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  1. Wrestling119


    Looks like Joseph Walker from Mishawaka also won in the round of 32. Diego Lemley and Donnell Washington Lost in the round of 32.
  2. Wrestling119


    Appreciate anything you can provide. Following on Floarena is almost pointless.
  3. Wrestling119

    Al Smith Predictions

    Any final word on if it will be streamed anywhere?
  4. Wrestling119

    IHSWCA Academic All-State

    It is great that so many kids made the academic list this year. I think that having the IHSWA pay for their state tickets and letting them walk is unnecessary though. Hopefully, their reward for their hard work is a scholarship or two to the college of their choice. Congrats to all the kids who worked hard on their academics and continue the hard work in college or your career.
  5. 125: #2 Delgado 133: #3 Gulibon 141: #1 Stieber 149: #2 Tsirtsis 157: #5 Welch 165: #4 Harger 174: #1 Kokesh 184: #5 Courts 197: #4 Burak 285: #3 McMullan Teams: 1. Iowa 2. Minnesota 3. Ohio State

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