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    I should probably just let it be and move on, but the smart ass in me just isn’t letting that happen. Nobody is making fun of Andrew, as a person or a wrestler. He was rolling all around for a majority of the match, I assume many others were like me and thought it was awesome that he kept trying it. Showed confidence and against almost any other 113 it would work. Relax a bit, man. You’re taking something that isn’t a personal attack at all as a personal attack.

    Well this went from light-hearted to uncomfortable pretty quick.
  3. How about that Jimtown team

    You’re gonna be hard-pressed to find three kids who are all as awesome on the mat, awesome in the classroom, and awesome in character. Very proud of these three, have loved watching them all the last few years. I know both of the Gimsons are unsatisfied with their placement, but that’ll just fuel them for next year. In the mean time, let’s bring Jimtown its third state champion tonight, Hunter!
  4. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    His shoulder blade looks pretty off the mat to me.
  5. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Oh wow, that is rough...
  6. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    “These matches are kinda slow, let me just take a two minute break to get some shaved ice.”
  7. Melloh and Mulkey

    Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I too call stalling in that situation. Over 20 seconds of holding a front headlock just riding out a one point lead is stalling, no matter what stage you’re on.
  8. Garcia

    Looked outstanding against Mills, and Smiley this morning. Really looking forward to his match with Rooks.
  9. Friday night surprises

    Just Boarman and Lee I’m pretty sure
  10. Friday night surprises

    There were well more than two 4-over-1s 126 - Denny over Poynter(crappy circumstances) 152 - Pollitt over Hiestand 160 - Davis over Lemley 170 - Mahan over Brewer 195 - Stits over Savieo 285 - Tipping over Parsons 285 - Majors over Curtis Biggest surprises I’d say we’re Wagner pinning Triana and Brewer getting pinned
  11. Shaved ICE

    If my count is correct, 22 from FW.
  12. Blake Boarman

    It should be.
  13. Shaved ICE

    This is directed toward everyone correct?
  14. Shaved ICE

    The finals would be NOTHING without the shaved ice.
  15. Freshman/sophomore state placer who qualified

    Yeaaaaahhhhh kind of just learned that this Saturday...