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  1. Practice for the IN/IL All-Star Team is now changed to 1-3 PM at Lawrence North HS. Please enter door 11. Roster: 106 AA- Quindarius Deloney 106 A- Jacob Miller 113 AA- Garrett Pepple 113 A- Dustin Miller 120 AA- Sawyer Miller 120 A- Ben Cauffman 126 AA- Ngun Uk 126 A- Chayce Young 132 AA- Jarrett Carden 132 A- Kyle Egolf 138 AA- Tommy Cash 138 A- Kyle Todrank (still need paperwork) 145 AA- Evan Smiley 145 A- Bryant Haynes 152 AA- Isaiah Kemper 152 A- Mike Krzyston 160 AA- Darden Schurg 160 A- Gabe Koontz 170 AA- Ben Harvey 170 A- Cameron Nuckols 182 AA- Corey Hinkle 182 A- Gage Garpow 195 AA- Bo Davis 195 A- Randy Scott 220 AA- Courvoisier Morrow 220 A- Jacob Cooper 285 AA- Nathon Trawick 285 A- Drew Hobick
  2. Warren will host it's RTC on 3/11/15 from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm. On 3/18/15, the RTC is cancelled because the Warren wrestlers will be attending a district board meeting. Thanks, Coach Williams
  3. We are still looking for a senior 106 lber to wrestle in the IN/IL All-Star Dual. There is a 7 lb allowance for this event. Please email me if you have an athlete who would like to compete is this event. Thanks, Danny Williams dwillia2@warren.k12.in.us
  4. Coaches and top placing seniors, please make sure you respond to me in a timely manner. Additionally, we need senior 106 lbers. Below is the current roster and status of each individual. In regards to the "contacted" column, this implies that I have contacted the coach. Please confirm your status and send me your information sheet. Thanks, Dan Williams dwilia2@warren.k12.in.us https://docs.google.com/a/warren.k12.in.us/spreadsheets/d/1LxZq7TOuS7jJtMVeSTj3QiZ-PgxrQqn0YvN07xzDZpY/edit#gid=0 Weight Class Name Contacted Confirmed Info Sheet Received 106 AA Felipe Godinez X 106 A 113 AA Garrett Pepple X 113 A Dustin Miller X X 120 AA Sawyer Miller X 120 A Tyler Ferguson X 126 AA Brandon Truver X 126 A Ngun Uk X 132 AA Jarrett Carden 132 A Zach Donaldson X 138 AA Tommy Cash X X 138 A Brandon James X 145 AA Evan Smiley X X 145 A Bryant Haynes X X 152 AA Tommy Forte X 152 A Kellen VanCamp X 160 AA Darden Schurg X 160 A Gabe Koontz X 170 AA Dylan Lydy X 170 A Ben Harvey X X 182 AA Corey Hinkle X X 182 A Gage Garpow X 195 AA Bo Davis X X X 195 A Randy Scott X X 220 AA Courvoisier Morrow X X X 220 A Morgan Kral X 285 AA Nathon Trawick X X 285 A Norman Oglesby X IN-IL All-Star Coaching letter-2015.doc
  5. Unfortunately, there is a scheduling conflict for Micic. He really wanted to compete in the dual but he will be representing IN in the prestigious Dapper Dan Classic! Good luck Champ! Coach Williams
  6. Video Link http://www.illinoismatmen.com/iwcoalive.php The IHSWCA is working hard to put together a full and loaded team with Indiana's top seniors. The IN-IL All Star Dual will be celebrating 21 years for this match up. I am asking all wrestlers and coaches involved to contact me, verify your spot, and send in your paperwork. Date: March 16th Location: Hinsdale South High School (Chicago Suburb) Roster Weight Name Contacted Verbal Turned in Paper Work Confirmed 106 A Jaron Katzer X X X 106 B Karl Wilhelm X X X 113 A DJ Smith X X 113 B Colton Dawes X X X 120 A Forrest Glogouski X X X 120 B DeLawerence Gayfield X X X 126 A Zach Davis X X 126 B Erique Early X X X 132 A Deondre Wilson X X X 132 B Devin Broukal X X X 138 A Skyler Lykins X X 138 B Dillon Eldred X 145 A Cody LeCount X X 145 B Evan Loe X X X 152 A Brendon Kelley X X 152 B Tristan Macri X X 160 A Kyle Jolas X 160 B Nick Borta X 170 A Michael Bates X X X 170 B Greg Johnson X X X 182 A Timothy Schooveld X X 182 B Jeffrey Wiseman X X 195 A Katrell Moss X X X 195 B Brian Wagner X X 220 A Fletcher Miller X X 220 B Connor Tolley X X 285 A Wesley Bernard X X 285 B Guy Henson X X Please email me your paper work or fax it to me by Friday, February 28, 2014. Thank you! Danny Williams dwillia2@warren.k12.in.us Fax:317-869-4700
  7. Warren Central has an opening for an assistant coach. Please email me if interested. Dan Williams dwillia2@warren.k12.in.us
  8. If you are planning on wrestling at Cadet/Junior Duals and/or Fargo, you need to try and wrestle at Central Regionals. Placers will qualify for seeding points. Thank you , Dan Williams
  9. Warren Central, 3A and yes. Danny Williams
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