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  1. kenm


    Brody Miskimon
  2. kenm


    Brody Miskimon
  3. kenm

    Laville HWT

    Great kid getting what he has quietly worked for .
  4. kenm

    Rudis shoes

    With the shoes being signed and numbered makes it a dilemma to wear them or not.
  5. That was just plain wicked!
  6. My kid has the best mother a wrestler could have. She spent her Mother’s Day weekend at a tournament in Michigan, and I am sure she was happy to be there!
  7. My son had stubble and was told to shave, but a kid in his class had a beard, So guessing the stubble is deamed too abrasive.rhis was at ISWA state
  8. I can see that point as well, personally we have never looked to see who was wrestling, signed him up, and always hoped for a match or two. I would say over the last year or so there have been more big kids wrestling, so I would say it is getting better. But it is still frustrating to drive a couple of hours for nothing.
  9. As a parent of a young heavy weight, I can feel your pain. We have traveled to many matches and no one to wrestle. It would be nice to see the number, it really doesn't matter who it is. The main thing is to get mat time. When you have heavy weight school boys, or cadets in 8th grade and cannot move up to junior, it is really disappointing to the kid when he has no one to wrestle.
  10. That is the problem, everyone is afraid to do the right thing and call BS when it should be called. What is the difference if it was a regular kid that was taking testosterone, or any other enhancing drug, they would be out, but God forbid you challenge a LGBT person now a days. Should be a huge asterisk next to the kids name in the record books if it wins.
  11. I think one thing that complicated it was the fact that some of the placers from the qualifiers did not come. So some of the lower seeded kids are missing, and this probably caused some of the issues. I know my son placed second at Ft. Wayne, and he wrestled the 4th place kid from there in his first match. I agree it would have been nice for them to see kids from the other qualifier in the first matches.
  12. track wrestling has all of the information.
  13. I am guessing that they are cutting the time of the matches down, so that they will finish at a reasonable time. It kind of sucked getting done at 9:30 on a Sunday night, for the North qualifier, and having to drive almost two hours home.
  14. I think your absolutely correct, and I would also add, many schools have trimmed their physical education time way down, to fit in other mandated classes. This makes for a lot of kids who are not physically fit for much of anything, let alone the demands of wrestling.
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