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  1. He was sick last year but is much better now. I know he is on here and might respond in more detail. It’s a pretty incredible story.
  2. Returning Window Shopper-Blaze Garcia Don't sleep on Griffin Ison
  3. That year he worked hard and kept he weight down. Stayed around 280 or below.
  4. Met with @TeamGarcia last night. He updated me on Blaze, KT and every other mysterious questions I had. He also told me who was going to punch their ticket to state in every weight class so I no longer have to make the trip to semi state or pay for the live stream. He is working on getting a physical location for his business.
  5. No doubt Cheaney has a great new nickname now in the “super frosh”.
  6. Since Coach Moore said Walton I’ll go with another one of my Bulldogs in Ty Mills. 2x Runner up and 2x 3rd.
  7. My vote would be Asa. Why- state resume, good kid on/off the mat, gives back to the sport, how much he improved, made his teammates better, and most importantly he lives in the # county.
  8. At the Avon 132 you have 3 guys with multiple medals in Garcia(Avon), Campbell((Brownsburg), and Boe (Plainfield).
  9. Great read on a good group of kids. I hated to hear Trae is out for the season. Always disappointing to see someone work so hard and get a bad hand like that.
  10. In my opinion I enjoy the bye. It gives our guys a chance to recover, nap and eat. We have them leave the area and sit in the lobby and usually take them outside to get some fresh air during the bye. Even though we don’t pull into the school until 1 am I think the byes help keep guys excited, energized and “fresh”. It can be rough to have an emotional win or lose and turn around and wrestle again. Either way it is a great event with some fantastic wrestling. Thanks to those who run it and put it together!
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