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  1. Trey Lane, 2x MS State Champ, 1x Runner Up as 6th grader. I am sure there is a lot of 2x but only 3 - 3x
  2. Michigan just pulled Mason Parris redshirt vs Oregon State. Mason got the 10-4 win on 2018 AA 3rd placer Dhesi
  3. Congratulations Carson and Brewer Family
  4. Will the school be live streaming it again? People in Florida would like to know, so we can watch
  5. I was thinking Greeeeeg, as in “Hit him with your flute, Greg!”
  6. Florida does it’s on a Free Facebook page... but they charge you to see rankings via another site
  7. Team State Results Brownsburg defeated Perry Meridian 32-26 195 - Austin Lane (Perry Meridian) over Andrew Glaze (Brownsburg) Dec 4-3 220 - Frank Hammond (Perry Meridian) over Lawson Aiken (Brownsburg) Fall 0:38 285 - Reily Peterson (Brownsburg) over Sam Jones (Perry Meridian) Fall 1:19 106 - Alex Cottey (Perry Meridian) over Robbie Johnson (Brownsburg) TF 24-7 113 - Kysen Montgomery (Brownsburg) over Ceu Kung (Perry Meridian) Dec 7-2 120 - Sam Fair (Perry Meridian) over Drake Campbell (Brownsburg) Dec 8-4 126 - Ty Mills (Brownsburg) over James Stu
  8. Wrestling4EVER ... I fixed the scoring math for you
  9. Evansville SS at 126 is a nightmare... Mooresville Reg....Garcia #1, Mills #7, Denny #12 Jeffersonville Reg...Rooks #2 Castle Reg....Egli #4,Willis #9
  10. Damn can’t believe I forgot about him....my bad
  11. Evansville Semi State @ 126lb Willis #1 seed out of his regional..."should be" Rooks #1 seed out of his regional...."should be" Mills and Garcia will face at sectional then regional and one of them will be a #2 seed...one of them could face Willis or Rooks in ticket round at semi state
  12. No, such thing as Hendricks County Schools Corporations...it would just be Hendricks County Schools There is a Avon Schools Corporations, Brownsburg School Corporation, even a Mills Creek School Corporation and so on LOL
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