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  1. Alright Ladies and Gentleman, It's time for the Mudflap's favorite post of the year. Back in the old Merrillville Semi-State days we used to experience lots of overcrowding issues. We had dirty Region mill workers sitting right on top of toothless Logansport Regional farmers in their overalls. It was chaos. Our old friend HOWDOG offered up the most genius solution to the overcrowding issue. If the Logansport Regional teams would leave the bus running so they could quickly vacate the premises after their rude welcoming to Region wrestling, we could clear the place out and have more sp
  2. For those who don't want to take the time to read all those words.. It sounds to me like your strategy to get kids more interested in wrestling and more opportunities to wrestle in college is to wrestle LESS. Eliminate opportunities and this will somehow make more kids want to try the sport and more college coaches want to give opportunities to Indiana kids?
  3. Also, based on Fort Wayne Semi-State only winning 20 matches on Friday night, why not have categories for the semi-states? Evansville, New Castle, and East Chicago took Fort Wayne's lunch money and I'm sure there were state qualifiers at Fort Wayne who had no business even making the ticket round at the other three sites.
  4. Should have said, "only sum the expected SSQ of the teams who actually got a guy to semi state". The teams who don't get a SSQ are irrelevant to the regional's strength.
  5. Maligned, So are you agreeing with me about only summing the scores of the teams who got a SSQ?
  6. Maligned, The same question that I have still holds. What difference does it make whether the 9th best guy in a Regional is the worst wrestler in the state or an above average wrestler? In either scenario, he's not even at the Regional to add to its difficulty. Path difficulty, I will argue, should be calculated by how tough are the teams who are getting the lions share of the SSQ? If your argument is that "they're in the regional and we have the data so why exclude the bottom teams?", then my retort to that would be "only sum the genius scores of the teams who actually got a guy to
  7. The problem is that by doing a simple average, you're weighting the bottom 10 teams equally with the top 6. Find out what % of SSQ the top 6 teams get and weight their scores to that percentages. The bottom teams make no difference whether they're the worst team in the state or an average team, the quality of the top 6 absolutely matter.
  8. I don't think we are leaving any valuable data out is my point. It's possible that we could have "addition by subtraction" in terms of less data being more predictive in this case.. I'm arguing that the data you are valuing, namely the bottom 10 teams in a regional is irrelevant. The difficulty of the path to semi state is a function of how good the top 4 or 6 teams are, since they are getting almost all of the SSQ.
  9. I disagree. Whether a kid is 5th best or 9th best, doesn't really matter. He doesn't qualify for the next level in either example. I'd argue it's harder for an individual to advance in a regional with 4 top 5 teams in it than one with 9 above average teams in it but no top 25 teams.
  10. That's fine but the same logic holds.. why average ALL of the regional teams "predicted qualifiers in an average tournament"? Why not only take into account the top 4 or top 6 teams since they get the majority of the SSQ?
  11. Maligned, Here's at least something to consider... if we are looking at how difficult it is for the 5th best kid to get out of sectional or regional, why are we averaging the genius scores from EVERY team in the sectional or regional? Play along for a minute... let's say the Calumet Regional had Brownsburg, Portage, EMD, and Merrillville. It also had 12 Hammond Bishop Noll and Whiting lookalikes. The average would be dragged way down, but the overall quality of this regional's advancing wrestlers would be off the charts and it would be extremely difficult to crack the top 4 for any of the
  12. That explains why his placer to qualifier ratio is so ridiculous.
  13. Can anybody tell me about Al Morgan and Norm Willey? Their stats are ridiculous, but I've never heard of either. Any old-timers have any stories about these two? Who did they coach for?
  14. Only have very limited data for Royce. Do you have his full career data in the above format?
  15. When was Balash's last season and how many champions? Ramos 2x Galka 2x Cosgrove 1x Porras 2x Anyone else?
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