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  1. My brakes are fine. It's not what was said, I think Gable is one of top high school wrestlers of all time. If you would have said the same comment I would not have a reply, I don't know you. Fabio has had some digs on Mason in the past, I think if you know someone on a personal level you shouldn't take shots at them. I would never say Brayton is not on the level with someone. Called respect!!!
  2. Why are you even bringing up Masons name? He is not even wrestling in this event. Plus we could give a shit what you think.. Don't bring his name up again Fabio or I might have to make a trip to Brownsburg!!!!
  3. We need some Brownsburg boys at 52 and 82? I will pick them up on the way through!!!!
  4. parris58

    Multi sport vs wrestling only

    Yea, he runs through them not over them. lol
  5. parris58

    Multi sport vs wrestling only

    Lawrenceburg- Mason Parris - 3x All State Football, Wrestling- 3rd,1st, 1st, Track- Hurdles and shot put State qualifier shot put
  6. parris58

    Zach Melloh of Cathedral commits to

    Congrats! Awesome, tough kid!!!

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