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Everything posted by navy80

  1. Wow. Yeah he definitely would have had another title.
  2. I agree. Why was he so underrated? State champ and state runner up. Placed at Fargo in freestyle and Greco multiple times.
  3. I don’t remember this match that detailed. It very well could have been.
  4. Tsirtsis beat English 10-5 senior state finals. English was a beast.
  5. Alex Tsirtsis had a close match with Craig Weinzapfel from Mater Dei. Craig actually beat him in freestyle in high school. Then in high school state finals... maybe it was the semi finals where Alex beat Craig by a few points. Angel Escobedo had a few close matches in his career and even one loss out of state. Jason Tsirtsis has a few close matches. Blake Maurer was the king of winning close matches. Same with Chad Red. Mason Paris’s was dominate but had one loss his freshman year. He is comparable. All the Lee has losses. I’ve followed Indiana high school wrestling since 1999 and haven’t seen anyone like Jesse Mendez.
  6. Can you remind me how all this started? IHSAA cancelled team state and a group of saviors started ihswca team state? why did IHSAA cancel it in the first place? are they kicking theirselves in the butt after seeing how successful it has become?
  7. Thanks for the updates SWIN. How did the Cottey and Ross match go? That's #1 versus #2.
  8. Nick Lee and Mason Parris both won last night.
  9. It’s a shame. He would have had a great chance at qualifier for the state finals.
  10. What are the odds one of them studs will go down or up?
  11. Can we add out of state wrestlers if it’s a significant win?
  12. navy80


    Lane Gilbert
  13. Typically PAROCHIAL school graduate... (I kid I kid LOL)
  14. Ah thanks. I did not know that. I have always lumped them together.
  15. Mater Dei is one thing.. But my argument is more of Cathedral... Mosconi was a state placer from Indian Creek who transferred a few years ago. Parsons was a state placer from Yorktown who transferred. Heck, take away Parsons and do they win a state title? I think when Cathedral wins the state tournament, we should think about an asterisk being next to it. Just like LCC in class 1A football. They dominated 1A teams... I mean dominated for years. Who do they think they are? Lebron James? Stacking teams champion, LJ. My coworker's daughter was a champion...equine girl (or whatever they're called). She was recruited to the Irish from a small school. She got a scholarship. My coworker got an apartment for his wife in Indy so their daughter could get the education and opportunity. I understand. I would do the same for my kid. I love Cathedral football. They play the toughest schedule in Indiana. I guess I am against parochial schools who beat up on public schools... I also realize public school teams get high level athletes who switch schools as well. I digress. It's like arguing fo class wrestling. It's endless and no one will agree.
  16. Interesting. I really like that method.. Thanks
  17. In what world? They’re 3A / 4A in every other sport. Mater Dei is 2A and been 3A in the past. Cathedral is 4A school with 6A athletes.
  18. Nice job by Cathedral. They came to wrestle today. Mater Dei left points on the board. I'd like to see BB versus Cathedral wrestle.
  19. Tough loss at the end for Sollars. Parkinson only wins 8-0. MD needed more points from him
  20. I am pulling for Dickens but Rodgers always finds a way to win. Rodgers wins by 1
  21. Fitts versus Asbury must have been a barn burner! Predictions for Mater Dei Cathedral?
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