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  1. CFleshman

    Churubusco vs. Fairfield

  2. What a day for this unseeded team taking 5th place. Now 10-7 on the year. With losses to 1A Champ North Posey 1A 4th Place Prairie Heights. 2A Champ Bellmont 2A runner up Garrett 2A 4th place Columbia City and 3A Carroll. Our strength of schedule helped us today. Great job boys.
  3. Carroll(Fort Wayne)
  4. CFleshman

    Churubusco vs. West Noble

  5. CFleshman

    Churubusco vs. Angola

  6. CFleshman

    Churubusco vs. Lakeland

  7. Spencer Ritcher is the new head coach at Central Noble HS.
  8. Levi Leffers Football and Track Tanner Schoeff Soccer and Baseball Giran Kunkel posibly Baseball Austin Moore Unified Track
  9. I would guess The Carroll regional would get BLANKED as well then.
  10. Central Noble
  11. Don't put ff on small schools. There's a lot of large school that cannot fill a full lineup also.
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