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  1. Prayers go out to the Palmer family. The Indiana wrestling community lost a true legend. He will be missed but not forgotten.
  2. Wow that sucks! I just spoke with him in Bloomington at the Big Tens this past weekend. He will definitely be missed. RIP Tom. Thoughts and prayers to the family.
  3. David Palmer was a BAD DUDE. He was who we all wanted to be like wrestling in the early 80s.
  4. As a "xbrick" we cannot share that information.
  5. Just keep beating who you're put up against.
  6. 12-11 I thought all the calls made by the ref were correct also.
  7. Because of the threat of a delay due to the weather and there being a Basketball game later in the day in the main gym, we had to move the mats into the field house. Not perfect for spectators but it was a great day of Wrestling.
  8. Zionsville has had a runner-up and placers but no champs.
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