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  1. Sectional #29 Jennings County Columbus East Returning: 11 Sectional Place Winners, 6 Semi State Qualifiers Liam Krueger 10th Sectional CHAMP 106 SSQ Noah Lykins 11th Sectional CHAMP 113 SSQ Bo Wagner 10th Sectional 5th 120 Alijah Tungate 11th Sectional 5th 126 Reece Fisher 11th Sectional 3rd 132 Tyler Williams 12th Sectional Runner Up 145 SSQ Kade Law 11th Sectional CHAMP 152 SSQ Sam Morrill 12th Sectional CHAMP 160 SSQ Jaden Durnil 11th Sectional Runner Up 170 James Sawyer 10th Sectional 3rd 195 Ashton Hartwell 11th Sectional
  2. I got bored and took a look at returning wrestlers at my local sectional. This is what the sectional could look like minus some minor changes like : incoming freshman, weight changes, kids not coming out, kids coming out who weren't out last year, injuries, illness, progress made during the offseason and so forth. While still reeling from the loss of Floyd Central and New Albany, this sectional looks to continue to make a better statement for itself in the state tournament. Sectional #30 Jeffersonville Tell City Returning: 11 Sectional Place Winners, 8 Semi State Qualif
  3. 106 Donnie Feeler Crawford County Nate Burns Mooresville Camden Stewart Eastern Collin Cain Jeffersonville 113 Travis Waltermire Jennings County Zane Schreck Corydon Robert Cline Jeffersonville Kelsey Bilz Madison 120 Collin Knox Charlestown Clark Miller Purdue Poly Noah Burkhardt Madison Devin McDaniel Jeffersonville 126 Adonis Boyd Jeffersonville Teagan Johnson Jennings County Andon Sorrell Gibson Southern Jacob McRoberts Madison 132 Jason Proffitt New Washingt
  4. No Floyd and no New Albany make this pretty straight forward. Jeff walks and it won't be close. State contenders: 1 Kameron Fuller 170 Jeffersonville should roll through the early part of the state series en route to a podium destination 106 Camden Stewart Eastern Pekin Devin Murphy Corydon Robert Cline Jeffersonville Sean Crockett Crawford County 113 Adonis Boyd Jeffersonville Collin Knox Charlestown Brandon Bryant Eastern Pekin Looks like a FF moves on 120 Rumors that Fultcher will not be here, with him
  5. I like East in the tournament format with their top guys being so good. JC as a dual team and in a smaller tournament I think is more dangerous because their lineup top to bottom is tough as nails. With so many other teams added in it can hurt a team like JC while East has those top tier guys scoring big points. Just my opinion and I have been wrong once before. It was a bad day
  6. Can't see anyone but Columbus East going home with the title. Sectionals are fairly even but the HHC rules this regional with an iron grip 30 JC 26 Jeff 43 HHC 13 Others 106: Cayden Rooks Columbus East – State title hopeful keeps rolling Victor Antunez Jennings County Camden Rose Greensburg Cameron Beasley Jeffersonville 113: Jake Schoenegge Columbus East- Olympians keep coming with talented lightweights Dalton Craig Jennings County Dhalton Hallsen Floyd Central Lane Wells Greensburg 120: Graham Rooks Columbus East – State title in sight and nothing to stop him here R
  7. This race is super tight this year with Floyd, New Albany and Jeffersonville all have a real chance. Floyd and New Albany appear to be set up as the favorites but the Red Devils at home are always in the hunt. Not a lot of non HHC input this year as Charlestown, Providence and Corydon Central are all down. Pekin Eastern will have a bigger presence this year than in years past. State hopefuls: Bold indicates best shots 126 Noah Franklin New Washington 132 Tristan Sellmer Floyd Central 138 Tristin Dowell New Albany 145 Tyler Crowl Floyd Central 160 Donovan Smith Jeffersonville 170 K
  8. New Albany did work last year andhas asolid group back, but don't look for a repeat. The Highlanders from Floyd Central return the house, driveway, playground and entire neighborhood and will look to return to the top spot in this sectional. Look for Jeffersonville to battle but on paper it appears they will not have enough to get the job done. Best shots at state: 106 Mason Kauffer Corydon Central - IF HEALTHY..... this former State qualifier will be a force at 106 / projected weight 106/113 113 Tristan Sellmer Floyd Central - Brutal Semi-State draw ended his season earlier than expecte
  9. 106 Hunt is in a class by himself on this day Noah Hunt Bloomington South Logan Meyerholtz Southridge Morgan McGlothlin Bloomington North Jake Wilson Washington 113 Pemberton and a near repeat from Bloomington North Darin Pemberton Terre Haute South Luke Stull Bloomington South Caleb Gosney Bloomington North Jacob Ray Bedford North Lawrence 120 Hurst will have his hands full but comes out on top Dillon Hurst Jasper Austin Cook Northview Rex Stillions Bloomington South Keagan Koenig Terre Haute South 126 David Lewis
  10. I do not see a Madison repeat at regional this year but the regional champs do hail from the same sectional. Jennings County is loaded and will rack up the points. The big boys up top will provide fireworks as the brackets are very balanced and can end up several different ways. New Albany will challenge JC but unless they get some big time help I don't see them pulling off a regional title. Going to state: Graham Rooks, Tristan Sellmer, Hunter Castleberry, Andrew Herrin, Bryant Haynes Hopefulls: Noah Franklin, James Wise, Tristan Dowell, Sean Brown, Tre Lynch, Matt Hayes, Zach Higdon L
  11. Cavins got the win 4-3 over Hayes. Cavins also had a 5-0 match with a Crawford County kid in the semi-finals that was 3-0 untill a desperation attempt in the closing minute. Did not seem to be his game on that day. Hayes v Higdon should be interesting to say the least.
  12. Having seen all parties involved, Wise, Dowell and Brown, I feel as stated above that on the right day any of the three can win. I look forward to a fantastic weight class and exciting semi-final and finals matchups. With that being said, I feel Wise will pull it out and his scrambling ability very well could play a determining factor.
  13. Season recap: New Albany started the year off not quite living up to expectations but they found their stride as of late. Jeffersonville and Floyd have quite a bit of youth and new varsity wrestlers in the lineup and their seasons have been up and down as one would expect. Corydon went from a player in the sectional to nearly invisible, the losses of Kauffer, Lahue, Kopp and Robinson were huge as all 4 should have been going to semi-state. State hopefuls: Noah Franklin New Washington, Tristan Selmer Floyd Central, Hunter Castleberry New Albany, Bryant Haynes Charlestown, Tre Lynch New Alba
  14. The returning guys have their previous years weights listed beside them.
  15. Never too early Jeffersonville Sectional Outstanding wrestler: Bailey Lahue Corydon Central 12th The experienced young man has gone through injury difficulties the past few years and will look to put it all together for his last shot at a state title. Returning state qualifiers: Lahue Corydon, Kaufer Corydon, Franklin New Washington Team race: With 8 regional or better placers returning, both New Albany and Floyd Central should have the firepower to win the team race. As always though, Jeffersonville is in the mix with their ability to fill holes with more than
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