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  1. Caleb Spires

    Super 32

    How crazy that we had somebody(Kasper) place higher at the Super 32 last year than he did in our state tournament.
  2. Caleb Spires

    Super 32

    Saw Matt Gimson signed up too at 132. I don’t remember the last time Jimtown had anyone attend the Super 32, let alone three in one year. Way to go, boys!
  3. Caleb Spires


    Any information for Fort Wayne semi-state wrestlers can be sent to me via personal message on here or twitter.
  4. Caleb Spires

    What High School is Kamariyon Nelson going to?

    Nelson is long and lanky for a 106 pounder, and a total hammer on top. Handled his entire bracket. As he gets older I see him jumping up a lot in weight with his frame, but at 106 this year I think he can wrestle with anyone. Seltzer looked great too. Dominated a state champ and then gave Moran as much as he could ask for. Got in deep on a lot of shots that Moran just defended very well. I hope we get a rematch this season in a full 6-minute match. And Mendez doesn’t need anymore said about him at this point, but wow; that domination of Lowery.... This is an insanely talented 1-2-3 punch of freshman at the first three weights. I’m looking forward to watching them for the next four years.
  5. Caleb Spires

    IHPO Results

    Indiana sweep at 163, and with a state champ taking 4th. Also, congrats to slightly-bigger Gimson on his runner-up performance in a stacked weight class. Avenged a loss from scholastic duals in the quarterfinals.
  6. Caleb Spires

    IHPO rumors

    Quit being so cryptic, who is it???
  7. Caleb Spires

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    I’m thinking they’re the same weights as they were last year, so in this case it’d be Conner.
  8. Caleb Spires

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    120 and 126 are usually very loaded weights and this year looks no different.
  9. Caleb Spires

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    106 - Cottey 113 - Moran 120 - Curtis 126 - Watts 132 - Asa 138 - Gimson 145 - Matt Lee 152 - Schoenegge 160 - South 170 - Carson 182 - Brewer 195 - Allred 220 - Cornwell 285 - Pokorney
  10. Caleb Spires

    Moves and Transfers

    Judging by the the IHPO stud list, do we have an Alaska state champ in Indiana now?
  11. Caleb Spires

    What High School is Kamariyon Nelson going to?

    Western Reserve Academy in Ohio.
  12. Caleb Spires

    Fargo List

    Even knowing full-well how talented Cass is, watching Parris get dominated is still just so weird to see.
  13. Caleb Spires

    Fargo List

    Trying my best to follow on flo, some impressive performances in the round of 64. Littell and Mendez rolled with ease, Conley looked solid, and Baumann only needed 16 seconds for a tech.
  14. Caleb Spires

    Fargo List

    Agreed; Rumph, Rooks, Mills, Graber and Walton(among some others) would all have a great shot at placement. Regardless, we have a bunch this year whose chances I like; best of luck to Carson. He’s been tearing it up this off-season, and he’s definitely one that I can see placing pretty high.
  15. Caleb Spires

    Fargo List

    I spy with my little eye, double digit All-Americans.

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