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IHSWCA IN-IL All Star Dual ***Video Link Added***

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The IHSWCA is working hard to put together a full and loaded team with Indiana's top seniors. The IN-IL All Star Dual will be celebrating 21 years for this match up.  I am asking all wrestlers and coaches involved to contact me, verify your spot, and send in your paperwork. 


Date: March 16th


Location: Hinsdale South High School (Chicago Suburb)





Weight        Name                  Contacted          Verbal          Turned in Paper Work          Confirmed


106 A    Jaron Katzer                  X                    X                          X

106 B    Karl Wilhelm                    X                    X                        X                                                                                                 

113 A    DJ Smith                        X                    X

113 B    Colton Dawes                  X                    X                          X

120 A    Forrest Glogouski            X                    X                        X

120 B    DeLawerence Gayfield      X                    X                        X

126 A    Zach Davis                      X                    X

126 B    Erique Early                    X                    X                        X

132 A    Deondre Wilson              X                    X                        X                           

132 B    Devin Broukal                  X                    X                        X

138 A    Skyler Lykins                  X                    X

138 B    Dillon Eldred                    X                   

145 A    Cody LeCount                  X                    X

145 B    Evan Loe                        X                    X                        X                   

152 A    Brendon Kelley                X                      X

152 B    Tristan Macri                    X                    X

160 A    Kyle Jolas                        X   

160 B    Nick Borta                        X                   

170 A    Michael Bates                  X                    X                        X

170 B    Greg Johnson                  X                    X                        X

182 A    Timothy Schooveld          X                    X               

182 B    Jeffrey Wiseman              X                    X

195 A    Katrell Moss                    X                    X                        X                     

195 B    Brian Wagner                  X                    X

220 A    Fletcher Miller                    X                    X

220 B    Connor Tolley                  X                    X

285 A    Wesley Bernard                X                    X

285 B    Guy Henson                    X                    X


Please email me your paper work or fax it to me by Friday, February 28, 2014.


Thank you!


Danny Williams




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Here are the Illinois All-Star lineups.


Team Reagan (A)

106 - Devonte Gray, Bloomington, 5th Place - 2A

113 - Dan Emma, Sandwich, 4th Place - 2A

120 - Kyle Akins, Sycamore, 2nd Place - 2A

126 - Caleb Micho, Rockford Lutheran, 1st Place - 1A

132 - Joey Nelson, Lincoln-Way Central, 2nd Place - 3A

138 - Mario Leveille, Marist, 2nd Place - 3A

145 - Seth Newkirk, Litchfield, 3rd Place - 1A

152 - Gacob Lenox, Durand, 2nd Place - 1A

160 - Emery Parker, Warren, 2nd Place - 3A

170 - Nick Ferraro, Marmion Academy, 5th Place - 3A

182 - Michael Zelasco, Crystal Lake Central, 2nd Place - 2A

195 - Anthony Ferraro, Montini, 2nd Place - 2A

220 - Edgar Ruano, Montini, 2nd Place - 2A

285 - Chris McDermand, Libertyville, 4th Place - 3A

106 - Carlos Fuentez, Glenbard East, 3rd Place - 3A


Team Lincoln (AA)

106 - Carlos Fuentez, Glenbard East, 3rd Place - 3A

113 - Miguel Silva, Plainfield South, 2nd Place - 3A

120 - Nelson Baker, Byron, 1st Place - 1A

126 - Keegan Calkins, Montini, 1st Place - 2A

132 - Kenny Baldridge, Morris, 1st Place - 2A

138 - Randle Taborn, Springfield, 2nd Place - 2A

145 - Chris Garcia, Montini, 1st Place - 2A

152 - Nate Higgins, Belleville West, 2nd Place - 3A

160 - Quincy Kalkbrenner, Lena-Winslow, 1st Place - 1A

170 - Kayne MacCallum, Libertyville, 3rd Place - 3A

182 - Colton Emmerich, Deerfield, 1st Place - 3A

195 - Derrick Maisonet, Plano, 1st Place - 1A

220 - Sage Hecox, Harlem, 1st Place - 3A

285 - Nicky Allegretti, Lincoln-Wat East, 3rd Place - 3A

182 - Sean Ward, Winnebago, 1st Place - 1A

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match results?


182 - Schoonfeld (IN) won by dec                                      IN up 3-0

182 - Wiseman (IN) lost by dec                                          IL up 3-0

195 - Moss (IN) lost to Maisonet (IL) by dec                      Tied 3-3 (Class A state champ)

195 - Wagner (IN) won over Ferraro (IL) by maj dec        IN up 4-3

220 - Miller (IN) won over Hernandez (IL by maj 14-2      IN up 7-3

220 - Tolley (IN) lost to Ruano (IL) dec 6-4?                      IL up 6-4

285 - Bernard (IN) lost to Allgretti (IL) dec 3-1                  IN up 7-6

285 - Henson (IN) disqualified vs. McDermond (IL)            IL up 12-1 (6 for DQ, IN -2) punch or two while opp had single leg...  then flipped bird to crowd on way off mat, apparently.

106 - Katzer (IN) lost to Fuentez (IL) TF 22-7                    IL up 11-7

106 - Wilhelm (IN) won over Gray (IL) 4-0                        IL up 12-4

113 - DJ Smith (IN) won over Silva (IL) 5-1                        IL up 11-10

113 - Dawes (IN) lost to Emma (IL) maj 13-5?                  IL up 16-4

120 - Glogouski (IN) won over Baker (IL) 7-2                    IN up 13-11 (Baker was 2x Class A state champ)

120 - Gayfield (IN) lost to Akins (IL) 3-1                            IL up 19-4 (Akins was 4x 2A state placewinner, champ as a JR)

126 - Davis (IN) won over Calkins (IL) 10-8                      IN up 16-11 (Calkins was 2A state champ)

126 - Early (IN) lost to Micho (IL) dec 4-2                          IL up 22-4 (Micho was Class A state champ)

132- Wilson (IN) won over Baldridge dec 7-4                    IN up 19-11 (Baldridge 2A state champ)

132 - Broukal (IN) by fall over Nelson (IL)                        IL up 22-10

138 - Lykins (IN) lost to Leveille (IL) 5-3                          IN up 19-14

138 - Krumlauf (IN) lost to  Davis (IL) 10-7                      IL up 25-10

145 - LeCount (IN) won over Garcia (IL) 3-0                    IN up 22-14 (Garcia 2x 2A champ; 4x placewinner)

145 - Loe (IN) won over Newkirk (IL) TF 18-3?                IL up 25-15

152 - Macri (IN) lost to Higgins (IL) 5-0                            IN up 22-17

152 - Carlson (IN) won over Ryan (IL) dec 2-1                  IL up 25-18 (what happened to Brendon Kelley? Carlson a last minute replcmt?)

160 - Jolas (IN) won over Kalkbrenner (IL) 4-3                IN up 25-17

160 - Dole (IN) lost by fall to Parker (IL)                          IL up 31-18                                                                                       

170 - Bates (IN) lost to MacCallum (IL) 10-2                    IN up 25-21

170 - Johnson (IN) lost to Ferraro (IL) dec 8-1                IL up 34-18

Extra matches

182 - Jankowski (IN) won over Ward dec 9-6                  IN wins 28-21 (Class A state champ)

106 - Hawkins (IN) lost to Fuentez (IL) maj 16-2              IL wins 38-18 (Fuentez wrestled in each dual; won by combined score of 38-9)

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I made the drive out to Hinsdale South HS and it was nice for me and my son to see old friends, especially from down south in Indiana as we hardly ever get to see those folks. I enjoyed seeing the event, although both sides were a tad out of shape (understandably so) and with no weigh-in, it's just a fun event to wrestle in and watch. I mostly watched the AA mat and I thought Zach Davis looked real good along with DJ Smith, he was impressive. It would have been a good matchup watching DJ and Brian Rossi go at it as Rossi handled Silva much like DJ did in their match. Rossi was invited to the Dapper Dan but due to a concussion, was unable to participate. Still, not taking anything away from DJ, he looked great! At 132lbs D. Wilson had a nice match vs. Kenny Baldridge, 2A champ, I thought both showed some fatigue early on. Kyle Jolas came back and won vs. a 1A champ, he was clearly determined to win that match, he looked great! Skyler Lykins looked good against Purdue signee, Mario Leveille but Skyler came up short at the end. SIUE commit Higgins defeated Mishawaka's Macri, and I thought it was closer than the score indicated as I think it was 5-0? Higgins was the 3A runner-up and ran into a buzzsaw at state named Bryce Brill who destroyed him in the finals. HWT Nicky Allegretti (Illinois football signee) and 3rd in 3A defeated state champ Bernard in an exciting match, Allegretti trains in Indiana ironically at RWA and he's a beast for sure. Illinois had 5 HWT's ranked in the nation this season, most signed to play football except Adarios Jones, he is wrestling at Northern Iowa.

The one match that I really drove to Hinsdale to watch was the Cody LeCount vs. Chris Garcia match. One, because I thought it would be a great match, and TWO, I have known both of these boys since they were very young.....Cody actually wrestled my son in the ISWA state finals back when they were like Bantams? and Chris was always at Martinez's summer camp in IL when we would go there every year so I was excited to see these two go at it. (Incidentally, you won't find two better kids anywhere! Always polite and very courteous)

The match was close, but it came down to Cody riding Chris out, it was 1-0 with under 10 seconds to go and Chris attempted a roll under to leg scramble and gave up 2 back points out of desperation, he just couldn't get out. Cody did an excellent job of riding him. Congrats to both boys on giving it their all.

I congratulate all 4 teams on a good day of wrestling! Thanks for putting on a great show!



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As the former IN-IL event-team coordinator, I want to thank Danny Williams and Matt Behling for doing an exceptional job as the new Indiana coordinators this year.  Great job guys and thank you for all of your efforts in making opportunities available to Indiana wrestlers.


Coach McCormick

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