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  1. For real... semis on two mats only.. with known mat assignments. Doesn’t seem too difficult
  2. Apparently he wasn't close to weight... Which is pathetic... Biggest/last event of his HS career and he blows weight bad.
  3. Doubt this would happen. I mean who would actually teach kids how to wrestle for FREE??
  4. Some good matches, but some god awful reffing
  5. Not sure if this has been posted.. Some Indiana kids in the top 10. Walsh, Lefever in falls and Crume and Jolas in tech falls. http://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2015-01-22/ncaa-updates-wrestling-awards-standings-2015-season
  6. I don't think any dual could compare to the 2010-2012 penn/mishawaka duals. But Snyder does have a way of making big things happen and it sounds like he's doing it again.
  7. Jeremy hill from jimtown. 4x al smith placer/ champ. 3x ticket rounder
  8. Can somebody post the link to those on here?
  9. Nick Crume is moving to mishawaka this summer. He is wrestling for the cavemen this coming weekend in a few duals at Trine university. Possibly a new caveman??
  10. Sarah is a multiple time Nat champ and has wrestled internationally...
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