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  1. Just showed this to Jay and he got a kick out it! Lol!
  2. Greenwood is Green & Gold - I'm guessing that's where the confusion is coming in.
  3. Honestly, Club Level isn’t too bad...nosebleeds on the other hand!
  4. I’ve seen teams use caution tape to save entire sections...I find that a bit overboard!
  5. 100% agree! Give it time... I bet they figure this out eventually!
  6. Totally agree there is common etiquette! I certainly won’t be like that guy saving a whole dang section! Lol
  7. Does anyone know how strict they are at Banker’s Life about saving seats once the gates open on Friday?
  8. Is there anyone else we could contact about suites for state? I sent an email within a few days of this posting and haven’t received a response yet. Thanks!
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