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  1. Does anyone know if they are done entering all the wrestlers names? and if there is a limit to qualifying participants?
  2. Well I know they had them in Semi State back in my days because I benefited..Can't remember about Regionals.. I'm old.. so when did they remove from SS.
  3. I'm sure its been discussed before but when did they eliminate wrestlebacks and the reasoning? Whats chances of returning?
  4. With so many Conference Championships happening this weekend what are some anticipated good matchups?
  5. Coach AJ

    Lawrence Central vs. Pike

    Lawrence Central
  6. Lawrence Central
  7. S Hs Indiana Outlaws Black First Name Last Name Info 1 106 Bryce Lowery 8 Multiple time ISWA State champ, Triple Crown winner 2018 2 113 Alex Cottey 10 IHSAA State Runner up 2018, IHSAA State Runner up 2019 3 120 David Pierson JR 10 IHSAA State 4th 2018, IHSAA State 4th 2019 4 126 Gavinn Als
  8. I was there close to altercation.. know the parties involved but don't know what escalated the situation.. overall thankful nothing serious happened and everyone was able to get back to enjoying some wrestling...
  9. I have gone where people try to save rows and we still sit there.. people get mad but oh well they should've came early.. and sometimes the people they save seats for dont show up or decide to sit elsewhere..
  10. Personally 5 seats ok but rows is unacceptable.. people who get there early and stand in line should be able to sit anywhere and not be denied because someone is trying to save seats for people who feel they can get there whenever they want.. Just my honest opinion..
  11. Big Congrats to Terrell Leavell of Lawrence Central..Placing 3rd after beating the #2 and #4 ranked wrestlers in the state!!!
  12. I think wether it change or stay the same u still have to win 2 matches to make it downtown.. At this point its tough to dodge 2 top tier wrestlers..U have to just bring it regardless whose in front of you..i know ADs and coaches were not suppose to release unless a change in a wrestler so no telling what will happen at this point..
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