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  1. If he goes to Purdue he gets to reunite with his old high school coach
  2. Wow, this is unbelievable even without the match in grandpa division match. But what about the other guys who committed to signing up to wrestle at the ISWA...you guys still down???
  3. How long is a match in the grandpa division? I would definitely be willing to place a bet if we can somehow develop a point spread.
  4. FW 170 - Lundy over Parrish in the ticket round
  5. From what I was told was that he dislocated his knee and will be out a few weeks but should be able to be back before the Big Ten Tournament.
  6. High school weight was 171 in 2005 and my current weight is 210.
  7. Adding Vega to the staff should help Purdue's in-state recruiting.
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