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  1. I don't remember the weight allowance for this tourney, but I would be a little surprised if any of the 3 could still make weight. Will be interesting to see for sure.
  2. They play part of this song at the start of many Notre Dame sporting events. Instead of Cathedral it says Notre Dame...
  3. Missing is Droshawn Lewis - South Bend Riley
  4. Looks like the missing loss is to Evan Beasley from Northridge.
  5. Looks like Joseph Walker from Mishawaka also won in the round of 32. Diego Lemley and Donnell Washington Lost in the round of 32.
  6. Appreciate anything you can provide. Following on Floarena is almost pointless.
  7. Any final word on if it will be streamed anywhere?
  8. I was watching on ihsaatv.org and I was pretty irritated that they cut away right before the national anthem to show commercials.
  9. Was looking to see who the top 2 at each weight class were. I noticed at 120lbs that there were 4 total seniors who all lost Friday night. I'm assuming Jabin Wright and either Blaigh Rushing or Sunny Nier will get first dibs for placing highest in Semi-State? Just wondering.
  10. Yeah, I didn't know until I tried. I would refresh your browser and hope that error message stops. I'm pretty disappointed with every mat except for mat 4.
  11. Yeah, you can't watch all 4 matches at once this year. Also, the camera angles have been pretty terrible.
  12. Might as well guess on all of them and try to get a free drink....
  13. 2A Representatives 106- 1A-4, 2A-5, 3A-7 Logan Boe - Danville Brayden Curtis - Yorktown Eli Hickman - Rensselaer Brayden Shearer - Garrett Seth Johnson - North Montgomery 113- 1A-2, 2A-3, 3A-11 Hunter Watts - Jimtown Ryne Webb - Rensselaer Jose Diaz- Wheeler 120- 1A-0, 2A-4, 3A-12 Josh Stephenson - Yorktown Alex Mosconi - Indian Creek Zane Sullivan - Edgewood Braxton Alexander - Wawasee 126- 1A-1, 2A-3, 3A-12 Matt Gimson - Jimtown Dylan DeMarco - Garrett Hunter Cottingham - Western 132- 1A-3, 2A-6, 3A-7 Manzona Bryant - Culver Academies Caina
  14. 106- JC Herring - Oak Hill Colin Reagan - Frontier Jake Armstrong - Winamac Andrew Black - Shenandoah 113- Chris Schuller - Woodlan Tanner Schoeff - Central Noble 120- None 126- Dallas Pugsley - Shenandoah 132- Anthony Mosser - Adams Central Noah Franklin - New Washington Austin Moore - Central Noble 138- Levi Miller - North Posey Logan Macklin - Adams Central Ryan Surguy - Shenandoah 145- None 152- Cody Klettheimer 160- Jed Levitz - Prairie Heights Ethan Stock - Monrovia Josh Gee - Shenandoah 170- Eli Stock - Monrovia Bradley Groover - Ri
  15. He looked very good last week. Pretty sure he scored at least 20pts in each match. With that said, I'm excited to see how well Viduya does against Garcia assuming both make it that far.
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