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  1. Wow. Sounds like tons of energy in that gym. Let's just say this was not the case in last year's event in Illinois.
  2. In a semi final state match....yes
  3. "There is no way that was stalling"
  4. Snyder got tossed. I think his actions were mild
  5. You have been told what you need to know. The information is too sensitive to release to coaches. Ask anymore and your ISP provider might be getting a call to see what YOU have been up to.
  6. Wasn't he the lead singer of Bush back in the 90s
  7. Simmons would be fine if he were able to develop and improve talent. There is not much evidence to support his coaching prowess.
  8. What were the goals of the IHSAA? What were the goals of the wrestling community?
  9. They all love the trip to God's Country!
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