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Everything posted by navy80

  1. Freshman- 28-7 @ 126 - 7th place Sophomore- 33-6 @ 138 - 7th place Junior- 41-0 @ 145 - 1st place I think Matt Lee turned the corner his junior year. Would have liked to see him stick around one more year and win another title for the South and Mater Dei..
  2. Who scored offensive points on Mendez during his freshman year? whats the all time record of Mendez and his who’s #1 opponent?
  3. This region connection should help IU land Mendez! Where are Silas, Matt Lee, Dickens, Littel, Viduya going? IU?
  4. Casey is an mma fighter in the UFC! I believe he was a multiple time placer and went to U of Indianapolis for a few years. Is he from Jay County? Casey is 12-1 at 125lbs. He beat former title contender Ray Borg and his next bout is on ESPN against and undefeated fighter.
  5. Brownsburg, Avon, and Warren Central all make it to their Gold bracket. However, only the Burg advances to the semis.
  6. Tucker competed will play in the Indiana baseball state finals this week. This put him as competing at the state finals in three sports. T WRESTLING: Tucker went 45-8 as a sophomore and was a qualifier. As a Junior Tucker went 43-3 and was a qualifier. His Senior year he had several injuries from football and lost in the ticket round and finished 34-6. FOOTBALL: As a Junior, Tucker led the football team to a state title finishing 13-2 by beating Woodlan 15-14 at Lucas Oil. Tucker finished rushing for 1,300 yards and 26 touchdowns and 2,157 all purpose yards. He was a two way starter and racked up 50 tackles. (His Senior year they lost at semi state.) BASEBALL: Southridge comes in at 22-8 and will face Alexandria Monroe 28-6. Tucker is the leadoff hitter with a .402 batting average. 45 hits (leads team), 35 runs (leads team), 21 RBI's, 2 home runs. Last year, as a junior, Tucker played on Southridge's baseball team who finished 25-7 and lost in the state finals to Boone Grove 4 to 5. Tucker finished the game 2 for 4 with one run and two hits. He will go down in Southridge high school sports history as one of, if not the greatest athlete. Who else has accomplished this? If it wasn't for Western Boone's Shellacking of Southridge at semi state Tucker would have made it to state two times in three different sports.
  7. The Big Eight is no more.... Vincennes and Jasper to the SIAC. The rest of the Big Eight teams move to the PAC. thoughts?
  8. And Drew Hughes MSU and former Indiana state champ was in the weight class too.. What a tournament for Walker. Mendez wins the finals!
  9. Zeltzer and Goin both lose to the #1 seed and fall to consolations. Boarmen, Mis, and Mendez all in the same bracket... Mendez in the semis. Mis went down in the RD16 LB. Allred drops a quarterfinals match 10-7. Joe Walker of Mishawaka beats Jacob Covaciu of IU in the round of 16. Covac was the 4 seed. Did Walker just graduate high school? Huge win for him. Harvey of Army is in this weight as well as the 2 seed.
  10. First off, Flo is terrible and I wish they would buy out trackwrestling so we can have efficient and effective brackets. I seen several Indiana teams but navigating search results is darn near meaningless.. Indiana Outlaws Black won their pool. Stacked team for us Indiana Outlaws Blue got 3rd in their pool. Indiana Flash got 3rd in their pool. Indiana Outlaws Grey got 3rd in their pool. Seen on FB Asa Garcia had a big win but can't find out what team he is on...
  11. Asa with an 8-7 win over former state champ Viduya!
  12. Y2 or anyone else, can you break down the format to earn an Olympic spot? so there is WTT tournament. Winner of the tournament faces the person who had a bye. The winner of that goes to final x? Against who?
  13. Can anyone direct me on the process of how many wrestlers make academic all state? If the IHSAA sets a certain limit on how many they can award first or second team etc?? Thanks!
  14. Seen he is/was transferring to Oklahoma State where he should start for them... thoughts?
  15. John Purdy placed 4th and Lane Gilbert finished 6th in Greco. Freestyle today
  16. I concur. Swin is Making The College Board Great Again! (MTCBGA)
  17. Where do Lee and Parris go from here? Do they redshirt? When is an ideal time for them ton redshirt? Can Red and Micic take an Olympic redshirt still? If so, will they?
  18. Calm down, LL. I’d say 99% of us on this board want to see Red do well. Just like 99% of us want to see Lee do well.
  19. How many AA's did Mason beat???? 1. Stencel 2. Hemida 3. Hillger 4. Dhesi
  20. WOWZERS... Indiana gets hammered this round. Red was the only one who won, I believe. Several tough losses.
  21. I am really hoping Lee wins but McKenna is wrestling very well.. Red seems to be on a roll and SHOULD earn AA again. Wowzers...Lydy and Harvey still alive! Would be cool to see both earn AA. Mason has been on a roll but Stencil is a big HWT and Mason seems to struggle with bigger heavies.
  22. Any ideas on how to watch? I clicked on the track video earlier today and had no issues watching. Now it wants me to sign in and watch it... but I don't have cable or any of the providers.
  23. Mason was way more active than Stoll. Still basically used his strength to push Mason out of bounds and scored three points that way. Crazy...
  24. Thank you. He’s a state qualifier for anyone else wondering lol. Lost 3-0 Friday night.
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