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  1. Scott Wilson, Rushville: 1989 runner-up@119lbs, season record 11-1
  2. Brad Traviolia, Wawasee. Big Ten Champ, NCAA Runner-up for Northwestern
  3. Al Morgan coached at Franklin Central and Warren Central. Won the state at Warren in 1980 and I believe was runner-up couple times at FC. Part of those years they only had 4 qualifiers per weight, so you made it, you medaled.
  4. His dad wasn't bad either! Other hometown favorites: Christian Brothers, Steve Morgan, Brian Johnson, Tim Bradley, Brent Suozzi, Damon Roessler, and Justin Arthur.
  5. I heard the assistant principal at the high school is amazing and knows a little about the sport. See if she can help!
  6. I don't know about other states, but when I coached in Louisiana, it was based on enrollment and structure of the building. Many of the smaller schools housed grades 7-12, 4-12, or k-12. If the junior high students were in the same building as high school students, they could participate in varsity athletics.
  7. Kurt and Billy's were both good. I'll add Matt Puckett and Tony Abbott to the conversation for the older generation. Both nasty in their own right.
  8. I agree, not to mention they have zero college coaching experience. Maybe someone can shed some light on all the comments that say the administration needs to be more supportive. Purdue pays more than most D1 schools, they have fairly new facilities and 9.9 scholarships. What else does the administration need to do for a program to be successful? Plenty of programs finished ahead of them in the NCAA's with less.
  9. O'Neil is from Griffith. Great showing yesterday for the Little Giants.
  10. Paul tied the match and Mac had him cut Lance to go for the win rather than try and ride him out for a tie (bouts could end in a tie back then in dual meets for all you youngsters). Paul did get a win against him later that year at Central Nationals in Madison, WI which helped get him a scholarship to Illinois.
  11. Ralph Edwards-not sure if he's still with Marion County Sheriff's Department; competes in triathlons Gary Pierson-Sheet Metal Worker's Local 20 leader Steven Bradley-Head Coach, Lincoln College Danny Coyne-USMC Ethan Harris-special education teacher South Grove Intermediate; Asst. Coach BGHS Matt Irwin-5th grade teacher South Grove Intermediate; Head Coach BGHS Carmen Hurley-Assistant Principal BGHS Todd Sacksteder-Athletic Director, Franklin County Greg Schaefer-All around good guy; Head Coach EMD
  12. Beech Grove's first three head coaches all had ties with Chauncey: Tommy Thompson, Bill Bane, and Pete McNamara.
  13. They have a pretty good middle school team this year too. Full line up with plenty of reserves and technically sound.
  14. Greenfield-Central 51, Beech Grove 28, at Greenfield-Central H.S., Greenfield, 1-17-13: [beech Grove wrestlers in Capital Letters; no Draw Weight listed.] 106 – DEMONTE DAWKINS pins Jacob Miller, 3:31. 113 – Taylor White wins by forfeit. 120 –BEN HARMON pins Kurt Miller, 3:37. 126 – EVAN SMILEY decisions Garret Mullins, 11-3, Major. 132 – Sam Locke pins NICK SLOAN, 1:40. 138 – Shawn Fogle decisions A. J. ELLIS, 6-4. 145 – TRE’VON SEVION pins Joey Musick, 2:41. 152 – Josh Ferrell pins CODY McCREARY, 0:08. 160 – DEION CONLEY pins Seth Gramberg, 5:18. 170 – Austin Rose pins AUSTIN ELLIOTT, 2:44. 182 – Cameron Knuckles wins by forfeit. 195 – Colin Dahlquist wins by forfeit. 220 – Dylan Denny wins by forfeit. 285 – Tyler Beason wins by forfeit.
  15. Franklin Central 58, Beech Grove 15, at Franklin Central H.S., Indianapolis, 1-15-13: [beech Grove wrestlers in Capital Letters; no Draw Weight listed.] 106 – DEMONTE DAWKINS decisions Justin Means, 7-0. 113 – Cornelius Elliott decisions TAZ YOUNG, 6-4. 120 –Andrice Martin pins BEN HARMON, 4:23. 126 – EVAN SMILEY pins Travis McMillian, 4:39. 132 – Jordan Vaughn pins NICK SLOAN, 2:30. 138 – Kevin Groves decisions A. J. ELLIS, 15-3, Major. 145 – TRE’VON SEVION decisions Garrett Wilson, 7-1. 152 – Evan Rigel decisions DEION CONLEY, 9-3. 160 – Zach Labens pins CODY McCREARY, 1:16. 170 – Taylor Sumner pins AUSTIN ELLIOTT, 0:27. 182 – Jacob Imbro wins by forfeit. 195 – Mike Riffle wins by forfeit. 220 – Seth Vaughn wins by forfeit. 285 – Evan Ewers wins by forfeit.
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