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  1. WaltHarris

    Middle School State Registration

    With much of northern Indiana under a travel ban and parts of 80-90, 31 and 69 closed by state police, is there any discussion about moving ms state start time later?
  2. WaltHarris

    Middle School State Registration

    Travel ban in much of northern Indiana. Wonder how that will impact ms state. It's a mess up here. Total whiteout.
  3. WaltHarris

    Pairings @ Central Reg.

    These responses are exactly what is driving down our organization. Let's not look and see how we can improve. Instead, let's just run the tournament with the same pairing techniques we did in 1993. That is exactly what happened in Michigan and led to their destruction of FS/GR and the birth of NUWAY (which once again I hate). As an organization we have to stop deflecting all criticism with the always useful "volunteer more" self-defense, that is so worn out. Each time a person makes a comment, they have to say, "I did officiate or Work a table or Run a clock or Work at pairings." And still from some iswa just ignore it. It does not have to do with me personally. It has to do with how Indiana was embarrassed on Saturday. I was sitting with people from Ohio who were furious. I saw plenty of empty mats on Saturday and virtually none on Sunday. I believe it had little to do with the Saturday numbers vs. the Sunday numbers. Rather, Sunday was simply run in a far more efficient and intelligent manner. Don't take my word for it; ask the pairings staff. Try to have the slightest bit of vision, grow up and take a bit of constructive criticism. Especially from someone who was coaching and pairing and running tournaments most likely before you were even born. The less educated you are, the more likely you will react emotionally. Try to react logically.
  4. WaltHarris

    Pairings @ Central Reg.

    It is exactly responses like that which are driving people to NUWAY.
  5. WaltHarris

    Pairings @ Central Reg.

    What a night-day pairings experience at Central Regional. Saturday FS was a total disaster... Cadet bout sheets not printing, hours and hours and hours of waiting. My grandson had only 1 other boy in his weight; they had to wrestle best 2 of 3.... and we were there until 3:10 pm! That is just silly. It was like a clinic in how to kill freestyle and a kid's interest in wrestling. The people running pairing on Saturday should be ashamed. (And before you even start, I worked a clock all day Saturday.) Saturday was like a billboard driving people to NUWAY... and I hate NUWAY! Then Sunday things were much better. I don't know if USAW assigned a different pairings leader for Sunday Greco, but it was great. Once again my grandson went 3 matches with his opponent but we were done by 10:30 am. Now why couldn't that occurred on Saturday? Equally as important, we got all the kids cleared out early and had tons of mats and officials for the cadet/juniors. Consequently, the cadet/juniors went much faster. I am dumbfounded with this pairings philosophy of "let's spread the misery equally" and make everyone wait forever by wrestling the highest number of participant weights first. It is so much easier to get the low participant weights out of the way early. And lots of tournaments tell specific age groups to show up at a later time; iswa does this at state.
  6. WaltHarris

    IHSAA Open Enrollment?

    Personally, I'd love to see a kid go to any program they wanted to in Indiana. Realistically, it would be impossible to manage an educational system like that. And education is supposed to a least have some faint part in this, correct? (sarcasm) Image if a high school had 500 students in 2010 year. Then in 2011 Dan Gable decides to coach the wrestling team and Lou Holtz decides to coach the football team and the school's enrollment swells to 1,100. Then both coaches leave in 2012 and enrollment drops to 300. There is no way administratively to budget for that type of rapid increase/decrease swing in enrollments. Imagine the amount of teachers, secretaries and staff you would have to hire/fire with each of those enrollment swings. Not to mention if a school would even have the facility space.
  7. My goodness, this topic has been posted to death over the last 15 years on this and previous boards!!! I will simply say that despite a variety of submissions on this topic, the general consensus over the years has been that Damon Hummel of Rochester is the most common answer posted.
  8. WaltHarris

    Pairings at State

    This discussion reminded me of something. Back in the 1990s we used to separate wrestlers into two pools at FS/GR State (if there was a really large group). Then that went away and we had everyone tossed into one pool/bracket. However, currently at nationals and I think regionals, they separate weights with 6+ kids into two pools. I guess they divide returning All-Americans into the different pools, but I that is just a guess. Honestly, I'm fine with everyone being in one pool. That is, if we can separate the best kids and make sure kids don't wrestle the champ and runner up back-to-back. But does anyone know why we used to have two pools at State, but now only have one pool at State, but then have two pools at nationals?
  9. WaltHarris

    Pairings at State

    I take off my hat to all the folks who worked at state like I did. The pairings folks, table workers and refs. There were more refs at state this year then any year I had ever seen. That made things much better for people like me working tables and faster for the kids. Along the lines of pairings, has the ISWA leadership ever discussed going to matside pairings at FS/GR State? I guess if we had straight line bracketing, that would be possible. But not with vertical bracketing.
  10. WaltHarris

    Pairings at State

    I don't think we could seed state... BUT we could separate the best wrestlers at FS/GR state in the bracket. The ISWA must have the returning All-Americans, state champs and runner ups in a database. All we need to do is flag them in that database so that they are several lines apart on the wall chart. Our club had a similar experience to H1N1. We had two kids in FS who drew the state champ and runner up from last year in the first and second round. One kid didn't place and the other placed 8th, while a bunch of wrestlers they defeated placed quite high. To add insult to injury, one of these kids (who was a HS semi-state qualifier) drew the same state champ and runner up in the first and second round AGAIN in Greco. You can't devise a perfect system... just not possible... BUT we could make it better.
  11. WaltHarris

    IHSWCA Update 4/5/2010

    Amen! I hope every coach in Indiana reads this. Great points.
  12. I don't have a dog in this fight at all. The process sounds quite fair. Just a simple question of curiosity for me: What problem are we trying to solve with this new qualifying procedure?
  13. WaltHarris

    Sara Mcmann SCREWED by USA WRESTLING!?!?

    It's overtime in this freestyle match, which means first score wins and ends the period. I would have scored it Blue 2. I see no scorable action for red.
  14. Mishawaka school superintendent placed on leave Mishawaka, IN Superintendent Steven Mills has admitted he?s been secretly married to Joanne Shaw, who runs the reading recovery and literacy program for Mishawaka Schools. Mishawaka School Superintendent Steven Mills Wednesday was relieved of his duties, at least on a temporary basis. Mills was placed on paid administrative leave while the school board looks into his marital misrepresentations. Mills recently disclosed to the board that he secretly married the district?s Director of Literacy, Joann Shaw, five years ago. The school board has scheduled a meeting this Friday at 6 p.m. The meeting will be closed to the public, although Mr. Mills will attend, according to Mishawaka School Board President Larry Stillson. Stillson Wednesday described Mill?s problem as a legal one, saying ?There were waivers and disclosure forms that had to be signed, that weren?t.? Stillson also told NewsCenter 16 that, ?As hard has it may be to believe, it?s an absolute truth, no board member, and to my knowledge, no one who work with Steve day to day, knew that this marriage existed.? Both the board and the community continue to struggle to cope with the news. ?Oh I think he should go, definitely, there?s been five years of just lies, and people hiding things up that shouldn?t be hidden and it?s embarrassing,? said Susan Moore, the parent of two students in the Mishawaka Schools. Moore worked on a petition drive in 2007 to try and replace Mishawaka?s appointed school board, with an elected board. The superintendent?s situation reminds her of the reason she got involved in the first place. ?Yes, a lot of nepotism,? Moore said. For teachers, the revelation couldn?t have come at a worse time. ?As you know, 30 teachers were laid off and their futures are uncertain, their careers are derailed, and then to have this happen at the administrative level is a distraction that none of us needed,? said Bruce Shannon, President of the Mishawaka Education Association. It?s not known how long the superintendent?s leave of absence will last. The board did see fit to appoint an interim superintendent. That?s Dan Towner, the current Director of Curriculum. N.B- The wife kept getting more funding for her program and herself, and had a new wing built for her program, all while 30 other teachers were let go.
  15. WaltHarris


    You can read Article 55 in greater content at: http://uswoawrestlingofficials.com/USWOA_PDFs/RULE%20BOOK%202010.pdf This is the USAW Rule Book for 2010.

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