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  1. With so many Conference Championships happening this weekend what are some anticipated good matchups?
  2. Mount Vernon (Fortville)
  3. Coach AJ

    Lawrence Central vs. Pike

    Lawrence Central
  4. Lawrence Central
  5. Lawrence Central
  6. S Hs Indiana Outlaws Black First Name Last Name Info 1 106 Bryce Lowery 8 Multiple time ISWA State champ, Triple Crown winner 2018 2 113 Alex Cottey 10 IHSAA State Runner up 2018, IHSAA State Runner up 2019 3 120 David Pierson JR 10 IHSAA State 4th 2018, IHSAA State 4th 2019 4 126 Gavinn Alstott 10 IHSAA SQ 2018, IHSAA State 3rd 2019 5 132 Logan Bailey 11 IHSAA State 3rd 6 138 Landon Boe 9 7 138 Geramia Brooks 12 IHSAA State 8th 2018, IHSAA State 4th 2019 8 145 Logan Boe 11 IHSAA State placer 9 152 Eliott Rodgers 11 IHSAA State Runner up 2018, IHSAA State Champ 2019 10 160 Jordan Slivka 12 IHSAA State Champ 2018, IHSAA State Champ 2019 11 170 Luke Chop 11 FHSAA State Placer 12 182 Mason Winner 11 IHSAA State 5th 2018, IHSAA State 3rd 2019 13 195 Kyler Funk 11 IHSAA State 5th 2019 14 220 Jeff Lascano 11 FHSAA State Placer 15 285 Reeve Muncie 10 IHSAA State Qualifier
  7. I was there close to altercation.. know the parties involved but don't know what escalated the situation.. overall thankful nothing serious happened and everyone was able to get back to enjoying some wrestling...
  8. I have gone where people try to save rows and we still sit there.. people get mad but oh well they should've came early.. and sometimes the people they save seats for dont show up or decide to sit elsewhere..
  9. Personally 5 seats ok but rows is unacceptable.. people who get there early and stand in line should be able to sit anywhere and not be denied because someone is trying to save seats for people who feel they can get there whenever they want.. Just my honest opinion..
  10. Big Congrats to Terrell Leavell of Lawrence Central..Placing 3rd after beating the #2 and #4 ranked wrestlers in the state!!!
  11. I think wether it change or stay the same u still have to win 2 matches to make it downtown.. At this point its tough to dodge 2 top tier wrestlers..U have to just bring it regardless whose in front of you..i know ADs and coaches were not suppose to release unless a change in a wrestler so no telling what will happen at this point..
  12. I was wondering the same thing.. As I watched the match I was unsure what actually happened.. But he laid there almost motionless until they came with the stretcher.. I'm sure it was standard procedure with any possible neck injury..I say neck injury because he appeared to have like a stabilizer on head and neck area... It was nice to see people clap for him as he was being taken away.. He gave the thumbs up as if he will be fine...
  13. Sorry if this was already answered but I'm wondering if the forfeits and changing in scores was self imposed or was it handed down by IHSAA..i would hate to see these boys wake up in the morning to find out they're ineligible to wrestle.. so if the punishment was self imposed IHSAA should've reacted before now and if they've made there final decisions we need to move forward and let the wrestling begin...just my opinion..
  14. So back to my earlier question..Can the IHSAA still decide to suspend all at this late in the game? Or the decision is final they just forfeit wins... any thoughts...
  15. So my question is with all the comments regarding this..Is it possible the IHSAA at the last minute decide not only the wrestlers forfeit their wins, but they along with their coaches are officially not allowed to wrestle the state series? Or is the decision to allow them to wrestle final?
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