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  1. Caleb Spires

    Moves and Transfers

    Judging by the the IHPO stud list, do we have an Alaska state champ in Indiana now?
  2. Caleb Spires

    What High School is Kamariyon Nelson going to?

    Western Reserve Academy in Ohio.
  3. Caleb Spires

    Fargo List

    Even knowing full-well how talented Cass is, watching Parris get dominated is still just so weird to see.
  4. Caleb Spires

    Fargo List

    Trying my best to follow on flo, some impressive performances in the round of 64. Littell and Mendez rolled with ease, Conley looked solid, and Baumann only needed 16 seconds for a tech.
  5. Caleb Spires

    Fargo List

    Agreed; Rumph, Rooks, Mills, Graber and Walton(among some others) would all have a great shot at placement. Regardless, we have a bunch this year whose chances I like; best of luck to Carson. He’s been tearing it up this off-season, and he’s definitely one that I can see placing pretty high.
  6. Caleb Spires

    Fargo List

    I spy with my little eye, double digit All-Americans.
  7. Caleb Spires

    Fargo List

  8. Caleb Spires

    Flo wrestling Class of 2022 Board

    Only state, too.
  9. Caleb Spires

    Disney Duals 2018

    Perry going for fifth against Columbus East, right?
  10. Caleb Spires

    Disney Duals 2018

    So, what you’re saying is that Indiana is incredible?
  11. Caleb Spires


    Confirmed; the Jimtown Mobil chicken is the “best ever.”
  12. Caleb Spires

    Las Vegas- Seniors. Juniors, Veterans, etc

    Ooh interested in a potential Gable vs. Streck match
  13. Caleb Spires

    P4P king of ‘19

    Just early guessing; I think Rooks and Manzona will be 138 next year with Matt Lee and Mosconi at least 145. Gimson could absolutely make 138 unless he hits a big growth spurt, but it also depends on where Watts and his brother fall.
  14. Caleb Spires

    Final Flo Rankings

    So should the 126 rankings go; 1. Asa Garcia 2. Cayden Rooks 3. Ty Mills 4. Malik Johnson?
  15. Caleb Spires

    Awesome job

    I don’t agree with the second stalling on Brayton. He wasn’t backing up, was still in stance, and Teemer was not even attempting to get him out of position at the time it was called. It just seemed like an excuse to have the match not decided by Teemer’s stalling points. Brayton clearly pushed he pace for a majority of the match. That said, I agree that as a whole the meet was reffed very well.

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