how many wrestlers go to IU and Purdue to say that they're D1, but it doesn't work out due to coaching, bad environment, and dislike of the wrestling. Many wrestlers go to Purdue and IU, but only few do well. Take for instance, Josh Farrell. He's a freshman at Purdue, and he's not doing too bad. Farrell has been known to give everything he has, so I can see him becoming an All-American down the road despite Purdue's lackluster program. Seeing posts that some champions now may only become an All-American once or never is just absurd in my eyes. While this holds true for some, I don't think this should hold true for all. Cody LeCount, 2X State Champion, and his opponent, Tommy Forte, soon-to-be 2X State Champion are both Division I prospects. While they may not go to the top schools in the division, they still have legitimate chances of doing big things as they've gone to places where they know they will be successful. Vinny Corsaro, 3X Runner-Up, and Big Wes, State Champion, have the tools to do some damage in the Big Ten. So, for top-tier guys to be doubted and to be given less credit than they deserve doesn't seem fair to me. You don't have to be a 3-4X state champion to be good on the next level. Hard work does it all.
  7. In the past four years, I've noticed a number of parallels between the Indiana high school wrestling scene, and the NCAA Division I wrestling scene. The first thing that comes to mind are the teams of Perry Meridian and Penn State. The basics? Both teams sport a blue color, have great coaches, and are loaded with talent. The parallels of these two haven't been directly on the same line, but they balance out. In 2011, 2012, and 2013, both won their team championships. Their talented rosters included the likes of Jared McKinley for PM, and Frank Molinaro for PS. The two both won championships and acted as leaders for each of their squads. The most common I hear people compare are Cody LeCount and David Taylor. Each are extremely dominant, quick, and like to score points. Another you hear in the mix or maybe notice, is Jake Masengale and Quentin Wright. Both acted as captains of their squads in their senior years, and helped lead their teams to championships. The storylines in each universe sort of go off track, though. Take for instance, the epic "Dake vs. Taylor" series. Dake and Taylor know each other from their younger lives, are familiar with each other's styles, and both NCAA champions. Watching those two battles (three if you count the All-Star Duals) during that season, were epic and immediately at the conclusion of both seasons, I said, "That will be LeCount and Forte next year." The storyline between the two parallels but differs at the same time. LeCount takes on the senior role of Kyle Dake, even though before he was compared to Taylor of the elite squad. Forte takes on the junior role of Taylor apart of the very competitive and daring squad Mishawaka. Mishawaka parallels to Cornell in ways of their colors, their abilities to make a strong individual squad and garner a strong finish in the championships. At the Bellmont Super Duals, LeCount pinned Forte (With the score being 5-4 before the fall). In the Southern Scuffle, Dake beat Taylor 3-2. In the recent IHSAA finals, LeCount edged Forte 3-2, while in the NCAA finals last year, Dake edged Taylor 5-4. Do you see the parallelism between the two, yet the switch ups? The team picture shows Penn looking a lot like the always tough Iowa squad. From the uniforms to the primarily young, yet tough lineup down the row. Both teams have lost a single dual this season. Penn is always knocking on the door of the championship and to win big duals. Franklin Community is subject to the parallel of J. Robinson's Minnesota squad. Both teams are hardened up to win big duals. The Hasseman's Franklin squad was undefeated in duals this season and knocked off the former #1 Perry Meridian by a single point. Minnesota knocked off Penn State by a single point this season as well. Penn later beat Perry Meridian again that day (in a match that seemed to have no emotion). The previous year, Iowa beat Penn State in a dual meet. Penn State in the past two seasons has two losses while PM took two losses this season. Both teams seemed to have their doors knocked on and opened up. The Fighting Irish of Cathedral sort of remind me of John Smith's Oklahoma State squad. Last year, OK ST was close to getting a team title but came up short from Penn State's strong performance in the finals. This year the Irish won the team title. Next year, Penn State could lose their team title, and Perry can come back with a strong, talented squad next season and win their 4th title. Who knows? The years are off, yet they're balanced.
  8. I've seen this thread once or twice last year, and it's pretty fun to talk about. Off the top of my head in the past few years, some of the best wrestlers to never win state would probably be Roncalli graduate, Josh Kieffer, Cathedral graduate, Tyler Willis, Cathedral senior, Vinny Corsaro, Perry Meridian graduates Kirk Johnson, and Jake Masengale, and Castle's Luke Welch.
  9. As a fan of the IHSAA Team State tournament, I was pretty disappointed when they announced it would be discontinued following the 2012 finals. I've also seen how for the past two seasons, the IHSWCA has put together a classed tournament to show the IHSAA how one can work. Most states ow use the dual meet format now, and with a few tweaks and adjustments, I believe the IHSAA can bring in lots of money and positivity in the Indiana high school wrestling community. I mean, let's face it, the only real way to decide who's truly the best team in Indiana is to have them go head-to-head. Here's my idea for a new format. Feedback would be much appreciated. IHSAA Team State Tournament Series Format - Three Classes (A, AA, AAA) - Team Sectional & Regional Tournament Sectional Breakdown - 8 Sectionals per class - 8 teams per sectional - Top 4 advance to regional - Wednesday/Thursday before individual sectional - 4 mats in host team's gymnasium as duals will all go at once Regional Breakdown - 4 Regionals per class - 4 teams per regional - Top 2 teams advance to state finals - Wednesday/Thursday before individual regional - 2 mats as all duals will go at once State Breakdown - The winning teams of each regional will receive seeds 1-4 based upon record, margin of victory, and teams beaten. - The runner up teams of each regional will be put opposite of their regional opponents in a random draw - There will be three rounds, with wrestle backs to fifth. The two loser teams in the semifinals will wrestle for third and fourth. - At the conclusion of the semifinals, the six championship teams will receive a break as the wrestle backs will begin. - The finals will start thirty minutes after the conclusion of the wrestle backs. The six championship teams will begin a face off and will wrestle on three separate mats. All duals will go at once. - The winning teams will be presented with the championship trophy, and will receive medals upon the presentation. - The runner-ups will be presented with the runner-up trophy, and will receive medals upon the presentation.
  10. Watching the Conference Indiana tournament and Perry these past couple of weeks has been exciting. The 138-pound Napier, has been fun to watch. He's so smooth, but today, he got caught by an average kid. Wrestling for third, he got beat again. He had no real leg defense. He has to get used to wrestling on the varsity level fast, and then he will be able to make a run into Bankers. The heavyweight, Chris Riddle, has been impressive to me. He can make a run into the state tournament if he wrestles like he knows he can. He's in good shape and is getting skilled one match at a time.
  11. The Perry 138 and HWT. have impressed me a lot. Napier didn't have his best matches today, but the kid is incredibly smooth and has to get used to the higher level. Riddle has done pretty well overall. Dropped matches to some tough high ranked kids, but he's getting better. Both can make a run into Bankers. All 14 can if they wrestle well.
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