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  1. P4P king of ‘19

    Just early guessing; I think Rooks and Manzona will be 138 next year with Matt Lee and Mosconi at least 145. Gimson could absolutely make 138 unless he hits a big growth spurt, but it also depends on where Watts and his brother fall.
  2. Final Flo Rankings

    So should the 126 rankings go; 1. Asa Garcia 2. Cayden Rooks 3. Ty Mills 4. Malik Johnson?
  3. Awesome job

    I don’t agree with the second stalling on Brayton. He wasn’t backing up, was still in stance, and Teemer was not even attempting to get him out of position at the time it was called. It just seemed like an excuse to have the match not decided by Teemer’s stalling points. Brayton clearly pushed he pace for a majority of the match. That said, I agree that as a whole the meet was reffed very well.
  4. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    For those of you who like “what ifs,” let’s take a second to consider that Indiana very well could have won this with Joe Lee and Gable. Both would have needed a major to tie it, and they were both very capable of that and would have had favorable matches to do so.
  5. Up next

    Pokorney has improved steadily each year so far and could be a top 4 ranked heavyweight by the end of next season.
  6. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Way to go to all of our guys, especially Ty Mills. That was awesome.
  7. P4P king of ‘19

    The amount of seniors that would jump all over the opportunity to switch resumés...
  8. FloNationals

    Somebody more ahead of the time than me; has Indiana ever come even close to a Flo tournament of a champion, a runner-up, four 3rd placers, a 4th, a 6th, and an 8th?
  9. FloNationals

    Mason Parris with another match against a first year schoolboy for his second flo title.
  10. FloNationals

    A few years ago Brandon James wrestled 120 at flo after wrestling at 132 throughout the season, and beat Chad Red for third place. I don’t remember anyone giving him crap for it, and Rumph shouldn’t either.
  11. FloNationals

    Not the best semi-finals round for our guys, but in all fairness they have been the underdog/lower seed in every match they’ve lost, with the exception of the Indiana vs. Indiana match at 132. Assuming Mason is in the championship, two finalists and about seven others guaranteed top 6 is still a pretty stellar tournament for Indiana.
  12. FloNationals

  13. FloNationals

    Parris just made him look like a 6th grader.
  14. FloNationals

    Fantastic showing by the Indiana guys so far, this could be the best our state has represented in a while. An eighth grader and three 132 pounders in the quarters is beautiful. Could somebody fill me in on Kendall Coleman? I searched for him on track and the best I could see was an Illinois 3A state runner-up so I assume it would be him. Is he going to be competing in Indiana next season?
  15. Scholastic Duals

    7 state championships and 5 runner-up finishes amongst the gold squad. Stout team.