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  1. I'd be happy to take odds. I'll give you the Indiana field and three years (well 2 and half) to come up with a one point loss or a win.
  2. While that might be true, there are problems and then there are PROBLEMS.
  3. gsmith58


    Luke Goodwin
  4. gsmith58

    Southport vs. Providence

  5. Southport
  6. gsmith58

    Southport vs. Scottsburg

  7. Southport
  8. gsmith58

    Southport vs. Milan

  9. Southport
  10. gsmith58

    Southport vs. Columbus East

  11. Southport
  12. He definitely has a few tosses in his bag of tricks.
  13. Thanks for the update. I saw the scoring and figured as much. As I recall from a couple of years back, Egli was lighting quick and a pretty talented wrestler. I would have thought Egli could hang around and keep it close, but I wouldn't have dreamed he could put Hammack on his back. It must have been a heck of an effort. The other thing I have observed over watching Hammack after a loss you don't want to be the next one in his path.
  14. If Hammack is a decent sized 106, he's one of the best in the state. There are a lots of wrestlers in the rankings that he has lit up over the years through youth and middle school.
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