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Everything posted by Jimtown 138

  1. Of course not, I'm just questioning their choice of undesirables they have hanging on the wall...
  2. There must be a rodent problem in the wrestling room at Penn...
  3. That's funny, I had this conversation with someone earlier this season! Times have changed and ways have changed. Being coachable has a whole new meaning now!
  4. Actually Mad Dad was QD'd for an undergarment infraction (wasn't wearing any) and also gave up a team point for not having his shoe laces taped... 😉
  5. The funny thing about this whole deal is, the kid that got slammed popped up and was in position ready to wrestle! Was Dad suckin back on grandpa’s old cough medicine?
  6. This bickering is the real Mendez effect... See what you've started Mendez?
  7. 138 pounder in 1979, 195 pounder in 2020... That's almost a pound weight allowance per year...
  8. I wrestled in the "Al Smith" freestyle tournament in around 1976... So there's been a tournament called the "Al Smith" for many moons...
  9. Who came up with this genius rule? That is truly laughable...
  10. Jimmy you didn't explain anything, you just repeated what he said... Bang bang bang...
  11. Never heard of you guys...
  12. It's been a few years back, but I remember the weigh-ins being very vague...
  13. What is it that you want to see changed? On second thought, nevermind. I read your previous post....
  14. You do all of this pointless wrestling to have a college take notice of you and bless you with a scholarship.
  15. They have replay at the collegiate level.
  16. Well there it is... I would say the coach dropped the ball then.
  17. But wrestling didn't stop at that point because he had a chance to pin the guy, then transitioned straight to his own back. Where do you stop the motion?
  18. I would say if the guy winning had a pinning combination after his 2 reversal and 3 point near fall, and then transitioned straight to his back and pinned, then he lost. No questions asked. I don't think you can stop a pinning combination and say "he's up by 15!".
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