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  1. Wrestling fans, watch wrestling live today at Trackwrestling.com Search for 2001 IHSAA State Finals. Watch it all happen using the NEW Quad view option under mat choice to watch all 4 mats at once.
  2. Making it to Round 2: Evansville - 35 New Castle - 32 East Chicago - 23 Fort Wayne - 22
  3. The Championship match at State will not be included in this package for live viewing. Fox Sports will be broadcasting the Championship match.
  4. Just out of curiosity coaches, how many kids did you have at the State Championships this weekend? How many overall? How many going to finals? Willing to put out a list of them? I know that these kids are absolutely associated with their Schools first, but that little extra push sure seems to help.
  5. We were on lunch at that time.
  6. Thank you very much everybody. This really did help me to make a decision that can work best for everybody.
  7. Thank you all so much for voting and giving feedback. I will leave this poll up for another day to get some more votes in. Personally, I think it is more advantageous in a regular gym for a regular tournament to just do First Available. When you get to the higher ranking tournaments like SS and the facilities are a little harder to navigate around with so many fans, it probably is better to assign mats based on the brackets.
  8. I wouldn't doubt that you were told by ADs or the IHSAA something contradictory. I seem to have noticed a pattern with that over the years. ; )
  9. . . Regionals to Semi‐States – The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place contestants in each weight class will advance to the semi‐ state. 1. Alternates – If it becomes necessary to provide an alternate for any contestant eligible to advance, the following procedure will be used: a. The alternate may be officially weighed in immediately after the end of the official weigh‐in period. b. The 1st alternate will be the last individual defeated by the champion who did not advance by placing. c. When a 1st place contestant is unable to make weight or weigh‐in and wrestle, th
  10. I have personally inputted alternates into the New Castle Semi-State and at Banker's Life. I do this if not every year at the SS, it is every other year. Whoever told you otherwise is incorrect. The ADs are involved as are the other Tournament Directors at each site.
  11. This is a response from someone who was actually working the tables on Saturday. Also, I have to say with Trackwrestling and utilizing First Available Mat systems, it really isn't that hard to figure out when you are up. Every kid and every coach has access to a cell phone. They can login to Track and see exactly when they are up with just the tap of a couple of menus. ISWA wrestlers and coaches use this all the time for tournaments that are considerably bigger and have longer wait times. - extending delay in the middle of wrestlebacks -- I'm guessing the computer s
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