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  1. 84Coach

    Needing officials

    Needing officials 11.17 @ Cascade HS
  2. I believe just Cascade & Frontier... Trying to get it together...interested?
  3. 84Coach

    J.D. Minch

    JD are you available 11.17?
  4. 84Coach

    John DeLisle

    John are you available 11.17?
  5. Cascade HS is hosting Quad Duals Sat 11.17.18! Need teams to fill open slots, looking for 3-4 teams looking to get 3-4 matches on opening day! Please reach out to travis.hutchison@agsystems.com & ametzger@mccsc.k12.in.us if interested in joining us! Also looking for semi local teams to fill a individual dual slot during the season...
  6. 84Coach

    Boonville needs a Team for Pioneer Duals

    Whatr date?
  7. 84Coach

    2018-2019 Looking for Multiple Duals

    Coach, Cascade has some open dates we may be able to help eachother with.
  8. 84Coach

    Cascade HS Open Dates

    Cascade HS is looking to fill a few open dates.. Looking for a Sat Duals or Invite 11/17 Looking for Sat Dual or Invite 12/15 Looking for a Dual Dec 4th,5th,or 6th... Looking for a Dual Dec 11th,12th, or 13th
  9. 84Coach

    Coaching positions.

    Cascade HS and MS have open positions. Shoot me a text and we can discuss 317 418 5611.. We are a Hendricks County School.
  10. A growing Cascade Wrestling Program is looking to fill several PAID positions. Mill Creek Community School systems (Cascade District) has several positions available... For updated Teaching positions see link below: http://mccsc.k12.in.us To discuss coaching positions please contact Travis Hutchison 317-418-5611 60 Youth Wrestlers in our club program! Strong Group of MS Wrestlers! Hand full of talented guys at the HS level! Hosts an annual ISWA tournament! Two brand new roll-out mats! Huge Wrestling room being remodeled!
  11. Coach P. Thanks for having us. Great environment, lots of matches quickly, see you in a couple of weeks!
  12. Travis Hutchison Head Coach Cascade High School travis.hutchison@agsystems.com
  13. Coach Go ahead and put Cascade down for Elementary Duals for each of the dates above. And thanks for the email!
  14. Coach Cascade is interested in the elementary duals. Please email me info, as I couldn't open the document. travis.hutchison@agsystems.com
  15. 84Coach

    Indiana Wrestling League

    What are the weight classes? What days are the meets? Last year we had 4 internal dual teams K-6th that competed in house. Cascade Head Coach Travis Hutchison

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