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  1. You have to figure out which other sectional feeds in to your same regional. Sectionals are here: https://ihsaa.org/Sports/Boys/Wrestling/2019-20/State-Tournament#40232448-sectionals Regionals are here: https://ihsaa.org/Sports/Boys/Wrestling/2019-20/State-Tournament#40232449-regionals Then go to trackwrestling to see how the other sectional turned out per weight class you are interested in. THeir number 1 takes on your number 4, Their number 2 takes on your number 3, etc... Or you can wait until Tuesday.
  2. Fishers and Southport were both at Hurrle on 11/23 and Fishers did finish ahead of Southport in points, although it is true that the two teams did not meet at every weight class. On the other hand, Southport did win more of the head-to-head matches where they did wrestle. Sounds like a great dual! We could settle this at Bloomington South on Saturday! Rumor has it there are only three schools competing.
  3. I still can't get over how incredible he was at the state series. Did not give up a single point -- not even an escape. Tech-fall vs. Chundi and absolutely dominated Cottey. Bravo young man, and best of luck to you in the future.
  4. I recall going to a Mt. Vernon Jr. High dual (it was either 4 or 5 years ago). My first thought was where the heck is this school in the middle of nowhere, and then it quickly became "how are all of these kids so damn good"? While our kids were goofing off on the mat during warm ups, all of a sudden the lights dimmed and they played "My House" by Flo Rida overhead, and the MV kids came out circling our boys on the mat. Needless to say I was thoroughly impressed with the entire program, even if we got our tail handed to us.
  5. Brennen Cernus vs. Sam Goin When and where can we make that happen?
  6. While they are both amazing to watch, experience has to count for something. Moran is a senior, former State Champion, and already beat Zeke earlier this year. I'll take Moran at -185; who's covering?
  7. Nice Job. And THANK YOU for putting the ranking# off to the side of the wrestlers names! During the broadcast on Sunday they did not include the actual rank. I initially thought it was because the rankings may not be officially endorsed by the IHSAA, but Rakestraw and Goebel kept referring to the rankings over and over again. I really think if they would just include the ranking off to the side of their names (like they do in NCAA), it would make the pairings presentation make a lot more sense -- especially to someone who is not otherwise familiar with the wrestlers by name. T
  8. I know someone has a rule book....let’s here it. I thought it was something like ‘if an official sees the use of such suits, that wrestler is out of that tournament, even if they observe it hours before the dual begins.’ While no official observed it here, self reporting should not be discouraged (even if it was under 19 separate/isolated situations). From the loose facts we’ve heard, Carmel has done just that. The boys lost the “win”, so they won’t be able to tell a college recruiter they won 120 matches - that’s not insignificant. If the use of such suits is in fact so agreguo
  9. Y2 addressed that scenario above. The wins/losses will change, but the seeds won't change -- nor should they.
  10. That is a fair point. The Patriots didn't win because the balls were underinflated and the Carmel doesn't dominate because they wore sweat suits. They just both happen to be elite teams and fun to take a jab at sometimes. They will bounce back from this.
  11. Soooo....Carmel gets to put together a word document correcting who they say broke the rules? On 19 different occasions. No more, no less. And as best I can tell the seeding at sections changed not one bit.
  12. "forced to forfeit matches throughout 19 different competitions during the season" Does that mean it happened on 19 separate occasions (as in repeat violations), or that Carmel found out about 19 incidents all at once and then self reported? C'mon, Man! someone needs to write "no details" next to this story like dual results.
  13. Which is fair; however, it does not make sense to have some sectional's release their info today (like Castle's is) and some with a posted 'release info to public' on Friday.
  14. Trackwrestling sorta has that feature for most schools, but it is cumbersome and incomplete in most cases. From the main menu search ‘seasons’ then select 2018/2019 high school boys. Then you can search by team name. You can see roster, schedule, and individual matches.
  15. Thank you for saying that. To have a meaningful discussion about the topic, it only makes sense to talk about it in terms of percentages rather than pounds. Just like the two pound 'growth allowance' given to the kids after the first of the year. I have no problem with the concept, but do think giving a #106 an almost 2% allowance while giving the heavyweight .6% allowance seems silly. I have watched my wrestler over the past two months lose nearly 7% body weight by doing absolutely nothing other than conditioning with the pre-season & club team 5 days a week, and cutting out
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