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    Fabio is my hero
  1. Heartland Duals is always one of our favorite weekends of the year! Hopefully the boy earns his way onto the team again this year! Highly recommend this trip to anyone sitting on the fence about going!
  2. CasualObserver

    Rumble @ "The Region" Oct 22&23

    Very well ran tournament. Thanks to everyone at RWA for putting this together and giving us an opportunity to get some good quality preseason matches in. Started on time and kept moving... we will be back next year!
  3. CasualObserver

    Heartland Duals Team Indiana Rosters

    A huge "thank you" and "great job" to all the ISWA folks that worked tirelessly to put this together. I thought yesterday ran very smooth and was well organized. Should be another great trip out to Council Bluffs! Congratulations and good luck to all the wrestlers and coaches next month!
  4. CasualObserver

    Brownsburg Folkstyle Open

    Another great ran tournament by the folks at Brownsburg. Weigh in's went very smoothly, brackets were created and up quickly on track. Good work gentlemen! Only complaint would be too much mic time for JMill and not enough mic time for Fabio Jr...

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