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  1. lpd096

    Kayle Miracle in Sports Illustrated

    Having watched her wrestle for many years, I can honestly say that NO ONE works harder than Kayla! Congrats!
  2. http://www.nwitimes.com/sports/recreation/article_1f1d5c51-5424-55ec-9893-75dddf0eb3d2.html
  3. lpd096

    Coach Peck

    Congrats buddy!
  4. lpd096

    Nathan Boston the real deal?

    No surprises to the folks who have been watching Nathan for years...par for the course. I had him under the lights going into this season...the question is, who will he face? (or in the Semi's)
  5. Did they add riding time? I thought that the Midlands didn't have riding time? Hmm...
  6. lpd096

    Lowell Duals Emergency Opening!!!!! Dec 18

    Coach Willmann, I was told that Apple Valley, MN is interested? What should I tell them? JK-----
  7. lpd096

    Sarah's weight class ?

    Kayla Miracle is 17-0 so far this season...
  8. lpd096

    Calumet's Traicoff duals

    Keep an eye on Lowell Freshman Kenny Hughes at 135lbs. A Beast.
  9. http://www.nwitimes.com/sports/college/calumet-college/article_beeaef21-0741-5942-b902-6234d83dc930.html Good luck to both squads!
  10. lpd096

    Indy Star Team State Article

    Well, I guess the paying fans will determine the fate of the TEAM STATE. Re: Blake Ress, I lost all respect for him when he sat next to me at the M'ville SS and told me, "there's plenty of room after the 2nd round is finished". Unbelievable. His predecessor is arrogant and I have never cared for him, even after the first time I met him at the coaches clinic many years ago. He doesn't care about wrestling, period. Never has, never will. Do what you want, Bobby. We'll survive.
  11. lpd096

    Even more Big10 Wrestling on TV!

    I count 11 duals and the Big Tens...that's not too bad but could be sooooo much more!
  12. Cameryn works extremely hard and is a GREAT kid! Congrats Cam!
  13. LeeAnn Sheets is an 8th grader at Lowell Middle School. She has wrestled on our middle school team since 6th grade. She went 2-1 at the Lake Central tourney last Saturday, her loss was in overtime.
  14. I'll take a stab at 103lbs... 1. Stevan Micic 2. Josh Fuqua 3. Santo Marciano 4. Sarah Hildebrandt (Also-----Max Buckley and Kayla Miracle could be in the mix)
  15. lpd096

    Team State Debate

    I have been hearing about the disbandment of the TEAM STATE for awhile now, as Coach McCormick stated...it's a done deal. We can debate about this until the cows come home, the bottom line is: IT'S OVER. Wrestling will NEVER be viewed as a sport of importance in Indiana as long as the culture of the IHSAA continues to be narrow, stubborn, and ignorant. Unfortunately, fellas, they could care less!

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