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  1. School is ordering a new mat. AD is wanting to place bear logo in middle of the mat. Is there any rule stating size and location of school Logo's for mats. Just want to make sure before we spend money on a mat with a design that we can not use for meets.
  2. ARich

    Monroe Central vs. Tri

    Monroe Central
  3. ARich

    Monroe Central vs. Hagerstown

    Monroe Central
  4. ARich

    Monroe Central vs. Tri

    Monroe Central
  5. ARich

    Monroe Central vs. Blackford

    Monroe Central
  6. 113 Bertch, Lee, White, Johnson 120 Zadylak, Robinson, Thomas, Abbot 126 Curtis, Blackburn, Daniels, Currie 138 Fiechter, Shaffer, Fox, Cox 152 Hiestand, Schuckman, Hemmelgarn, Keesling 160 Ruble, Perry, Faurote, Duncan 170 Bates, Summersett, Duncan, Walker 182 Winner, Hill, Harris, Siefring 220 Berlanga, Eiler, Fraser, Peed
  7. ARich

    Monroe Central vs. Cowan

    Monroe Central
  8. ARich

    Monroe Central vs. Union City

    Monroe Central
  9. Monroe Central
  10. ARich

    Winchester vs. Monroe Central

  11. Monroe Central
  12. Monroe Central
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