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Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings Updated 1-27 FINAL

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103 lbs.

1. Brock Bevans- Yorktown

2. Danny Hamm- Prairie Heights

3. Andrew Bowman- Homestead

4. Zach Krumlauf- Dekalb

5. Forrest Glogouski- Fairfield

6. Trevor Phenis- Randolph Southern

7. Seth Lloyd- Marion

8. Alan Mock- North Miami


112 lbs.

1. Abraham Que- Elkhart Central

2. Alex Richman- Heritage

3. Skyler Phillips- Yorktown

4. Ben Fiechter- Southern Wells

5. Matt Frane- Dekalb

6. Kyle Jolas- Huntington North

7. Tony Benedict- Kokomo

8. Kegan Kern- Peru


119 lbs.

1. Chandler Carroll- Yorktown

2. Chaz Busz- Whitko

3. Kody George- Homestead

4. Derek Roe- Adams Central

5. Evan Loe- Peru

6. Tony Benedict- Kokomo

7. Willie Nelson- West Noble

8. Joe Boots- Prairie Heights


125 lbs.

1. Nick Crume- Jimtown

2. Tommy Poynter- Dekalb

3. Todd Batt- South Adams

4. Jordan Gilbert- Whitko

5. Kris Workman- Taylor

6. Keelan Rushing- Homestead

7. Phillip Gerber- Bluffton

8. Kalib Jackson- East Noble


130 lbs.

1. Travis Barroquillo- Prairie Heights

2. Collin Crume- Jimtown

3. Sebastian Eckert- Huntington North

4. Bo Ketring- Oak Hill

5. Ronnie Bogle- Elkhart Memorial

6. Brayden Moreau- Garrett

7. Trevor Encharta- Elkhart Central

8. Trevor Rebholz- Southwood


135 lbs.

1. Devon Jackson- Yorktown

2. Isaiah Bradley- Muncie Southside

3. Colin Downy- Huntington North

4. Corey Botts- Leo

5. Kris Roberts- Elkhart Memorial

6. Michael Nix- Bishop Dwenger

7. Zach Slough- Jimtown

8. Gabe Sprunger- South Adams


140 lbs.

1. Cole Van Horn- Yorktown

2. Drake Meska- Jay County

3. Brooks Faurote- Bellmont

4. Austin Shepherd- Western

5. Cody Zink- Woodlan

6. Ryan Ntende- Goshen

7. Kevin Marsh- West Noble

8. Lukas Riecke- East Noble


145 lbs.

1. Andrew Hiestand- Yorktown

2. Cam Matteson- Elkhart Memorial

3. Jesse Goodnight- Kokomo

4. Jon Timmerman- Carroll

5. TJ Burnfield- South Adams

6. Zach Beebe- Prairie Heights

7. Zeke Schultz- Adams Central

8. Levy Francois- New Haven


152 lbs.

1. Josh Ehr- South Adams

2. Reece Lefever- Carroll

3. Zach Zurbrugg- New Haven

4. Jarod Schwartz- Adams Central

5. Dantrell Goodman- Elkhart Memorial

6. Will Busse- Bellmont

7. Austin Quinn- Wes Del

8. Isaac Steury- Leo


160 lbs.

1. Conner Lefever- Carroll

2. Cody Conrad- Heritage

3. John Mahlan- Bellmont

4. Garrett Weber- Leo

5. Brenner Stage- Maconaquah

6. Tyler Rimmel- Central Noble

7. Ande Higgins- Yorktown

8. Jordan SImmons- Winchester


171 lbs.

1. Jackson Bratcher- Eastbrook

2. Ryley Hankenson- Bellmont

3. Alex Hostetler- Fairfield

4. Brandon Weinkauf- Jimtown

5. Jacob Rupright- West Noble

6. Jeff Enrietto- Carroll

7. Brock Newton- Taylor

8. Spencer Cooper- Leo


189 lbs.

1. Brandon Dillenbeck- Goshen

2. Scott Neff- Yorktown

3. Alex Evans- Huntington North

4. Braxton Siddons- Churubusco

5. Ben Baker- Bellmont

6. Redrecus McCurrie- Wayne

7. Kyle Garringer- Jay County

8. Carson Volheim- Elkhart Central


215 lbs.

1. Taylor Grubb- Prairie Height

2. Travis Thatcher- Bellmont

3. Brad Mills- Homestead

4. Andrew Chalfant- Winchester

5. Chase Spears- Elkhart Memorial

6. Brandon Daniels- Goshen

7. Alex Jakacki- Leo

8. Alex Alber- Elkhart Central


285 lbs.

1. Daniel Meyer- Bellmont

2. Dominque Stauffer- Elkhart Central8

3. Eric Forrest- Jimtown

4. Josh Mitchell- Heritage

5. Andrew Mason- Huntington North

6. Matt Beard- Eastside

7. Ta'Quinn Walker- North Side

8. Matt McClure- Carroll


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meska @ jay county will probably be going 135-140 early on.  leonhard - 145 and garringer - 189 are working hard towards new castle duals november 19-20.  another name that might make rankings as the season moves on is kyle davidson @ 152.  good luck patriots!

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Meska will start season at 145...may drop to 140 for tourney depends on how things go with keeping weight off. Looks good and feels good right now at 145. Leonard will go 152 or 160 and Derikson going either 152 or 160 depending on how things workout with Davidson starting year at 140. Garringer will most likely start at 215 may be at 189 by tourney time. (the cluster from 140-160 also depends on challenge matches) Good luck at New Castle this weekend!

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112 lbs.



3. Abraham Que- Elkhart Central

4. Alex Richman- Heritage

5. Gabe Flores- Marion

6. Skyler Phillips- Yorktown

7. Derek Roe- Adams Central

8. Tony Benedict- Kokomo


Derek Roe of adams central beat skyler phillips and benedict bad last year. pinned schyler and handly beat benedict, gilber is 119 same with crume, you also have to throgh chandler carrol in there, him vrs roe should be a great match

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