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Everything posted by JMILL

  1. huh ???? but the public address guy, the jumbo-tron and the interweb all said it was his first year....... you have to be wrong
  2. JMILL

    Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee

    Just a public service announcement that @BackyardChamp is NOT the official spokesperson for Dogs Wrestling or # TheCounty and no @Mattyb I do not know who this person is, but they are burning up their keyboard with a solid count of first week posts ....... amirite @UncleJimmy
  3. JMILL

    Impact freshman

    so @BrennanFan 's real name is Zane ? LOL
  4. JMILL

    Suite Tickets

    I got $20 to throw at you Friday nite so you can put that towards the suite seats
  5. JMILL

    Saving Seats

    is space an issue or is it just a comfort/preference thing ?? I kid cuz I love ya buddy !!!! and I am still mad you are not gonna be there this year instead wearing your required uniform in support of the daughter !!!
  6. I have never had the opportunity to meet Jon, but Joe and Ike are great people so I would have to assume Jon is as well. Above and beyond the great athletic talents of Ike are his ever present smile. If you ever see this kid he is always smiling and has nice respectful pleasant things to say to everyone. Great family for sure !!! Good luck this wknd to both boys
  7. JMILL

    Most Falls - Season

    not sure of the # but Keys of Brownsburg would have to be a front runner. Kid pins every time I look over at the mat !!! That's #BigD right there !!! #PainTrain
  8. After MS state we have quickly finalized the teams with firm commitments from all of the below kids to finalize the rosters. It should be noted that this is the quickest we have gotten all commitments locked down and to my recollection the most 1st and 2nd place finishers to make up the teams. I have to admit I was skeptical about the early weigh ins affecting this and it appears it had no affect on getting the best kids to participate in the Team IN teams for Heartland Duals so to Center Grove people I say thank you for all you have done to make this years MS state a success. With that being said here are the MS teams: GOLD BLUE 75 Tye Linser Isaac Ash 80 Seth Syra Jairo Acuna 85 Preston Haines Evan Seng 90 Coy Hammack Bryce Denton 95 Blake Wolf Gavin Whitehead 102 Cheaney Schoeff Hayden Brady 110 Sergio Lemley Cole Solomey 117 Lane Gilbert Jeb Prechtel 125 Hunter May AJ Cashman 132 Kaden Lone Reed Brandenburg 140 Drew Mills Makai Smith 150 John Purdy Cody Goodwin 160 AJ Steenbeke Cael Albaugh 175 Seth Willems Van Skinner 195 Leighton Jones Royce Deckard 220 Greg Johnson Sam Mossoney 275 Richie Pena Edgar Decker Coaches: Sean Schmaltz Tyson Skinner Trent Worden Wyatt Seng
  9. Congrats Silas, great kid (humble, polite & very respectful), great wrestler is just icing on the cake !!! Will enjoy watching you on BTN for next several years for sure. Congrats Eric be proud and good luck going forward to both of you guys !!!
  10. JMILL

    From 22-16 to 31-1

    Babcock is a diamond in the rough. I tried to get him to travel to Virginia Beach a few years ago with Contenders WA MS team and they felt like they were not ready for that type of a trip just yet, but I knew after looking at him in person and seeing him wrestle some matches at Winter Nationals he was more than ready and would make for a great wrestler. Good Job kid and good luck going forward.
  11. JMILL

    Evansville Semi- State

    I mean lets be serious @Sig40 jesse was really not very good until he got some @Fabio Jr. coaching that year and his game seemed to get to the next level from there, but I am a #homer I guess.... hahahahahahaha #Weisjahn
  12. Council Bluffs Iowa and last year there were 38 teams from approx. 30 different states from all over the country.
  13. JMILL

    Who had a great day at regionals

    I used to think the avon popcorn was the best cooked by Mrs. Blevins...….. but that Mooresville corn was it !!!!!
  14. JMILL

    Did Fabio get a girlfriend or something?

    I have heard he is possibly involved in an internet dating site for people seeking other people who love cats. They have frequent cuddle puddle's at a cat sanctuary downtown near Mass ave area at a place called "TOTS". I hear he is really enjoying his time there and thinking of making it a permanent part of his life. I guess his new found life is making him very happy these days !!!!
  15. JMILL

    Team State updates

    and there it is....... nice work @lewdwar.... way to not disapoint @Mattyb @decbell1 he is not serious he is addressing his long standing issues with elementary team state and the teams trying to fill open spots by using wildcards (some in the past have used wildcards in place of their own club kids and he takes issue with that).
  16. JMILL

    Trophy chasing???

    @Mattyb this is the very definition of "stirring the pot"
  17. JMILL

    Middle school predictions

    @AdamsCoBuschhh the middle school season has 70 as a weight class, but MS State starts at 75. This aligns better with USAW Heartland MS duals, USAW MS National duals. Simply put the MS season is kind rogue on rules for weight classes for dual meets and invites so the only thing consistent in MS wrestling is inconsistency.
  18. JMILL

    Middle school predictions

    @AdamsCoBuschhh 75 has been the lowest starting weight class for a long time...... this is not a change
  19. Great kid, congrats man......now my son will need a new ride to and from practice so we are taking applications ???
  20. JMILL

    #11 Port @ #16 CP

    Mendez by major is likely. Kid is a beast and has a gas tank that is relentless. All started for him in 6th grade wearing purple !!!
  21. JMILL

    #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei

    uhhhhh..... you now owe Michael Buffer $17.48 for using his tag line..... worth it however !! Can someone please post the link where this will be streamed ?
  22. JMILL

    #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei

    what will the link be for the live stream ? Is this a @Fabio Jr. & @ontherise219 production ?
  23. I can tell you this after being there and watching Matt Lee, he was in a class all to himself for sure !!! Great performance, kid and family

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