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  4. Avon and Brownsburg will run varsity and JV at the same time on two mats starting at 6:30.
  5. Congrats to Ray and his entire family! Great kid and great family! Coach Warthan and the Hounds putting together a really nice class so far!!!
  6. Well... this escalated quickly! As a parent of a wrestler that has been through the entire elementary wrestling scene and now the middle school scene, I feel like I have seen and heard it all at this point on the youth level. I think we can all agree and understand that every parent wants to do what they think is best for their child. I have had to make numerous decisions on what tournaments to attend, what teams to wrestle for, what weekends to take off, etc and make those decisions fully knowing that some people will be upset with the choices that I make. I guess its all "part of the game." With that being said, I do understand the idea JMILL is trying to make about loyalty. There have absolutely been teams, coaches, organizations that have provided opportunities over the years that have been invaluable. As my son has gotten better and better, I still try to help those groups or people out when we can. The ISWA being one of those groups. I don't agree or like every decision the ISWA has made over the years, but I also appreciate dearly the opportunities they have provided for my son. I also know they are going to continue to provided outstanding opportunities for my son in the coming years, both on the mat and off. Over the course of an entire year, I see it as a privilege and honor to go wrestle for Team Indiana at the Heartland Duals for one weekend. My son loves the trip and I do to. We have always had great competition at this dual and the friendships made at the arena and hotel will last a lifetime for us. Even if the wrestling wasn't at the highest level (though I would argue that it is...), what is problem with taking one weekend to support our state association? There are 51 other weekends available to go wrestle at what you perceive to be a "better tournament", We have wrestled at every national tournament you can image and even multiple tournaments overseas. Ask my son to rank his top five experiences, and I can guarantee Heartland Duals would make that list. So I guess what I am most confused by, are the lines by K,hudd that "the kids deserve better" and "we don't need 'Team Indiana' to win a national title". I strongly feel the kids aren't issue in this statement, this is a parent issue. Every weekend of the year you can go wrestle at a "national tournament' and gain the title "National Champion" without Team Indiana even remotely being apart of that experience. However, if you look at the long road and big picture, you will need "Team Indiana" on your singlet to go compete for a true national title that matters at Fargo... However, to each their own. Like I said previously, we all have to make decisions that we feel are best for our kid at the time and not everyone will agree with them. I agree with Mattyb though... don't come on to a thread celebrating what one group did and disparage that group, this behavior won't help resolve any unity issues! Just my two worthless cents... Jason Schoeff
  7. Heartland Duals is always one of our favorite weekends of the year! Hopefully the boy earns his way onto the team again this year! Highly recommend this trip to anyone sitting on the fence about going!
  8. Very well ran tournament. Thanks to everyone at RWA for putting this together and giving us an opportunity to get some good quality preseason matches in. Started on time and kept moving... we will be back next year!
  9. A huge "thank you" and "great job" to all the ISWA folks that worked tirelessly to put this together. I thought yesterday ran very smooth and was well organized. Should be another great trip out to Council Bluffs! Congratulations and good luck to all the wrestlers and coaches next month!
  10. The traffic is so bad on US 36 I don't even know how JMill and the Brownsburg people can make it down to Avon HS... just brutal for them... brutal!!! #congestedroadsAvon #smoothsailinginBburg
  11. Not a horrible thought and can understand that line of thinking, but as someone that has boys going through one of the above academies not sure it is necessarily true. At almost every single freestyle or greco tournament last spring over half the bracket was always kids from our academy (this includes both state finals). I can only speak to our academy, but most of our kids do go to the local freestyle and greco tournaments.
  12. Another great ran tournament by the folks at Brownsburg. Weigh in's went very smoothly, brackets were created and up quickly on track. Good work gentlemen! Only complaint would be too much mic time for JMill and not enough mic time for Fabio Jr...
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