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  1. Who ya got moving on to Semi State?
  2. Dylan Shumaker
  3. Great room last night!! Excited for next Monday.
  4. BTW peasants, Anthony Lewis, former assistant at Jimtown, nephew/little brother of THE Darrick Snyder, is now the head man at Bremen! Congrats to Antknee and the Snyder crew! Now Bremen it's not quite Jimtown but it's not quite Brownsburg, it's almost right in the middle... GO LIONS
  5. Jimtown was pretty impressive last night! Close to 70+
  6. pack for life I swear I used the wolf emoji for wolf pack for life... But that being said, Go Pack Go lol
  7. Three days baby!!! <div class="tenor-gif-embed" data-postid="7476548" data-share-method="host" data-width="100%" data-aspect-ratio="1.3387096774193548"><a href="https://www.tenor.co/view/hollywoodhogan-hulkhogan-nwo-wcw-wwf-gif-7476548">Hollywood Hogan Hulk Hogan GIF</a> from <a href="https://www.tenor.co/search/hollywoodhogan-gifs">Hollywoodhogan GIFs</a></div><script type="text/javascript" async src="https://www.tenor.co/embed.js"></script> Clearly idk how to post GIFs...
  8. Watching the kid on the field is impressive. Idk if he is a Big Ten linebacker? For sure wrestler! Having been around a lot of football and played a lot of football, he could go to Purdue for it. They recruit the piss out of the southern states and get the leftover SEC Big 12 kids. Kid could win national titles as a wrestler for sure tho
  9. Love to see where some of these kids end up going, all of them at the finals this weekend.
  10. Well Kenny Kerrn just decided to go to Trine to play football. College football coaches LOVE wrestlers!!! Wasn't sure where he was looking but those small town kids are always animals at the next level, like they've got something to prove. It's beautiful! HA
  11. And I'm havin a hard time holdin these alligators down. WOO!!!
  12. Played college ball with Harvey, great kid! Fortunately the Jimmies got to sit next to the Monrovia clan and Stock family. To have two kids place and one being a champ is kind of a big deal! Do they play football or any other sports?
  13. Why aren't people talking about the Jimmies? Jimtown has four guys down in Indy this weekend... Three of them were SS champs... Three of them sophomores
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