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    Keegan Logan
  2. gsmith58


    Luke Goodwin
  3. No harm no foul. I just thought you were giving me a gentle poke. And, it's not like I don't put myself out there for the poking. And thank you.
  4. Yes, Matt I'm the same dude. But I wasn't talking about High School wrestling. I was talking about whether Colleges could stay open. Oh, and I'm also the same dude that sits next to you at Cobra and talks to you about Covid just in case you didn't know
  5. Yeah, I saw all three up close. That's a solid trio. And your thread earlier about Brevan's match with Keegan pretty much summed it up He's a clearly going to be a handful for anyone. Good luck to your guys.
  6. That tilt is tough. Thank you. Maybe one of these days he'll get to wrestle a 106 from NC I thought maybe Whitehead would come in at around that weight. Turns out, he grew a bit.
  7. I suspect you know that's my son in 2), but if not over the years he's wrestled probably 60% or more of the kids on ranking list. Donnie is as tough as anyone. I kid you not. The fact that Donnie isn't wrestling the top tier kids regularly is probably the reason he's not on the list. My guess is that he took a early loss to Schreck and hasn't had an opportunity to show himself since. At 106 practically anyone could beat anyone on a given day or even on the basis of the first takedown. Losing to Schreck is not a bad loss and probably resulted from a cross wrist ride. I'v
  8. At 106, Donnie Feeler is underrated. I am sure he's on the short list, but with all due respect to Mike, there is absolutely, no way that he is not a top twenty kid.
  9. That was great. The commentary was second only to stable, precisely located cameras and shooing wrestlers and passersby. Thank you.
  10. Tell me there are going to be live streamed stable and properly positioned cameras.... ...Please
  11. Between the Brownsburg's drunk monkey motion sensor camera and the Cathedral half-mat concept it's clear that school don't quite have their streaming technique worked out yet.
  12. gsmith58

    New Castle vs Southport

    New Castle
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