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  1. This is rough... They can't even look at the bio of what high school they each went to? "Fellow townsperson"
  2. Negative. I'm contracted to Terre Haute South's JV Invite. Cascade is definitely in a nice range for travel. Let me know if you've got future dates, including dual meets.
  3. I sure am. If you want his name, it isn't hard to find. I have no idea his affiliations. My part of the conversation is over. All I'm trying to do is bring the conversation back to the rules. To me, he didn't look like he was trying to improve and that opened him up for a call like that. Personally, I probably would have called a stalemate quickly. But who knows, I'm at home watching it on my computer and not one of the best officials in the state this year officiating the State Finals. Better believe I'm working on it though!' Grab your pitchforks folks, it's looking like a witch hunt!
  4. Horrible situation. By looking at the video angle the official realized he's in danger and moves to position. The situation barely changes but he never leaves the pinning zone. From the time the situation started, official reacted, and slap of the mat, according to my stopwatch it was past 2 seconds. Let me be clear... No official ever wants to make that call, especially in the State Semi-Finals. But as officials we can't inject our feelings. Sadly he did pin himself. Note: As an official I'll speak up if I think it was called correctly if I happen to be looking at the forums. If I disagree with a call you won't see me tough the conversation with a 10 foot pole. You've gotta understand that!
  5. No, I'm telling you that you guys are ridiculous. I have no idea where he went to school 10,000 years ago (do you see how old he is?). Did he improve the situation of the front headlock? No. Case closed. Like it or not that call is one that is applicable.
  6. A point was awarded as there had been a warning.
  7. Now we've gone from calling out the integrity of the official to questioning the honor of the coach of the winning wrestler? You guys need to really check yourselves.
  8. Careful calling out the integrity of one of the most liked and successful officials in the state of Indiana. He's a great guy, has been around the block a time or two, and knows his stuff. Did Mulkey attempt to improve his positioning off of the front headlock? No. It doesn't matter if you agree fully with the call or not. It's clear he didn't try to improve so stalling is something that can be called. Could it have been called a stalemate? Of course.
  9. Agree. The question is, was he trying to improve his position. If he wasn't, it's stalling. Take everything else out of it. I watched it again. He made zero attempt to improve, and it wasn't being hindered by the other wrestler.
  10. Fighting for your kid and acting like that are two different things. I can't imagine the words that actually came out of his mouth.
  11. Indeed. But, it's a big building and he could easily just grab a ticket.
  12. I think Mulkey was on the throat, IMO it very easily could have been a penalty point.
  13. I assume a flagrant misconduct then?
  14. Did Snyder get hit with unsportsmanlike? I couldn't tell.
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