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State Records

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IHSAA.org website under Wrestling.  It's at the bottom of the page.



Some recent state finals info about individual wrestlers can be found on Trackwrestling still.


There as also some team records and state placers available on this website by clicking on the information tab.


For a more expanded look at records you may need to get a hold of one of the Indiana Wrestling Books (Echoes of an Elder, or Ready Wrestle) out there.  Both great sources of historic info, but they are hard to come by these days.  I'm glad I was able to get my hands on both of them.  Mater Dei also has a great history of their program called We Are...MD  that was published a few years ago.


I believe Y2 and the other admins in their spare time are working on compiling some of that information for this website, but it is a daunting task to complete it all.

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Every state qualifier and placer is in our database. You can go about finding a former wrestler one of two ways.


1. Go here and use the search in the upper right hand corner



2. Go to your favorite...or least favorite team and then click the "Click here to view more" under the championship history in the left column.


There may be a day when there is another book out there...maybe soon....maybe

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Thanks for that information.


What I'm looking for is individual season records (if there is such a thing): most pins, most takedowns, most tech falls, those sort of records. Is there a site I could find that type of information on as I didn't see it on the IHSAA website.

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As of 2013 here are the top pinners

Rank Pins Name School Grad Year
1 156 Angel Escobedo Griffith 2005
2 151 Lance Ellis Indianapolis Cathedral 1989
3 150 Andrae Hernandez Griffith 2004
4 144 Alex Tsirtsis Griffith 2004
5 135 Christopher Kasten Winamac 2005
6 132 Greg Schaefer Evansville Mater Dei 1998
7 125 Matt Coughlin Evansville Mater Dei 2005
8 123 Jason Cook Valparaiso 2002
9 120 Andrew Howe Hanover Central 2008
10 117 Craig Macke Evansville Mater Dei 2003
11 114 John Sheets Bellmont 2003
12 114 Blake Mauer Evansville Mater Dei 2004
13 113 Matt Fitzgerald New Castle 1994
14 111 Damon Hummel Rochester 1994
15 108 John Levitz Prairie Heights 1994
16 108 Matt Hasbrook Indianapolis Cathedral 2000
17 107 Kyle Meinika Columbia City 2004
18 106 Paul Gunsett Bellmont 1988
19 106 Shannon Stout Delta 1994
20 105 Tim Myers Bellmont 1995
20 105 Brennan Cosgrove Hobart 2008

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Some of these guys on this list aren't one the career win list, at this link: http://indianamat.com/index.php/page/career_wins.html

despite their pin totals putting them in or close to the top 100 of wins compiled. 

I noticed some missing freshman season from their records on this list also.  Who/how do we talk to to get those updated?

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