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  1. The down side of this situation is, if you noticed... the kid got no back points!!!
  2. You just don't know who might be around the corner...
  3. Phil Friend was my college teammate back in the day and what's with all of these Barroquillo's???
  4. If you look close everyone in the picture has ringworm, so it's legit...
  5. Mario Lopez was an amateur wrestler for Chula Vista at the weight class of 160 lbs, and was also in his high school wrestling team, placing 2nd in the San Diego Section and 7th in the state of California in his senior year while attending Chula Vista High School, where he graduated in 1991...
  6. Yeah, I know Rex pretty well... you know Joe, that 1978 comment hurt my feelings...
  7. Hmmmmm... Rex Brewer, he ever do any wrestling???
  8. Ahhhhh, 7th annual for you! How silly of me!
  9. I don't think this is the "7th Annual for Past & Present State Champions Thread". It goes back a bit further than that...
  10. That’s why I’m not going this year...
  11. Well rest up and get better and you guys quit all this mess... Hang in there
  12. The crowd reaction was awesome! It was a great match!
  13. Hey, I'm no "Mark Hall wanabe", I'm the real deal! So name the place and the time Rocket Boy and get ready to be launched!
  14. I've gotten the suites before and they really don't care who's in the room. I'm sure if you don't make a commotion, you'll be fine. The only thing they wanted to know is if we wanted food catered... $$$$$$
  15. Of course not, I'm just questioning their choice of undesirables they have hanging on the wall...
  16. There must be a rodent problem in the wrestling room at Penn...
  17. That's funny, I had this conversation with someone earlier this season! Times have changed and ways have changed. Being coachable has a whole new meaning now!
  18. Actually Mad Dad was QD'd for an undergarment infraction (wasn't wearing any) and also gave up a team point for not having his shoe laces taped...
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