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  1. There is that Avon education getting put to good use, can't count to 3! Wait, he's at the burg and we're teammates with TeamGarcia & MattyB too, WHAT?!?!? I'm surprised this is not the predictions of @TeamGarcia @Mattyb & @JMILL: 1A - Hendricks County 2A - Hendricks County 3A - Hendricks County 4A - Hendricks County I'm gonna root for the Dogs to take home 4a and would love to see Columbus East come home with the 3a title! Every team in the 1a and 2a are winners to me as well, great exposure! Best of luck to all the teams participating an
  2. This is a great trip to help get your young wrestler to the next level. Ty took this trip his 8th grade year and had a blast. I was amazed at his maturity level and his wrestling abilities when he got back. He went on to place at Pre-Season nationals and several other national tournaments in the months following. There was a great mixture of Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco and he wrestled some of the top tier kids in the country. Most of all, he really made some life-long friends that he still talks to today. It's such an awesome feeling to be at some of his college tournaments and run in
  3. I thought the same thing! These girls are tough as nails and exciting to watch, even back in their ISWA days. I've always wondered what a weeknight might be like in the Hildebrandt family... if Drew or Sarah popped off a wise crack against each other! Move the furniture out of the way, it's on!!!
  4. Thanks... Ty's dinged up at the moment, but should be back in the lineup within the next week. He's been taking some good beatings, but looking better every match and learning!!! The scores may look pretty bad, but he's learning how to score and screw the boring 1-0 matches... score, score, score!!! The dual tomorrow with Pitt should be on the ACCNX, but I don't think Duke has any primetime duals scheduled this year. The ACCN is still dominated by football and basketball, but hopefully with the ACC knocking on the door with 5 top 25 teams in wrestling, it will fix itself. Next year, Duke
  5. I think they are still getting things figured out with redshirts and the weights. He won his initial wrestle-off at 141, but another kid who has been 149 may be dropping to 141 and Ty lost that match at a 146 catch-weight. He's a tiny 141 and would probably drop to 133 if the coaches thought that was in the team's best interest, but I know they are trying to bulk him up. He wants to be in the starting lineup and we'll just have to compare the results over the next several tournaments and see what shakes out before our dual season starts. Either way, just glad he's back on the mat and ready
  6. The state got shutout at the Battle of the Citadel... @141 Ty Mills, Duke draws 2x NCAA Qualifier and NCAA All-American, #15 Sa'Darien Perry as his first collegiate match and loses 0-6. Then gets majored his next match for the official dip. Almost 18 months since he last competed, so happy to see him back on the mat. @149 Bryton Goering, Presbyterian loses his first match and is winning his consolation match, but gets caught. Oh well... tough day, but getting better and Duke will be at the Mountaineer Invite next week.
  7. I don't want to speak on behalf of his family, but I believe he had to medically retire due to his injury last year. He's still at Duke and was cheering on the team during wrestle-offs last weekend. He is a great kid and partner and it sucks that he won't be with the team this year.
  8. Now you know I how felt when Miranda weighed in at 106 Ty's freshman year at our Dual... I was like, well... let's get it on! No where to run, no where to hide! It set the tone for the next 3 years, wrestle the best and see where you shake out! I'd bet we get 3 NCAA Champs from Hendricks County: 125 - Hudkins, 133 - Garcia, 141 - Mills (just don't tell the Red and Lee kids about our plans!)
  9. Asa got it done when it mattered the most... the battles between Ty and Asa were both awesome and gut wrenching as a parent. Those two were battle tested when it came time for the State Series and it shows with their results. Neither had any fear when we saw each other in the Dual, County, Conference, Sectional, Regional, Semi-State and State! @TeamGarcia and I would just smile at each other win or lose because there is no better way to get better than to see that type of competition week in and week out. Do I wish a couple of those red rings were blue, absolutely... but I am extremely pro
  10. Ty is red-shirting this year at 133/141, but 2 days before their first Open of the year at Virginia Tech he got banged up. He's still recovering and may end up with a medical red-shirt this year. He's been able to get a little practice over the past few weeks, but still showing symptoms of his injury and not fully cleared yet. Jeremiah was ready to battle it out this year at 133, down from 141 last year. However, he sustained a pretty severe concussion around the same time Ty went down. He's been recovering from it since and I'm not sure if he'll be cleared after break or not.
  11. Congrats to Carson... very tough kid and well deserved! Good Luck!
  12. Wow... we're very humbled by the recognition Ty's received this week. Without all the folks involved with the Dream Team Classic, all of this would have never been possible. While the recognition is nice, I don't want it to overshadow all the other great matches of the night. Every Indiana kid out there battled their hardest and it's awesome that a week later, this event is still being talked about. I think Brayton won the popular vote for this award and so we don't want to undercut him, but it's awesome that the Brownsburg program had 2 wrestlers in contention for this award. Thank you t
  13. I just want to thank Joe and all the other people that put the time and effort to bring this event to Indiana and give our state the publicity it deserves on a National level. All of our wrestlers were very impressive and put up a great fight against the top kids in the country (win or lose). I appreciate Team USA coming to Indiana with a "nothing to gain, but everything to lose" situation. Ty was able to capitalize and take out his opponent and has gotten a flood of national publicity. Without all the work that was put into this, he would have not had this opportunity. We found out yeste
  14. Ty ended up 6th... kinda fun not cutting and realizing almost everyone he wrestled was at 132 or 138 during HS season! Gotta get ready for next year at 133 though! Great job by all the IN wrestlers!!!
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