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  1. OH BOY, Perry Meridian Got A Good One!!! Lol
  2. OH BOY, Perry Meridian Got A Good One!!! Lol
  3. Maybe it's me Loki27 if I see a kid in my mind getting to Bankers Life I can't call him a dark horse...JMO
  4. I obviously think this would be a good match per my response to your first post, I like Lee but James could very well win. I think Lee is as good as anybody in this state on his feet!
  5. Not exactly a dark horse he was the HWT for Franklin last year and I think just a freshman, and by far the best underclassman Bernard wrestled other than Streck last year. Very big, strong, and agile Wes just broke him hence a 14pt victory but don't let that fool you... I see him at least to the quarterfinals at Bankers Life!!
  6. OK Mr. Obvious lol, Good luck to all our Indiana wrestlers....
  7. I like Nick Lee as a 3X Champ regardless who lands at his weight!!! JMO
  8. Congrats Brandon and family now enjoy your senior year!! Bob & Wes Bernard
  9. Congrats to all these young men for their efforts, and congrats to Konrath, Corsaro, Miller, Bernard as I think they were all 9-0!
  10. Pico is better than I thought, and is scary good. I want the hometown kid also, but wouldn't call him the favorite anymore, I think Pico might be the best since Cale!
  11. Bernard is ranked 5th by flowrestling & Intermat vs. Jones ranked 7th flowresting!!
  12. My statement isn't demeaning to any of the schools mentioned Dave, but the fact is all the schools mentioned have had stud wrestlers that aren't what some would call home grown. Why is it a stretch to think my son would attend a school that his father and uncle (who's a wrestling coach) attended in Cathedral? I did not perceive Dave the post I addressed as a Perry person, but I do question a person who is concerned where a private schools students come from not to mention the rules clearly state you can drive crosstown or cross state if one so choose.
  13. The rules clearly state a student can go to whatever school he wants without penalty unless he switches schools, so quit your crying and yelling foul and learn to play with the big boys. If you don't think PM,EMD,Yorktown,Mishawaka,CP ect... hasn't been getting move-ins over the years for whatever reason than your delusional!!!
  14. When you get up the last Saturday in February and get dressed at 6am but have no place to go! :'(
  15. Good luck to Mr Beeson but the winner or Porter vs Tarwick will be in the finals....JMO
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