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  1. Stencel is a Bull, he pinned Mason twice last year. The second time was round of 12 to All-American. Extra size and strength has benefited Mason greatly from last year.
  2. Weighed around 235 lbs. Added some weight but most of all Strength, technique and confidence. No matter what confidence is the number one thing you've got to have. Thanks, we sill see CJ in Nebraska this Friday!!!
  3. Thanks for keeping up on Mason! He weighed in at 253 lbs. the other night against Iowa. Last 3 or 4 weigh-ins been at 255. Love following and seeing all the Indiana boys doing great in College. I'm Masons dad, Mark.
  4. My brakes are fine. It's not what was said, I think Gable is one of top high school wrestlers of all time. If you would have said the same comment I would not have a reply, I don't know you. Fabio has had some digs on Mason in the past, I think if you know someone on a personal level you shouldn't take shots at them. I would never say Brayton is not on the level with someone. Called respect!!!
  5. Why are you even bringing up Masons name? He is not even wrestling in this event. Plus we could give a shit what you think.. Don't bring his name up again Fabio or I might have to make a trip to Brownsburg!!!!
  6. We need some Brownsburg boys at 52 and 82? I will pick them up on the way through!!!!
  7. Yea, he runs through them not over them. lol
  8. Lawrenceburg- Mason Parris - 3x All State Football, Wrestling- 3rd,1st, 1st, Track- Hurdles and shot put State qualifier shot put
  9. My son Mason has been on Indiana Gold team the last 2 years and will be on it again this year. The tournament has been great , the coaches have been great no complaints here at all. It's been a great experience.... I also believe the best that Indiana can put on the mat should be on one team, and then have as many IN. teams as you want.
  10. Congrats to Breyden Bailey for his 4th semi-state championship. Hope to see him at the top of the podium Saturday night.
  11. Thanks a lot! He doesn't know yet. He is still deciding. He is keeping all his options open. He has had a few offers, waiting until his senior year.
  12. Parris did pin Schultz last time they wrestled, and was up in points! Have to agree with Y2J41, Schultz should be ahead in polls. Parris does 3 sports! Schultz trains at the Olympic center, big difference. If Mason decides to wrestle in college then we will see!!!!! Good Luck to all the wrestlers ranked, and to all those trying to make the rankings. It is a privilege to be considered.
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