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  1. feez

    Did Fabio get a girlfriend or something?

    Dilly! Dilly!
  2. feez

    Cathedral vs. Roncalli

    Yes Yes
  3. feez

    2-piece singlet and Traditional

    A wrestler can wear either as long as they are school issued
  4. feez

    2-piece singlet and Traditional

    As long as they are school issued Dan Feser, IHSAA Official
  5. feez

    2-piece singlet and Traditional

    I am not a rules interpreter but the answer is YES Dan Feser, IHSAA Official
  6. Me-"I have locked hands Green,1 point Red" Coach Steele-"Well he didn't mean to!" Still funny! Congrats Coach
  7. feez

    Kasper McIntosh: 6th in Indiana

    Congratulations Kasper. I owe you some Tootsie Rolls!
  8. feez

    182 lbs at ISWA State

    Thanks Coach I was not the official on that match but I did see the aftermath. Speedy recovery to both young men! Feez
  9. Does anyone know who were the 2 wrestlers at I believe 182lbs that collided on mat #9 Saturday? And more importantly How these 2 young men are? I know the both had concussions and it was a very bad situation. I hope both young men are doing better.
  10. feez

    Brayton Lee Article...

    Sunday I was at a meet in Brownsburg talking to a wrestler and his dad. I asked the wrestler if he knew who Brayton was and he said "Yes i was wanting to get his autograph." I called Brayton over and introduced the wrestler to him. Brayton could not have been nicer and talked with the young wrestler for a few minutes. CLASS ACT! ! Thanks Brayton
  11. feez

    NC SS Sneak Peek

    I will pay to referee this match!
  12. The referee is ALWAYS right!!

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