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  1. nighthawk21

    Melloh and Mulkey

    It is done from round one
  2. nighthawk21

    Melloh and Mulkey

    For real... semis on two mats only.. with known mat assignments. Doesn’t seem too difficult
  3. Not sure if this has been posted.. Some Indiana kids in the top 10. Walsh, Lefever in falls and Crume and Jolas in tech falls. http://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2015-01-22/ncaa-updates-wrestling-awards-standings-2015-season
  4. nighthawk21

    Al Smith invite

    Does anybody know around what time the final round will start the 2nd day?
  5. nighthawk21

    mishawaka vs penn review

    That frosh was a Jimmie last year..
  6. He decided to go out for a few days then he just quit.
  7. No more Matt Hill for Jimtown. Zach Slough will be 135 for Jimtown.
  8. Sidney Logan and Tyler Reinohl from Mish haven't been varsity yet but they're already ranked. Pretty solid kids too.
  9. nighthawk21

    Elkhart Memorial Sectional

    I think Mr. Crume deserves his $20.
  10. nighthawk21

    Elkhart Memorial Sectional

    If I remember right I'm pretty sure he took Que down 3 times. All were with leg attacks. I wouldn't call that stalling. Maybe he just couldn't turn him, I've seen kids get ridden out the whole match and its just that they couldn't get out from bottom.
  11. nighthawk21

    Bremen Super Dual

    I thought it was only 2-1 with Ross up after the 1st?
  12. nighthawk21

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings **2/6**

    All right. I wasn't sure who was who on Homesteads team. They've got some really solid kids in the lower-middle weights.
  13. nighthawk21

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings **2/6**

    Did Tucker Smith wrestle 130 or 135 at the Penn Super 8?
  14. Nick Crume of Jimtown beat Abraham Que of Central. Que was a state qualifier at 103 last year and Crume is only a freshman.

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