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  1. is your big upset Buchanan over Feichter? Or Malott over Dedman?
  2. Hmmmm or you wouldn't rank me so you could make sure that you would win the pick'ems.
  3. Okay, let me ask you this. What happens if I am ahead of Caleb Spires in placement for the next five years?
  4. Let me hear your bold predictions for this Saturday at the coliseum. Mine has some East Noble bias in it. East Noble will send 3 to state.
  5. Hard telling, he has beaten jett boots before. I would love to see him win it.
  6. 106-Martin 113- Sturgill 120- Higgins 126- Stroud 132- Cottingham 138- Sheperd 145- Morrisett 152-Mckinley 160- Morrisett 170- Porter 182- Constable 195- Funk 220-Durben HWT- Erb
  7. Don't forget about Drew Webster.
  8. 106-Malott, Chase, Chappell, Horvath 113- Sprague, Mccue,Ebehart, baker 120-Boots, Puckett,Ben Miller, Braxton miller 126-Malott,Garcia, Graber, Roy 132- Bonds, Brown, Owens, Ruelmer 138-Hooley, Pfeiffer- Lague, Hawkins, Levitz 145- Owens, Buchanan, Lone, Severe 152-Eveler, Stockman, Curtis, Taylor 160-Levitz, Tierney, Werts, Goering 170-Lundy, Anderson, Graden, Hunter 182Lone, Rowe,Lockwood, Gratzol 195-Miller,Khaoucha,Dilbone, Allen 220-Davis,Brames, Khaoucha, Kilmer HWT-Villafuerte, Depez,Sommer, Schooley
  9. Peru regional at 113 has 3 state ranked kids, Brooks,Sturgill, and brantley.
  10. fairly similar predictions to mine 106- Ruble over Mallott 113- Sprague over Everett 120- Teusch over Veatch 126- Kuhl over Malott 132- heath over owens 138 Lawson over Chacon 145-Sheets over Manley 152-Mccune over Wireman 160-Pettigrew over freidt 170- Graden over Mullinax 182 Rowe over Walker 195- freidt over Dreiband 220-Gray over lee HWT- Martz over Busch Belmont takes it
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