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  1. It would be interesting to know how many schools in general have lay coaches. Not many kids are going the education route for their future. Let alone giving back to the sport bye coaching. Look at all the former studs they all go to schools that are already successful. So that leaves us old guys to try and manage our own family plus work outside of the school to keep a school from dropping a struggling program with 10-15 kids on a good year.
  2. So one out of 14 is good In your mind. That is what's best for the team than right? I would have taken Levi Leffers over most 220 pounders also. That was an exceptional group for 3 years. 20 plus years to have something special like that. Small schools can have success. Unfortunately just not very often.
  3. So lets say Prairie Heights wrestling Carmel in a dual meet isn't fair. But Prairie Heights being in the same Sectional is ok. A smart kid at a small school is above average at a large school. Class team sports has brought alot of small communities together.
  4. I believe you are very naive about the number 2 kids at MD Cathedral Brownsburg Carmel Crown Point Penn and alot of others . They have kids that would beat most small school starters.
  5. I would bet most coaches encourage kids to wrestle in iswa events. The two schools I have been associated with for the last 36 years both small schools. They have family's that can't afford all the expenses that go along with that in today's time. 20 years ago when you could drive 30-40 minutes to get 4 or 5 matches. Now it's 3 or 4 total. Our Jr High will wrestle 15 matches by the end of next Friday. A Sunday tournament is just not feasible right now. Youth kids need solid practice time before they head out to a tournament. It would be nice to have some beginners tournaments up
  6. The disadvantages of small school athletes. 1 Facilities 2 Coaches 3 Athletes 4 Money 5 A winning mind set most small schools in any sport don't have a long winning tradition. Are athletes come in waves every 4-6 years. Not yearly.
  7. Yes and today's kids are wrestling year around with all kinds of high end coaching and practice partners. Back in the old days kids were working on the family farms everyday. Most likely before school and after. It shouldn't be harder to put on a singlet at any size of school. Only 14 get the opportunity. Doesn't matter if you have 14 kids or 75 kids on your team people seem to think it's equal opportunity for everyone to have success. There's so much more that people don't see or comprehend it's actually kind of funny. The big schools do have jv kids that would be beat state qualifiers from s
  8. Well said. Most small school kids don't even think about state titles. Fort Wayne Semi State is probably the exception because it mostly 1A and 2A schools. There was a post after state about moving the Frankfort Sectional to Ft Wayne. That would be a genius thing to do. That Sectional alone has a greater student population than half of the semi state already. But school size doesn't matter since it's a individual sport.
  9. ABSOLUTELY false because we all know the 106 from Carmel and the 106 from Churubusco have equal opportunities to become an elite wrestler.
  10. There are many things people that have never been involved with a small school program don't understand and never will. The numbers speak for themselves a 2 class system would be awsome. Why are big schools apposed of class wrestling? They get to pick off all the small school kids during the state tournament. That would change if we classed. The numbers will show this clear back to sectionals.
  11. Silas is definitely special. He has accomplished more than most will ever dream of. Has there ever been a small school wrestler with his accomplishments before? I personally can't remember anyone close to him.
  12. I agree on a lot of these things. I just watched one of my former wrestlers get into the Hall Of Fame. Cale didn't have it easy by no means. Being a 3 sport athlete. In his best season his team won 2 dual meets. He averaged 6 kids on the team through HS. Don't tell me about working harder or traveling been there done that. There is that everyday workout partner and the endless amount of assistant or volunteer coaches involved. I've been coaching small schools for 30 plus years. It's not been easy but the young men that I have coached are some of the hardest working wrestlers out there. I have
  13. For all of those people that think school size and location doesn't matter. Please move your child to a small rural school out in the middle of a corn field 2-3 hours away from all or just any Academies to wrestle at on any given day of the week. Then throw in the other sports they most likely are involved in. If small school kids knew the had a chance to win a state title there would be more emphasis on club and off season wrestling. Which would increase those numbers as well. It would also keep those coaches more involved year around. The numbers don't lie big school
  14. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to this by my Coach Phil Gibson in 1986. Haven't missed any since. 1 trip as a wrestler and 9 as a coach. Still miss Market Square
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