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  1. xbrick132

    NERD ALERT! State Finals Media Guide

    👏👏👏 Very cool!
  2. xbrick132

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Congrats Jason!!
  3. xbrick132

    Finals rankings

  4. Prayers go out to the Palmer family. The Indiana wrestling community lost a true legend. He will be missed but not forgotten.
  5. Congrats on a great career! Good Luck finishing it off with a State Title!
  6. xbrick132

    Notes from IU vs Penn State

    That was the quickest dual meet I think I've ever attended. No intermission and a forfeit. Why does IU not have a 125lber?
  7. xbrick132

    USA /Russia

    Pico with the TF over the Russian!!
  8. xbrick132

    What are Indiana's State Champs doing now?

    Well, I'm currently reading this thread..lol
  9. xbrick132

    Garry Burkhart @Hobart

    You might want to get your facts straight, he was not dismissed from his coaching duties. He coached at least 5yrs after the the so-called incident you refer to, coaching 3 State Champs. If it were not for Garry Burkhart, Hobart Wrestling would not be where it is today. I do agree that Don Rogers and Steve Balash have kept up the tradition that Coach Burkhart started.
  10. xbrick132

    Garry Burkhart @Hobart

    The proper spelling of my former coach is Garry "One hell of a coach"
  11. xbrick132

    Cathedral Six Way 1-15-11

    Any results on this match?
  12. xbrick132

    Favorite Move To Hit When Theres Less Than 10sec In A Match?????????

    I like the Gitzet, ie. whatever gets it. Usually good for 5.
  13. xbrick132

    Ranked Wrestlers Matches This Weekend

    @Corydon Unranked Preston Mantel (Zionsville) pinned #12 Terrance Kennedy (Floyd Central) at 103lbs.
  14. xbrick132

    Old Capital Classic Results?

    See results page.

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