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  1. Flowrestling just released its top 50 for the 2023 class, and we have three Indiana freshman present. 19. Christian Carroll - Penn(160) 35. Cody Goodwin - Crown Point(135?) 45. Duke Myers - Bellmont(132)
  2. You mean to tell me there are two NCAA D1 all-Americans who couldn’t place at the IHPO? IHPO toughest tournament in the nation confirmed. Also, not that it makes any difference, but Nick Crume won the year before he was runner-up.
  3. Agreed on Kaden. I think he’s gonna be one of the top freshman.
  4. Had bad luck in the state series. Lost a super close one to the eventual state runner-up at regionals and drew into the state third placer in the ticket round.
  5. Jacob LaPlace has gotta slot in there somewhere.
  6. Fair point. If he for some reason gets tired of Crown Point, I’d gladly accept a new transfer for the Jimmies. As far as post-high school goes, I’m sure he’ll make the right decision. Which is any college outside of Michigan.
  7. Well, I’m sure more people on here would be sick to their stomach if I get it my way and he goes to Columbus.
  8. Absolutely nasty. But also, could somebody who knows freestyle better than me explain how Serrano only got 2 for the lat drop?
  9. The fact that this forum is still completely free is mind-blowing. It’s really appreciated how much work is put into Indianamat. Every year there are some neat features added to the site that make it that much more enjoyable.
  10. The amount of times someone has looked at my shirts confused and asked “iHoP?”
  11. I could fix my eyesight 36+ times.
  12. There were numerous blood times, Richey did get booed a lot, and the match went at least to the two ride-outs, but I can’t remember if it went UTB or not.
  13. Longest match(outside of Fix/Suriano) I’ve seen by far. From the first whistle to the hand raise, the match was between 25-30 minutes.
  14. Indiana is definitely on the rise and that would be a wonderful snatch for Angel. But Mendez is already ranked #2 in the nation at his weight class heading into his sophomore year. Every college coach is gonna be licking their chops at the opportunity of landing him.
  15. My current guess would be 149 or 157. Would be nice to see him back Sammy Sasso for a year and then plug in right after him....
  16. Deservedly so. He just keeps getting better and better every month it seems. His ceiling is very, very high.
  17. Something tells me this isn’t the last time we see this match.
  18. I think this is a good move for both Brock and IU. If he can still make 125, he’ll slot right in and drilling with guys like Asa, Moran, and the Rooks brothers helps everyone get better. Another wonderful pick-up for Angel.
  19. Christian Carroll places 7th with his placement win over a 2x Michigan D3 placer(4th @ 171 in 2018, 6th @ 189 this year). He’s for sure one of our freshman studs to look out for next year.
  20. Surprising not to see Donahue on there since he was #3 on Flo’s big board last summer.
  21. I’m baffled that first period takedown got reversed.
  22. As a diehard Ohio State fan, I really want Joey to win a national championship before he graduated, but also pretty bummed that it(if he even does win) it had to come at the expense of Nick. Wish they could both be national champions. That said, I wouldn’t count on Nick graduating without winning one.
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