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  1. How is Ryan Hawkins not the 106. He beat Wilhem at Semi State.
  2. I wouldn"t mind HWT being in the middle. It would give me a chance to go get some popcorn and use the restroom.
  3. How about an elem state k-5 tournament. top three make the team.
  4. After our practices the coaches stand outside the room with tin cans asking for spare change.
  5. Probably the cost if your not a HYWA member its $55.
  6. Of course they recruit. Just heard Perry has two Russian exchange students coming in next year. Boris and Vladamir both will have a tough year transitioning from international to folkstyle but still very tough kids.
  7. Lol. I love it. Nobody said anything about the coach. Sorry but kiddy killers don't work at the next level. How many top programs are teaching the little ones bulldogs and airplanes.
  8. Kiddy killer doesn't work to well at the high school level. (contenders)
  9. One thing every one is forgetting. It's all about the money. 24 kids x 35$ or 64 kids x 35$.
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