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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from parris58 in Top 5 ranked wrestlers with toughest gauntlet to win the title.   
    I'm down with the shock factor.
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from parris58 in Top 5 ranked wrestlers with toughest gauntlet to win the title.   
    Hopefully you're wrong.
    We as spectators want the excitement and possibility of an "underdog" winning if you will.
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from TeamGarcia in Top 5 ranked wrestlers with toughest gauntlet to win the title.   
    I'm down with the shock factor.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to TeamGarcia in Top 5 ranked wrestlers with toughest gauntlet to win the title.   
    What if one of these underdogs is #waltontrained and throws a "nasty Chinwhip City out of No where ? JS..... never know desperate wrestlers do devastating moves to Shock us all ..... ohhhhhhh the carnage
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    BreakfastClub reacted to backtothemat in what match does everyone want to see this weekend   
    Shaffer South Putnam 195 vs. anyone.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to MattM in State Records   
    IHSAA.org website under Wrestling.  It's at the bottom of the page.
    Some recent state finals info about individual wrestlers can be found on Trackwrestling still.
    There as also some team records and state placers available on this website by clicking on the information tab.
    For a more expanded look at records you may need to get a hold of one of the Indiana Wrestling Books (Echoes of an Elder, or Ready Wrestle) out there.  Both great sources of historic info, but they are hard to come by these days.  I'm glad I was able to get my hands on both of them.  Mater Dei also has a great history of their program called We Are...MD  that was published a few years ago.
    I believe Y2 and the other admins in their spare time are working on compiling some of that information for this website, but it is a daunting task to complete it all.
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from Hornet Coach in Who do you want in your corner Friday Night?   
    Pete McNamara- formerly of Beech Grove
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    BreakfastClub reacted to bluechipper in Blind draw for starting weight in the state tourney series.   
    If we were to choose a weight to go last, we'd have to look at each scenario and storyline in play.
    126 - Can Colton Cummings survive the war-zone that is this weight class and win a third state championship or will one of his worthy peers emerge victorious? There are six potential state champions in this weight, and it is nerve-wracking.
    138 - Brendan Black will most likely lie in wait to face off against the best of the #2, #3, or #4 trio for what would be an epic match no matter who's involved.
    145 - Jason Crary knocked off Kasper McIntosh at the Semi-State finals last weekend, and McIntosh has given returning champ, Brayton Lee, his closest match all year. While Brayton Lee looks to turn up the intensity, his foes are looking to give him all he can handle. Stranger things have happened at Bankers Life...
    152 - In what could be Joe Lee's final appearance at Bankers Life Fieldhouse (assuming he follows in his brother's footsteps), he looks to ascend to the top of the mountain with a more than capable group of challengers: #2 Noah Warren, #3 Kyle Hatch, and #5 Kenny Kerrn. Scoring a win over this Lee would be a monumental upset, but don't think it cannot happen. I understand there are true locks, but I'm hesitant to call Joe a definite lock. It's not taking away from his abilities or his accomplishments what so ever, but he has been beat before; twice last season to Jared Timberman and Austin Bethel, and twice in 2015 to Brandon James and Tommy Cash. Hatch, Warren, and Kerrn are all returning placers with Kerrn's lone loss coming from Hatch by a slim 6-4 decision, while Warren only carries a 10-6 loss to Brayton Lee. This weight class seems to have the highest stakes and the biggest star in Indiana to lead it. Can the Penn State commit keep his dominance in tact or will his reign come to an end? Some of you reading this may think it sounds silly, but I remember a forum said no one would come within four points Vinny Corsaro in 2014, he lost; 2015 for sure saw Brandon James claiming a brass ring, well, he was unable to; 2016, Kobe Woods was going to lock up with Mason Parris for the 220 lb. championship, but he didn't make it back... You see the trend? No one is 100% safe. Mason Parris would be as close as they come, but even then, I would like to think Larson poses as a worthy challenge. Back to the point, however, 152 has a lot of interesting stories alone and potential.
    195 - Can Tristen Tonte finally capture the proverbial brass ring or will Davison, Stewart, or Wilderman make the braided-haired warrior a three-time runner-up?
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from bgcoach in Who do you want in your corner Friday Night?   
    Pete McNamara- formerly of Beech Grove
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    BreakfastClub reacted to IndianaMudflap in Who do you want in your corner Friday Night?   
    Anyone have complete data sets for Sean McGinley, Jim Tonte, or Mike Goebel?  IndianaMat only has incomplete data for these 3, but they have very impressive Friday night marks in the incomplete data available.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to MOWrestler in Who do you want in your corner Friday Night?   
    This may be a matter of semantics, but I don't think it matters that much who you have "in your corner" on Friday night.  It DOES matter who you've had in your room ALL SEASON.  The staff for each of these successful coaches and how they use them is equally important too.  So I'd change the question to If you could send your kid to wrestle in any room in the state, where would it be?
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    BreakfastClub reacted to Mattyb in Middle schoolers who could place   
    Over the last 10 years I have been the iswa folkstyle developmental director, iswa kids director, middle school national team leader / coach, schoolboy national team team leader, and elementary national team team leader / coach. I will say that the list that Hector Mendez has put together in the youth forum is spot on. Any of the kids on his list could qualify with the right draws and if they were at least 106. Here is the link to that thread.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to Sig40 in Who's the best middle school wrestlers in Indiana?   
    Top 25
    Rank/ Name/ Grade/ Projected High School/ Current Weight/ Projected HS Weight/HS Current Ranking(2017/18)/2018 results

    1. Jesse Mendez--7th grade--Crown Point/Mount Carmel--107--(113-126)--MS
    (USA wrestling schoolboy 105 triple crown winner, 5X USA National Champ, Tulsa Champ, IHPO Champ, 2X Ohio TOC champ, 2X Middle School state champ, Super32-3rd, schoolboy Pan Am Greco gold medalist, undefeated at Middle School Nat duals(X2), undefeated at VAC holiday and NHSCA Duals(X2), undefeated in both styles at Schoolboy duals, ranked #39 on Flo Wrestling junior High Big Board, ranked #14 on Youth1 top 75 youth wrestlers, Schoolboy World Team member)
    2. Blake Boarman--8th grade--Mater Dei--117--(113)--#5–3rd Place
    (7-3 at VAC holiday duals, 6-1 at the Middle School duals, USA National Champ, Tulsa Champ, 1st, 2nd and 7th at Middle School State)
    3. Noah Mis--8th grade--Mount Carmel--110--(113)--IL(3A) #10–State Qualifier
    (9-1 at VAC holiday duals, 8-1 at NHSCA Duals, 8-0 at AAU Duals, 5-2 at middle school Duals, 3rd at USA Nationals, 1st, 1st, and 2nd at Middle School State)
    4. Raymond(Brock) Ellis--8th grade--Chesterton--144--(145)--#20–State Qualifier
    (7-1 at Greco Cadet Duals, 9-0 at VAC holiday duals, 7-0 at Middle School National duals, 2nd at Preseason Nationals and USA Nationals, Indy National Champ, 8th at middle school state)
    5. Evan Bates--8th grade--Chesterton--170--(170)--EC-SS-#5–Semi State Qualifier
    (8-0 in freestyle and 6-2 at Greco at Schoolboy duals, Middle School State Champ, 6-0 Christmas Duals, 5-2 at NHSCA duals, ISWA triple crown winner, 7-3 VAC Duals, 6-1 at Middle School National duals, Winter Nat. Champ, 5th Preseason Nationals)
    6.  Zeke Seltzer--7th grade--Cathedral--107--(113-126)--MS
    (3rd place in Freestyle Nationals, 9-0 at the NHSCA duals, Central Regional Champ, 7-1 schoolboy duals freestyle, 5-2 Middle school duals, 2X runner up at Middle school state, ISWA State Champ
    7. Cole Ross--8th grade--Mater Dei--115--(106)--#6–State Qualifier
    (9-1 at VAC holiday duals, 6-0 at Middle School National duals, Tulsa nationals 6th place, 1st and 3rd at Middle School state)
    8. Gavinn Alstott--8th grade--Floyd Central--105--(106)--#10–State Quslifier
    (8-0 at AAU middle school duals, 8-1 at NHSCA duals, 7-0 at Middle School National duals, 6-1 at Heartland Duals, 3rd at TOC, Middle School State placed 2nd, 2nd, and 5th)
    9. Kysen Montgomery--8th grade--Brownsburg--114--(106)--#4–5th Place
    (6-2 in freestyle at Schoolboy Duals, NUWAY national champ, Runner Up USA Nationals, runner up at TOC, Indy National champ, 7-1 at Heartland Duals, multi freestyle titles, 2nd and 5th at middle school state)
    10. Scott Fitts--8th grade--Mater Dei--135--(145)--#18–state qualifier 
    (Dixie National Champ, 9-1 at VAC holiday duals, 8-1 at the NHSCA duals, 8-0 at heartland Duals, 6th at Tulsa nationals, Preseason nationals 7th, 1st and 7th at Middle School state)
    11. Alex Cottey--8th grade--Perry Meridian--97--(106)--#5–2nd Place
    (8-2 at Disney Duals, 9-0 at the NHSCA duals, 7-0 Cadet Greco Duals, 8-0 Cadet Freestyle Duals, 5-2 Middle School Duals, 4th at TOC, Middle School State 2nd and 6th place, Multi ISWA triple Crown winner)
    12. Brady Mckivtz--8th grade--Avon--126--(120)--NR—didn’t wrestle 
    (Runner Up and 4th at USA Nationals, Indy National Champ, 1st, 7th, and 8th at middle school state, ISWA triple crown winner)
    13. Tyler Conley--8th grade--Avon--112--(113)--#11–State Qualifier
    (7-3 VAC holiday Dual, multi ISWA state champ, 3rd at NHSCA, Middle School State 3rd, 4th, and 7th)
    14. Jaden Reynolds--8th grade--Avon--130--(132)--#20–semi state qualifier 
    (Dixie Champ, Best of the Midwest Champ, 2016 Triple Crown Winner, Runner up at Middle School State)
    15. Ben Dalton--8th grade--Monrovia--95--(106)--#8–Semi State Qualifier 
    (7-3 VAC, multi ISWA triple crown winner, 2X Middle School state Champ)
    16. Tyler Turley--8th grade--Hobart--150--(145)--#13–Semi State Qualifier
    (9-1 at VAC, 8-0 at Heartland Duals, 3X USA National All American, Indy Nationals champ, 2nd, 3rd and 5th at Middle School state, multi ISWA state champ)
    17. Cheaney Schoeff--6th grade--Plainfield--85--(106)--MS
    (Middle School State Champ, 6-0 at Christmas Duals, 9-0 at VAC duals, 7-2 at the NHSCA duals, NUWAY Nationals Champ, 6-1 at Middle School National duals, 6-1 at Heartland Duals, multi time ISWA triple crown winner, 3rd and 5th at USA Nationals)
    18. Aiden Warren--8th grade--Perry Meridian--143--(152)--#19–State Qualifier 
    (8-1 at the NHSCA duals, 5th and 8th at middle school state, multiple ISWA state titles, 3rd at Preseason Nationals)
    19. Preston Teusch--8th grade--Huntington--90--(106)--#19–Semi State Qualifier
    (2X Middle School State Champ, 5-2 at Middle School Nat Duals, Dominate the Dells Champ, NUWAY national champ, Indy National Champ)
    20. Alec Freeman--8th grade--Mater Dei--89--(106)--NR—Behind Cole Ross
    (9-1 at VAC holiday duals, 5-2 at Middle school duals, 7-1 at Heartland Duals, multi ISWA state titles, 2nd, 3rd, and 7th at Middle School state)
    21. Robert Bowman--8th grade--Mount Carmel--156--(160)--NR in IL
    (Central Regional freestyle champ, 1st and 4th at USA National, Indy Nat champ, 7-1 at Heartland Duals, 8th at middle school state, ISWA triple crown winner)
    22. Johnny Parker--8th grade--Cathedral--143--(138-152)--NR—JV
    (6-1 at Middle School National Duals, USA National Champ, 3X ISWA triple crown winner, 2X Indy Nat Champ, Runner Up at Middle School State)
    23. Cameron Allen--8th grade--Plainfield--100--(106)--#15–Semi State Qualifier
    (Runner up at Flo Kickoff, 3X NUWAY national champ, Indy Nationals champ, ISWA triple crown winner, 2nd, 2nd, and 3rd at Middle School State)
    24. David Pierson--8th grade--Warren Central--98--(106)--#17–4th Place
    (7-1 in freestyle and 8-1 in Greco at Schoolboy National Duals, 5-2 at AAU duals, multi time ISWA state champ)
    25. Stephen Roberson Jr--8th grade--Portage--96--(106)--NR—behind Moran
    (6-1 at Middle School Nat Duals, 2X NUWAY Nat champ, 2X USA National All American, multi ISWA state champ, 1st, 3rd, and 4th at Middle School state)

    Updated on 12/15/2017

    Honorable Mention: (Munoz, Bryer Hall--(126, #16–6th Place), Ty Lehman, Koontz, Erb, Sanderfur, Muncie, Baumann, Duncan, Goodwin, Nelson, Wagner, Timmerman, Heath--(120, #19–State Qualifier), Ross--(113, #7–Semi state Qualifier), and Ison.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to leaveitonthemat in Blind draw for starting weight in the state tourney series.   
    Too bad we couldn't do it like the NCAA's and have the most anticipated match at the very end.  Think of how much more money would be made in concessions if Red/Lee was the last match last year.  Poor Samuels, when he threw Streck in the finals last year, only about 20 people saw it...but they went nuts! lol.
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from MOWrestler in Quality over Quantity   
    Nailed it.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to SIACfan in Quality over Quantity   
    Not trying to knock anyone or any team & yes it impressive to see what some of these schools accomplished, but quality verses quantity is often the difference between a good tourney team & a good dual meet team. It is why the team state champion is often not the state tournament champion.
    Not that you don't have to have quality for a team state title, but having tremendous depth (quantity) is more important in dual meet format. And vice-versa, having depth certainly comes in handy in a tournament but quality is more important.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to maligned in 1A Team State Qualifying: thru State   
    Funny. Normally they post them in excel format and I could create a pdf for release very quickly. Anyway, working on it.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to ontherise219 in SS Wrestler of the day   
    Burk is really tough. I'm not sure anyone is unbeatable. But both stock brothers have wrestled great all year. The last couple of weeks they have proved that they were severely under ranked by me. Hopefully they stay hot and can get under the lights Saturday. Many people will call this a upset based on a low ranking but they are proving that is where they belong good luck and keep grinding.
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from pritchem in Middle schoolers who could place   
    Ben Dalton at 106 
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    BreakfastClub reacted to FCFIGHTER170 in Some interesting stats going into state   
    Correct, Christian was 41-0 until the ticket round..
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    BreakfastClub reacted to MOWrestler in Middle schoolers who could place   
    I think both sides of this 'disagreement' about whether this is a 'good post' or not; or if it belongs in this forum or another one have some credibility.  Everything on these forums represent someone's OPINION. Feel free not to 'click' and open it if you think it doesn't belong here.... I will say at least it is talking about positive attributes of wrestlers.  Noticing someone's potential does not take away from the accomplishments of others.
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    BreakfastClub reacted to GrecoISU in Middle schoolers who could place   
    Who cares... If you don't like the post just move on.  It's not totally unrelated and can be an interesting discussion. 
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    BreakfastClub reacted to navy80 in Middle schoolers who could place   
    Great topic!  Kentucky always brings an 8th grader or two to the Mater Dei classic.  
    Zeke Esclara 106 from Union County is an 8th grader and tech falled Mater Dei's Hinderliter 23-6 and majored Raymond Rioux from Avon 14-6
    UC also brought 8th grader Payne Carr to the classic and he was pinned by Mater Dei's Matt Lee and then turned around and majored him 17-9 for 3rd.   
    Zeke is 45-0 and is the favorite to win the title.  Payne is 37-5 and should place.
    Back to the main question-
    Looking at some champions and placers track accounts it looks like some have beat or lost a close one to several 106lbers who are at state this year.  Ben Dalton just won middle school state and has a previous win over Drake Campbell.  
    Gavin Alstott who finished 2nd to Dalton, lost to Campbell 8-1 and Rioux 6-0.
    Cole Ross (Bloomington) who won Middle School State has a loss against Brayden Littell by pin and a 7-6 decision loss to Owen Sego.
    Blake Boarmen (Meter Dei) has a 14-7 loss to Alec Viduya. Has a 10-4 win over Brice Coleman. 6-4 and 9-1 win over Devin Casebolt.  8-1 loss to Asa Garcia when Asa was an 8th grader and Blake was a 6th grader.  
    Noah Mis (Griffin) has a win over Drake Campbell in greco
    The Jesse Mendez kid is an absolute beast for only a 7th grader.  What high school is he going to?  Possible 4Xer right there...
    I think several 8th graders could compete at a high level and possibly punch their ticket to the state finals.  
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    BreakfastClub reacted to busstogate in Middle schoolers who could place   
    So a hypothetical post hurt your butts?
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    BreakfastClub got a reaction from coach_worden in Middle schoolers who could place   
    Ben Dalton at 106 
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